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    Cavecool Wine Coolers 


    Cavecool wine coolers are a premium designer and manufacturer of wine coolers from Denmark, every product they make comes with built-in Nordic coolness. Each of their wine coolers are designed with high-quality in mind together with great functionality, stylish appearance and feel - all at very reasonable prices. Cavecool has been manufacturing and designing wine cooler products which provide unrivalled value for money since there inception. This has resulted in a growing number of UK and EU customer choosing to preserve their wines to the very highest levels with Cavecool wine coolers.

    Here at Expert Wine Storage we offer you freestanding, integrate and built-in wine coolers. All wine coolers are sold with a 2-year warranty as standard, with free UK delivery on all orders of £500.


    Who are Cavecool?

    Cavecool is premium designer and manufacturer of wine storage solutions. The brand was founded by Danish entrepreneur and winegrower, Jacob Dau, who after finding great success with his first collection of wine coolers- Pevino, decided there was a gap in the market for something new. With his years of experience and extensive knowledge behind him, Dau set out to design a collection of wine coolers that would offer the perfect balance of functionality, versatility and affordability.

    Since 2018, Cavecool have been producing some of the most practical, high-quality coolers on the market. Available in a wide range of sizes, Cavecool will be able to cater to you whether you’re looking for a small, built-in unit to store a dozen bottles of your favourite Chardonnay, or whether you’re looking for a dual-zone, giant unit to hold your extensive collection of precious wines. All of their units feature a stylish appearance that is inspired by the brand’s Nordic roots. They are also equipped with several unique features that work to ensure that your wine will be optimally protected against oxidization, UV rays and vibrations.


    What type of cooling technology does Cavecool use?

    When browsing for a Cavecool wine cooler, you will notice that their wine coolers are either powered by thermoelectric technology or compressor technology. Before choosing a Cavecool wine cooler, you will need to consider which cooling technology is going to work best for you. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two technologies and the kinds of corresponding units that Cavecool offer.


    Cavecool offer several thermoelectric powered cooling units that are renowned for being extremely quiet and energy efficient. These units function via a process called the ‘Peltier Effect’ which is essentially where there is a transfer of heat from one side of the unit to the other and this is what creates the perfect temperature for the wine. The thermoelectric units are usually slightly smaller than the compressor units as they do not require any internal space for mechanical parts. Some of the thermoelectric models that Cavecool offer include the Cavecool Joy Coral 8 and the Cavecool Joy Opal 6.


    Cavecool also offer several compressor powered cooling units that are renowned for being incredibly powerful and resisting fluctuating temperatures. These coolers are usually a lot bigger than the thermoelectric models as they are able to hold much larger capacities. Cavecool coolers typically use Embraco Inverter Compressors with R6ooa refrigerant and are mounted on vibration absorbing rubber. Some of the compressor models that Cavecool offer include the Cavecool Morion Bornite 28 and the Cavecool Chill Topaz 62.

    What sorts of features do Cavecool wine coolers have?

    Cavecool wine coolers are equipped with several unique and innovative features that help to keep your wine as safe and accessible as possible. One of the features that many of the Cavecool wine coolers have is interior LED white lighting. This ensures that you will always be able to see exactly what wines you have in your collection and that they are displayed in the most elegant way possible. They also feature glass doors constructed of energy efficient LOW-E glass which works to protect the wine against those damaging UV rays from the sun. All of the units also feature alarms that not only warn you when the cooler is left open for too long but when there is a sudden change in temperature or humidity. You will also find that several of the coolers are equipped with a clever ‘winter function’ that allows you to position the cooler in an unheated room such as a basement or garage whilst maintaining a perfect, stable temperature inside.

    What types of wine coolers do Cavecool offer and which one is right for me?

