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    EXPO are a synonymous brand in the world of wine storage, opting to offer something slightly different to a standard wine cooler in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and to securely position themselves as a leader in wine storage and wine walls.

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    Professional Expo Wine Walls

    Manufactured in their factory in Italy, just outside of Turin - here they design, develop and manufacture some of the most eye catching, high quality wine walls and wine coolers in the industry.

    The Professional wine walls are distributed throughout more than 45 countries around the world, stretching from Australia to America - they really are a market leader in this industry.

    The professional range is designed purely for the commercial industry, for wine walls that are suitable for domestic environments please visit the Expo - Wine Wall Home Collection although our range of commercial wine coolers also offer fantastic storage capabilities for bars and restaurants.

    Most of the professional range is able to be built to the customers specification, we always encourage customers to contact us before purchasing as there may be additional options, colours etc that may be of interest. 

    To configure your perfect wine wall, use the configurator here and send the images over to us.

    philip thompson Author: Philip Thompson
    Philip is the General Manager at Expert Wine Storage, and is very knowledgable about all things relating to wine and wine storage, including wine fridges. He is regularly featured in media outlets sharing his knowledge on wine. Connect on Linkedin