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    SWISSCAVE wine coolers are designed in the home of precision engineering and high quality products - Switzerland. Each Swisscave wine fridge is designed to fulfil individual preferences and budgets when it comes to home and hospitality wine storage. They are a leading luxury wine cabinet brand who pride themselves on creating wine fridges which meet the highest standards for long term wine preservation and serving. 

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    About Swisscave Wine Fridges & Coolers 

    Swisscave have been manufacturing and designing wine fridges for a long time and they've taken the opinions of wine connoisseurs feedback into their design improvements. They supply wine storage products across the EU and the rest of the world. The luxurious quality of their products, from the material used, from full-length glass doors to beautifully smooth wooden shelving included within all their wine cabinets. This has cultivated a growing UK customer base who are now preserving their wines to the very highest levels with SWISSCAVE wine coolers.

    Today, the brand offers a huge range of wine coolers that are designed to suit a variety of spaces including kitchens, living rooms, plus commercial spaces. All of Swisscave’s wine coolers are recognised for their sleek, simplistic designs and their unique, innovative features. They are designed to maintain constant temperatures and humidity levels whilst protecting the wine against damaging UV rays and vibrations.

    Their products are also renowned for being extremely energy efficient and having incredibly low noise levels. Whether you have a collection of 10 bottles of 200 bottles, Swisscave will be able to cater to your storage needs. 

    Types of Swisscave Wine Fridge

    When looking for a Swisscave wine cooler, you will see that their units are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and capacities. The units are also available as either freestanding wine fridges or built in wine coolers and with either single zone cooling technology or dual-zone cooling technology.

    This selection ensures that Swisscave will have a suitable wine cooler for you, no matter how large your wine collection is or how much available space you have within your home or workplace. Let’s take a look at the sorts of wine coolers that Swisscave offer: 

    The Swisscave freestanding wine coolers are designed to be installed as stand-alone units, away from other appliances and fixtures. This is due to the placement of their ventilation systems which require surrounding space to perform properly. These units are incredibly easy to install and offer ultimate versatility in terms of where they can be positioned. Swisscave offers several freestanding units, including the WLB-450FLD unit which has a maximum capacity of 220 bottles and the WLB-450FHU-BDGY unit which has a maximum capacity of 170 bottles.

    The Swisscave under counter wine coolers are designed to be integrated into cabinets or underneath countertops. Because they dissipate heat from the front of the unit rather than the back, they can be installed virtually anywhere. They can also be used as a freestanding unit due to the positioning of their ventilation system.

    The built-in wine coolers are perfect for those who are looking for a discreet or subtle solution to storing their wine that won’t majorly disrupt the décor of the home. Swisscave offers several built in wine fridges, including the WLB460FL unit which has a maximum capacity of 220 bottles and the WLB-250F unit which has a maximum capacity of 90 bottles. 

    Features of Swisscave Wine Coolers

    Swisscave wine coolers are equipped with several design features that are there to create the most ideal conditions for the storage of wine. The coolers are all equipped with Swisscave exclusive shelves that run on ball bearings and are constructed from either Beech wood or Sapele wood.

    These shelves are not only incredibly easy to slide back and forth but they look seamless and sleek behind the glass. All of the units are also equipped with locks which ensure that your wine collection will be safe and out of reach of children. 

    Another feature that Swisscave wine coolers are equipped with is UV filtered glass. This ensures that no UV rays from the sun will be able to enter into the unit and damage the wine.

    The coolers also feature humidity controls which ensures that a humidity level of between 55 and 85% is constantly maintained to keep the cork moist. The units also come equipped with charcoal features which ensures that any unwanted or unpleasant odours are instantly filtered out before they can affect the wine. 

    Best Selling Swisscave Wine Fridges

    Swisscave offers an extensive variety of wine coolers that are all beautifully designed and made of the highest-quality materials. Before deciding on which one is right for you, you will need to consider the size of your wine collection, how many cooling zones you will require and how much disposable space you have for that cooler to be installed.