    Cavecool offer several incredible wine coolers that are designed to suit a wide range of kitchens, living spaces, bars and restaurants. You will notice that their coolers are categorized as either freestanding or built-in, which refers to the way in which they can be installed. The type of installation you choose should depend entirely on the size of your wine collection and how much disposable space you have to store it. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two types of units:


    Cavecool freestanding wine coolers are designed to be installed as stand-alone units. This is due to the placement of their ventilation system which can be found at the back of the unit. In order to allow for sufficient air circulation, the vents will need to be free from other surfaces such as walls and appliances. This means that the freestanding unit cannot be built into a kitchen, as an integrated unit can be. Cavecool offer a wide range of freestanding units that can hold up to 220 bottles.


    Cavecool built-in units are designed to be fully integrated into cabinets or installed under countertops. This is possible because their ventilation systems are positioned at the front of the unit rather than the back. These types of units are ideal for anyone who is planning to or is in the process of building a brand new kitchen and are looking for a seamless, subtle way to store their wine collection. Cavecool offer an extensive range of built-in units that can also hold up to 220 bottles.


    Recommended Products

    Cavecool Affection Onyx

    The Cavecool Affection Onyx is a fantastic built-in wine cooler from Cavecool that is available as either a single zone or dual zone cooling unit. Both versions of the cooler feature a black glass door with built in UV protection which works to protect your wine from the harmful rays of the sun. The interior of the units also features white LED lighting which works to present your wine in the most appealing way possible.

    Single zone

    The single zone version of this cooler ensures that every single bottle will be kept at the same temperature. This is ideal for those who collect just one type of wine such as white. This particular unit features 15, fully extendable beech wood shelves that will allow easy access to your wine collection at all times. The top and bottom shelves are also big enough to store large champagne or magnum bottles. This cooler can store up to 220 Bordeaux type bottles making it a fantastic option for those with extensive collections of wine.

    Dual zone

    The dual zone version of this cooler is equipped with two separate cooling zones for two different types of wines. These zones offer a temperature range of between 5 and 22 degrees Celisus and the temperature of the lower zone can only be set higher or to the equivalent of the upper zone. This unit can hold 210 bottles and features a ‘winter mode’ so that it be placed in unheated spaces such as garages and basements.

    Cavecool Morion Dravite

    The Cavecool Morion Dravite is another brilliant product from Cavecool that is available as either a single zone or dual zone cooling unit. This model is designed to be integrated into kitchen cabinets or underneath counter tops meaning it will fit seamlessly into your home. Both versions of this unit feature a black UV resistant glass door that works to keep your wine safe from harmful UV rays. They also feature interior white LED lighting and backlit LCD control panels.

    Single zone

    The single zone version of the Morion Dravite is perfect for anyone who is store their wine at one specific temperature. This unit can hold up to 28 bottles and offers an energy class rating of A. The unit is equipped with 1 full size and 1 half size beech wood shelves that are designed to present your wine in the most accessible, sophisticated way possible.

    Dual zone

    The dual zone version of the Morion Dravite features two separate cooling zones that can be set and adjusted to anywhere between 5 and 22 degrees Celsius. This unit stores up to 36 bottles and these bottles are placed on 2 full size and 1 half size beech wood shelves. This unit also offers an energy rating of A.

    Cavecool Chill Sapphire

    Last but not least, we have the Cavecool Chill Sapphire which is designed to be installed as a freestanding unit. This model is also available as a single zone or dual zone cooling unit. It features black double insulated glass with a UV feature that not only looks incredibly sleek but works to protect your wine against external damage. This cooler functions with compressor technology and is hence, incredibly powerful.

    Single zone

    The single zone version of this cooler is designed to hold up to 121 bottles of Bordeaux wine on its 3, beech wood shelves. This cooler is a fantastic option for anyone with a particularly extensive collection that likes to store numerous types of wine.

    Dual zone

    The dual zone version of this cooler features 2 separate cooling zones that can store up to 102 bottles. The cabinet holds 56 of those bottles in its colder zone at the top and 46 bottles in the southern zone. It features 5 beech wood shelves but you can also purchase extra shelves for this unit if you require the extra storage.