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    A glass door wine fridge or glass fronted wine cooler is an appliance used to keep your collection of wines at the optimal temperature while displaying your wine collection in its full glory.

    A good glass wine fridge will guard your wines from the unwanted impacts of exposure to humidity, sunlight, and vibration. Show off your wine collection behind a beautiful full length glass door (while also keeping your wines fully protected from UV damage)

    Expert Wine Storage focuses on stocking the finest range of freestanding, built in, and integrated wine coolers in the UK. Take a look at our selection of glass fronted wine coolers below and select the type of wine fridge which meets your needs. 

    Glass Fronted Wine Fridges

    Glass Fronted Wine Fridges For Sale

    Glass door wine coolers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and with a wide selection of functions. Expert Wine Storage focuses on stocking the finest range of wine coolers in the UK from luxury brands such as ClimadiffSwisscaveLa SommeliereAvintageDometic, and Dunavox. Take a look at our selection of wine coolers below and select the type of wine cooler which meets your needs. 

    Also, read our buyer's guide to learn more about which glass fronted wine cooler is most suited to your requirements.

    In order for a wine to remain fresh and age well, it must be protected from humidity, sunlight (safe behind UV protected glass), and vibrations and be kept at a good temperature.

    Best Glass Front Wine Fridges In Stock

    Expert Wine Storage is your go to source for the finest in glass fronted wine cooler solutions.

    Enjoy fast and complimentary 2-person delivery on a wide array of models, all assembled and ready to install. Store your favourite wines safely and securely with expert help from our knowledgeable professionals.

    Here are the best glass display wine coolers we have to offer:

    Swisscave WLB160DF - Dual Zone - Glass Door Wine Fridge 

    Presenting the Swisscave WLB160DF: a top-of-the-line cooling unit suitable for built in or freestanding use. Boasting a sleek design from Swisscave's Black Edition Series, this medium capacity storage solution accommodates up to 50 Bordeaux style bottles (or 40 with all shelves installed), creating an optimal environment for preserving your most prized and prized labels.

    Let this sophisticated cooler help you show off your collection in style!

    Dunavox DAUF-32.78DB - Dual Zone - Glass Door Wine Cooler 

    The Dunavox DAUF-32.78DB, is a 400mm wine cooler from Dunavox, is offered as an built in or under counter model. Two independent compartments maintain temperatures of 10°C - 18°C and 5°C - 10°C, respectively, providing optimal storage space for up to 32 Bordeaux bottles. This wine fridge is an ideal way to preserve and enjoy your preferred vintages. 

    Swisscave WL455DF - Dual Zone - Glass Door Wine Fridge 

    The Swisscave WL455DF Classic Edition offers a sleek and modern aesthetic perfect for use as a built-in or freestanding appliance. This wine cooler is available with or without a door handle to suit your preferences and can store up to 200 bottles with some shelves removed and 166 bottles with all shelves fitted (standard Bordeaux bottle size).

    Whether it's in the kitchen cabinetry or standing alone, this product looks great in any home or restaurant space.

    Get In Touch With Our UK Glass Front Wine Cooler Experts

    If you have any questions about our wine fridges, please get in touch via our email info@expertwinestorage.co.uk or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help.

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