How To Install a Built In Wine Cooler?

Built in wine fridges are designed to be used and installed within cabinetry or as stand alone units. This is because a built in wine cooler has front ventilation which allows for cool air to be drawn in to ensure the wine cooler can operate correctly.

Items Needed To Install a Built In Wine Cooler

  • Spirit Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Manual for Wine Cooler 


Steps To Installing a Built In Wine Cooler

  1. Ensure there is a satisfactory power supply so that the wine cooler is in reach of a mains power socket. Using an extension lead to power a built in wine cooler is not advised and will also potentially void the manufacturer warranty. 
  2. Confirm all the measurements check out. Using your tape measure, measure out the space your wine cooler will be going in to and make sure it's adequate for the wine cooler and it's dimensions. Most built in wine coolers come with front ventilation so do not require more than 5cm space at the rear. It's also important to ensure there is enough room for the door to swing open. Usually approximately 1.5 - 2cm is sufficient, but please check with our team to confirm before your purchase as each model can vary. As some built in coolers can be quite large then please check all access points for any obstructions.
  3. Once your wine cooler is delivered position it carefully in the space and don't switch the unit on for 12-24 hours to allow for the compressor coolant to settle. If the built in wine cooler has an fixing mounts or plates use a , fasten these to the cabinet to secure it. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to do this.
  4. Use a spirit level to make sure your wine cooler is level. If the wine cooler isn't quite level it might mean your bottle start to roll around a little inside the cooler. Most built in wine coolers are fitted with adjustable feet which can be adjusted by hand until the wine cooler is perfectly level.

It's important to note that these appliances can be very heavy so do not attempt to lift a wine cooler on your own. In addition it's important to consider the floor the wine cooler is being moved / positioned on so any preventative measures can be taken to avoid damage. Other than that your new built in wine cooler should be ready to use and enjoy!


How To Install A Built In Wine Cooler


It's important to note you should always follow the manufacturers instructions and guidelines carefully before and during installation a built in wine cabinet.