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    How Many Calories In Prosecco (In a Glass & Bottle Plus Nutrition)

    Calories In Prosecco

    One glass of Prosecco, depending on the style, can contain between 60-120 calories.

    And for a whole variety of reasons, it can be useful to know how many calories you’re consuming throughout the day, especially when it's in the glass of wine that goes alongside your meal.

    So let's take a little look at the amount of calories you can expect to find in Prosecco.

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    How Many Calories Are In Prosecco?

    Calories In Prosecco

    Typically a standard 125ml glass of Prosecco contains approximately 80 calories while a standard 750ml bottle of Prosecco has 495 - 600 calories. 

    How Many Calories In A Bottle of Prosecco?

    Here are the estimates of calories in different bottle sizes of Prosecco:

    Bottle Type Capacity (Liters) No. of Glasses (125ml) Estimated Calories (80-100 cal/glass)
    Piccolo 0.1875 1 80-100
    Half Bottle (Demi) 0.375 3 240-300
    Standard Bottle 0.75 6 480-600
    Magnum Bottle 1.5 12 960-1200
    Jeroboam Bottle 3 24 1920-2400
    Rehoboam Bottle 4.5 36 2880-3600
    Methuselah Bottle 6 48 3840-4800
    Salmanazar Bottle 9 72 5760-7200
    Balthazar Bottle 12 96 7680-9600
    Nebuchadnezzar Bottle 15 120 9600-12000
    Solomon Bottle 18 144 11520-14400
    Sovereign Bottle 25 200 16000-20000
    Primat Bottle 27 216 17280-21600
    Melchizedek Bottle 30 240 19200-24000

    Calories in Prosecco Wine Styles

    Prosecco Calories Chart

    The amount of calories in a glass of Prosecco can vary because Prosecco comes in lots of different styles.

    As a rule, Prosecco is quite low in calories because it is low in alcohol, but sweeter styles of Prosecco will have a higher calorie count.

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    This will be down to the residual sugar thats detectable in the glass. 

    Here are the main styles of Prosecco you may come across and their calorie content:

    • Extra Brut Prosecco - This is as dry as Prosecco can get and as a result has the lowest amount of calories per glass, between 60-80 calories.
    • Brut Prosecco - Slightly sweeter, this style of Prosecco has about 91-98 calories per glass.
    • Extra Dry Prosecco - Expect around 98-101 calories per glass with this softly peach sweet style of Prosecco.
    • Dry Prosecco - Alas, as the sweetness goes up so will the calories, expect around 101-111 calories per glass with this style.
    • Demi-Sec Prosecco - This super sweet style of Prosecco can have around 110-120 calories per serving

    But what other nutritional qualities make up a glass of Prosecco?

    Nutrition Facts of Prosecco

    Let's take a look at the % of your daily nutritional intake you can get from a singular glass of Prosecco:

    • Iron: 2%
    • Calcium: 1%
    • Zinc: 2%
    • Riboflavin: 2%
    • Vitamin B6: 4%
    • Magnesium: 3%
    • Potassium: 2%
    • Fat: 0%
    • Carbohydrate: 1.5%
    • Protein: 0%

    So how does Prosecco nutritionally compare to your other favourite alcoholic drinks?

    Calorie Count: Prosecco vs. Other Alcoholic Drinks

    Prosecco Vs Other Drinks

    Prosecco has slightly lower calories than other drinks, but by exactly how many? 

    Prosecco has between 60-120 calories per glass, depending on the style.

    So here’s a list of other drinks you may come across and how many calories they tend to have, for an easy comparison.

    • A pint of beer - 180-210
    • Sparkling Rosé - 120-130
    • Rosé Champagne - 122
    • White Wine - 105-118
    • Vodka Shot - 90-100
    • Dessert Wine - 150-200
    • Gin Shot - 97-116
    • Champagne - 85-95
    • Red Wine - 106-132

    So does Prosecco being lower in calories mean that Prosecco is good for you?

    What are the health benefits of a glass of Prosecco?

    What Are The Health Benefits of Prosecco

    Just like all wines, Prosecco has a lot of antioxidants present, which can help to lower blood pressure and increase circulation.

    Prosecco can also help to improve the texture of your skin and the health of your heart, when drunk in small amounts.

    Just remember that Prosecco still contains alcohol, so consume responsibly and try to take a day or two off between drinking sessions so as not to overwhelm your body.

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