Multi Zone Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

    Multi zone wine fridges offer you two or more temperature zones for your wine storage. Due to their independent temperature zones, these wine cabinets are ideal for ageing reds and whites, while at the same time they are also perfect to cool wines to serving temperature too.

    These multi zone wine fridges are available as built in and freestandng wine coolers.

    Multi Zone Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

    Multi Zone Wine Cooler Temperature Zones

    Multi zone wine cabinets have two or more temperature zones unlike single zone models which only have 1 temperature zone. They are referred to as dual zone or multi zone temperature wine fridges.

    Multiple zone wine fridge temperatures can be set using digital displays and are perfect for storing different types of wine such as red, white and champagne.

    A number of multi zone wine cabinets feature polyvalent technology which allows you to set up to six different temperature zones within the wine cabinet. A polyvalent wine fridge works when the internal fan is switched off which causes the cool air inside the cabinet to distribute evenly.

    This results in the cabinet cooling from the bottom while warmer air rises up through to the top of the cabinet creating multiple temperature zones. Polyvalent wine cabinets can also be used as single zone wine fridges if the internal fan is switched on.

    Multi zone wine cabinets available with a solid door are more energy efficient units and offer superior UV protection. While multi temperature wine fridges with glass doors will perfectly display your wine collection in your home for all to see whilst still providing your wine with the perfect conditions to prosper and age exquisitely.

    Multi Zone Wine Cooler Installation

    Multi Zone wine fridges are extremely versatile in terms of where they can be positioned. They can essentially be installed anywhere within the home, providing the correct ventilation requirements are met around the sides, back and top.

    Some popular locations for multi zone, freestanding wine coolers include the kitchen, the utility room, and the garage. With this being said, you will want to ensure that your multi zone cooler is positioned away from the door, free from vibrations and out of direct sunlight, in order to sufficiently protect the wine.

    Why Should I Buy a Multi Zone Wine Cooler?

    Multi Zone wine coolers are a wonderful option if you are looking for an immediate and effortless solution to store your collection of wine.

    You may not have any space in your kitchen to accommodate a built in wine cooler and will, therefore, benefit from a freestanding model that will allow you to position it in several alternative locations.

    The beauty of the multi zone freestanding wine cooler is that it is low-maintenance, relatively cheaper than built in models, and completely versatile in terms of where it can be installed.

    You can also purchase a wine fridge in the same style as your other appliances so that it will match your microwaves, washer dryers, coffee machines, and fridge freezers as many multi zone wine fridges are available in black or stainless steel

    Multi zone wine coolers can be used to store all types of wine (red wine, white wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine) as they allow multiple different temperature control zones within the same fridge.

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