Wine Walls

Wine walls are an innovative and modern way of storing your wine – just imagine your wine bottles beautifully displayed in a fully climate-controlled environment.

A wine wall is a unit designed to store wine, glasses or other items in a large refrigerated casing, usually surrounded with glass and lit with LED interior lighting to create a visually stunning display of your favourite wine bottles, glasses and decanters.

In the collection you will find a range of wine walls suitable for both commercial or domestic settings, please use the filters to choose the correct installation type for your environment. You will be able to see our collection of wine displays below, or alternatively, you can use our free design service by contacting us today.

Learn more about this innovative and modern wine storage solution here.

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Wine Walls For Your Home & Business

Wine Walls are a complicated subject with there being so many options to choose from which is why we have an in-house wine wall expert who will guide you through the options available and the type of wine wall that will best suit your space, budget and design you had in mind, providing a fully bespoke design experience. The design of your wine wall will be divided into three stages:

1) Initial Consultation: We will listen to your ideas about your perfect wine wall 

2) Design and Modification: Our wine wall specialist will present the design options to you and run through the details remotely or during a site visit to your home or commercial space, where we can also perform a site survey depending on the method of installation - this way we can design your wine wall together.

You can also design your own wine wall using the configurator here.


What are Wine Walls?

A wine wall is a refrigerated cabinet designed for the storage of wine. They are uniquely designed to display the bottles in an aesthetically pleasing way, whilst managing the storage environment correctly. The Home range for domestic customers features charcoal filters and noise reduction system. Both the Professional and Home range have vibration-free compressors and all glass panels are fully UV treated to prevent any light from damaging the wine.

Our wine walls are bespoke and can be built to many specifications, listed in this collection you will find numerous sizes, display types and varying bottle capacities. You can even have LED lighting installed, which will make your collection stand out even more.

If you would like to change any aspects of the standard setups, please contact us as there is a whole host of additional options.


Wine Wall UK Specialists

Expert Wine Storage are specialists in the wine storage field which has recently extended to wine walls, our free design service means we can design a wine wall that will fit your space and requirements remotely or on-site.

Our wine walls are completely bespoke and manufactured to order in Italy by one of the lead wine wall manufacturers, EXPO, whose products are distributed in over 60 countries around the world.

Wine walls come in a range of options, depending on the space you have available and the look and style you have in mind:


  • Built in wine walls: Are designed to be recessed into an alcove which creates a seamless finish and can integrate neatly into most spaces.


  • Freestanding wine walls: Are, as the name suggests, designed as standalone units and require some ventilation space around them - these are mostly used in restaurants, hallways etc.


  • The wine walls come in two different specifications, some are designed for home use which have noise-reducing features and some are designed for commercial use in hotels or restaurants which are built to withstand the day to day use of a busy hotel. You can choose the type of frame, lighting and shelf layout in all of the wine walls, with a whole host of different colour options available to match your kitchen design or restaurant interior.


EXPO Home: is the home line which is segregated into three sections

TECA VINO: Freestanding wine walls, available in 3 sizes and multiple bottle layouts

MOD10/20: Modular units, designed to be built together with either a thick or FIT frame and multiple bottle layouts are available

TECA-B: This wine wall is designed to be built in to an alcove or kitchen cabinetry which leaves only the front frame visible - a very striking piece of design

Quadra Vino: Temperature controlled picture frames for 1, 3, 4 or 5 bottles of wine


EXPO Professional: is the commercial line and can also be segmented into six categories

TECA VINO: Freestanding wine wall with customizable frame and interior lighting

Parete VINO: Designed to be a real feature wall and available in 2 different sizes 

QUADRA VINO: Temperature controlled picture frames 

TECA-B: Built in wine walls designed to be recessed in an alcove

MODULO-D: Small wine walls, similar to TECA-M just slightly smaller in height




Wine Wall FAQs

Before our customers purchase our wine walls, there are a number of questions which we are commonly asked. We have answered these below.


What's the difference between a wine wall and a wine cooler?

Fundamentally, nothing – they both cool via the same method, the only major differences are the obvious aesthetics and all wine walls are multi temperature zone.


Why Should I buy a wine wall?

A wine wall creates a stunning feature in any restaurant or with our collections, the wine walls make a true statement in any home. Of course they store your wine reliably and efficiently.


What points should I consider prior to purchasing a wine wall?

Space requirements, aesthetics, lighting options, frame options and of course the actual installation of your wine wall.


Can a wine wall be built in?

Yes, our supplier produces a line of wine walls specifically for built in use.


Are there different frames available?

Yes, there are two options – head to our guide for more information.


What colours can the wine walls be supplied in?

There is basically no limit to the colour options, there are some standard colours such as black and white but also premium options like gold or silver leaf. EXPO can also match any RAL colour.


How many shelf options are there?

In total there are 4 options: horizontal, display, vertical and a mixture of shelving.


What is the lead time for a wine wall?

Typically 4-6 weeks, all wine walls are manufactured to order in Rivoli, Italy.


What is the lifetime of a wine wall?

EXPO wine walls are robust units and designed to last 10-15 years or more.


What lighting options are there?

There are three options: blue or white LED lighting or you can install an RGB light controller for multi-coloured lighting.


What is the frame manufactured from?

The wine walls are constructed from lightweight aluminium.


Can you change the frame trim?

Yes, our supplier released a ‘full black' option which means all the aluminium trim is powder coated in Matt black which looks stunning.