    Let’s take a look at a few of Swisscave’s most best-selling units that you may want to consider in your search:

    The Swisscave WLB460DFL is designed to be installed as either a built-in unit or a freestanding unit. It has a maximum capacity of 168 Bordeaux bottles and features two separate cooling zones. The two zones of this cooler offer a temperature range of 5-20 degrees Celsius, meaning it is the perfect place to store both red and white wine. This unit runs on a highly efficient, high-quality Embraco compressor that ensures that the cooler is extremely quiet in its operation, despite how powerful it is.The model features 13 fully extendable telescopic display shelves which give you full access to your wine collection at all times.

    You can also remove the shelves so that your cooler can hold larger bottles such as Magnums and Double Magnums. The unit also features a lockable door which ensures that your wine is constantly protected and out of reach from young children as well as being reversible.

    To top it all off, the interior of the cooler is lit up with white LED’s which are mounted on each side of the unit to display your wine collection in the nicest way possible. 

    The Swisscave WLB360F is another fantastic wine cooler that would be a great addition to any wine enthusiast’s home. This particular model can hold up to 110 Bordeaux bottles and can be installed as either a built in unit or a freestanding unit. It has a sleek, black exterior and features 9 beech wood shelves. These shelves hold up to 12 bottles each and can be removed to make more room for larger bottles.

    The unit features triple glazed UV protected glass which works to prevent any UV light from entering the cabinet. This is extremely important as UV rays can significantly impact the maturing process of wine. The unit’s compressor is also mounted on to rubber bushes which work to protect the wine from unnecessary vibrations.

    The Swisscave WLB460DF unit is an incredibly well made, highly efficient wine cooler that is designed to fit seamlessly into any home. Depending on your available space, this cooler can either be built-in amongst appliances or installed as a freestanding unit. It offers a capacity of up to 165 bottles making it a fantastic option for anyone out there with a particularly impressive collection of wine.

    This features a classic, anodized steel handle and a black stainless steel frame. The glass is triple glazed and UV treated meaning you won’t have to worry about the sunlight passing through the unit into the bottles. The cooler also features fully extendable telescopic shelves that run smoothly and quietly as well as a lockable door for optimum protection.

    This particular model can also be used without the door handle to create that seamless, subtle look. The size of this unit in addition to its dual-zone cooling technology and charcoal filters makes it the perfect solution to long term storage. 

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    If you have any questions about our Swisscave wine fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help.

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    Swisscave Wine Cooler FAQs

    Where are Swisscave Wine Fridges From?



    Swisscave are one of the leading wine-cooling brands, situated in Switzerland. Since releasing their initial collection of wine coolers - they have acquired the reputation of being one of the most reputable brands in the world for quality wine coolers.

    What is the Swisscave Manufacturer Warranty?



    All Swisscave are offered with a 2 year manufacturer warranty as standard. There is an option to extend your warranty by an additional 1 or 2 year extension for an additional fee.

    What is the Difference betwen Premium and Classic Swisscave?



    The main differences between the premium and classic Swisscave products are as follows. There are more shelves included within premium models. The premium version is slightly quieter and more energy efficient than the classic. There is the option of blue, white, warm white lighting in the premium models versus blue only in the classic. The door edging is slightly more luxurious on the premium models to and the compressor on premium products is slightly more sophsiticated.

    Can a Swisscave be Placed in a Garage or Colder Room?



    Yes, with the exception of the WL120F all Swisscave models are fitted with winter heating elements that enable them to operate as required down the ambient room temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius.

    Can the Door on a Swisscave Wine Fridge be Reversed?



    All of the Premium Edition wine fridges (other than the 15cm wide model) come with a reversible door. Many of the Classic Edition models come with a reversible door too but its important to check the product specifications as some do not. We also offer a door reversal service if you wish for the door to be switched to open from right to left (right side handle).

    What do Mixed Shelves offer?



    Unlike many wine fridge manufacturers, many of the Swisscave wine coolers are offered with Bordeaux AND Burgundy ready shelves. This essentially means that some of the wooden slats on the shelves are suited for larger bottles and some are suited to Bordeaux. Traditionally wine fridges have only been available with Bordeaux ready shelves so large bottles sit slightly higher when laid flat than Bordeaux. That problem is solved by the mixed shelving on offer from Swisscave.

    Can I Fit Champagne Bottles in a Swisscave?



    Yes, all models are capable of holding larger bottles such as Champagne. Most models also have larger spaces available at the top and bottom of units for any larger bottles you wish to store.