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    Wine Walls

    A wine wall is an innovative and modern way of storing your wine – just imagine your wine bottles beautifully displayed in a fully temperature-controlled environment. A wine wall is designed to store wine, glasses or other items in a large refrigerated casing, usually surrounded and enclosed in stunning precision glass and lit with LED interior lighting to create a visually stunning display of your favourite wine bottles, glasses and decanters.

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    Wine Walls For Your Home & Business

    In the collection you will find a range of wine walls suitable for both commercial or domestic settings if you're looking for a more eye catching feature than a commercial wine fridge. If you're a wine enthusiast looking for the ultimate storage and wine wall display solution an EXPO Wine Wall is the way to go. These temperature-controlled systems are ideal for home or restaurant use and include easy-change charcoal filters as well as additional soundproofing for the ultimate wine storage experience.

    Not only will your wine be stored in ideal conditions, but a wine walls various display options are a wine enthusiast's dream.

    What Is a Wine Wall?

    These innovative, stylish units provide a complete temperature-controlled environment for storing and displaying your favourite bottles of wine, as well as glasses and decanters. Whether you want to create a stunning display in a wine room or wine cellar, a wine wall is the perfect choice.

    Wine walls are not only functional storage solutions, but they are also a beautiful addition to any space. With LED interior lighting, you can display your collection in a stunning manner that is sure to impress. And, with a variety of options available for both commercial and residential settings, you can find the ideal wine wall to meet your requirements.

    Don't waste any more time with ineffective wine storage solutions. Browse our wine wall storage or use our free design service to help you create the perfect wine wall for your space. Contact us today to begin reaping the benefits of a wine wall in your home or office.

    Wine Walls Installed

    A stunning Expo wine wall installation fitted with the gold trim frame located in London, UK

    Where Can A Wine Wall Be Installed?

    EXPO Wine Wall can be integrated into your home or used as a freestanding unit or built in to a wall, and you can even opt for a fully glazed island to showcase your collection. Bottles can be displayed horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, and you can select luxury wine walls with a variety of trim designs or "ready to pour" wall display cabinets (known as "Quadro Vino") to really showcase your collection.

    One of the most distinctive aspects of EXPO Wine Wall is its modular design, which allows for a variety of storage, display, and finish options. With so many options, it's simple to design a wine wall that meets your specific needs and preferences.

    If you need help designing the ideal wine wall for your home, give us a call at 0330 133 2327 to speak with one of our wine wall specialists. Expert Wine Storage premium wine walls can be shipped to the entire UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

    You can also schedule a site visit for a full consultation or use the EXPO Wine Wall Configurator to explore some options on your own. 

      Benefits of a Wine Wall From Expert Wine Storage

      Temperature Zones

      With the option of a single or multiple temperature zones, you can easily store and display a wide range of wines in optimal conditions. You can even create a dedicated serving cabinet for your finer, older wines with the option of half cabinets.

      Protecting Your Wines With The Finest Italian Design

      These cutting-edge systems are designed and manufactured in Italy, with vibration-free cooling compressors and UV-treated glass glazing to ensure the highest quality and long-term performance.

      They're also made-to-order, so you know you're getting the best craftsmanship possible. In fact, Wine Walls are built to last for 15 years or more.

      A Luxury, Glass Wine Wall Centre Piece For Any Space

      Let us not forget about appearances. Wine Walls can be a beautiful focal point in your home or wine cellar, with a wide range of décor frames available in both contemporary and classic styles.

      You can easily update your wine wall to suit your changing tastes and interior design by changing the frames without disturbing the cabinets. You can also make your wine wall stand out with a variety of LED lighting options.

      Bespoke Wine WallsA variety of Expo wine wall installations in homes, restaurants and bars around the UK

      Your Wine Wall Buying Experience With Expert Wine Storage?

      Our in-house wine wall experts are here to help you navigate the process and select the best wine wall for your space, budget, and design preferences. We're here to help bring your wine wall ideas to life.

      Our experts will provide a completely bespoke design experience, beginning with an initial consultation in which we listen to your ideas before presenting design options and going over the details with you remotely or during a site visit to your home or commercial space. We may even conduct a site survey, depending on the installation method, to ensure that your wine wall is tailored to your exact needs.

      Once the products and designs have been decided upon, we'll arrange for Expo to manufacture your made to order wine walls. The process of manufacture and transport to the UK from Italy will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

      Then, once your bespoke wine wall arrives with us, we'll get in touch with you to arrange the free 2 person delivery of the wine wall inside your property with full unpacking and positioning included with every order.  

      Get In Touch With Our Wine Wall Specialists Today

      Wine wall fridges are an excellent option for wine collectors, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts seeking a visually appealing and functional wine storage solution.

      Our glass wine walls are sure to become a favourite feature in any home, restaurant or commercial space due to their versatility, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

      If you have any questions about our wine walls, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help bring your ideas to life.

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      Wine Wall FAQs

      Why Should You Buy a Wine Wall for Your Home or Restaurant?



      A wine wall is adds a real wow factor to any space, the size and look coupled with your wine collection displayed beautifully are sure to impress guests and customer alike. Practically speaking, wine walls also do an excellent job of caring for your wines behind UV protected glass, inside perfectly chilled conditions. If you have any questions about if a wine wall is right for you please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

      What Is The Difference Between a Wine Wall & Wine Fridge?



      The main differences between a wine wall and wine cooler is their size, shape and aesthetic. Both types of product are perfect for storing wine for the short or the long term. Wine walls offer multi temperature cooling on a larger visual scale than a equally impressive wine fridge. However if you're looking for a real show stopping centre piece for a room a wine wall is the perfect option.

      Can a Wine Wall be Built In to a Wall or Cabinetry?



      Yes, we offer a wide selection of built in wine walls that are suitable for fitting into a wall or cabinetry. It's key to ensure that the unit has sufficient ventilation when installed and the correct fixing are in place to secure the unit safely as they are very heavy pieces (100kg+).

      What is the Delivery Time For a Wine Wall?



      The typical lead time is 4 to 6 weeks. Each of these made to measure wine walls is custom-made in Rivoli, Italy.

      How Long Does a Wine Wall Last?



      In general, a high-quality wine wall that is well-kept and used in the right way can last for at least 15 years. But it's important to remember that a wine wall may not last as long if it's not taken care of properly or if it's exposed to high temperatures or other things that can damage it.

      Does a Wine Wall Need Servicing?



      No a wine wall doesn't require servicing. To make sure your wine wall lasts as long as possible, it's important to follow the maintenance and care instructions given by the manufacturer. This includes cleaning and replacing filters as needed and keeping the system away from extreme temperatures or other conditions that could damage it.

      What Material are the Frames Made From?



      All of the frames are produced with light weight aluminium.

      What Type of Wine Bottles Can I Store In a Wine Wall?



      The shelving in the wine walls can accommodate all types of bottle shapes and sizes including Burgundy and Champagne. Its important to mention that larger bottles won't stack as neatly as Bordeaux bottles and the total bottle capacity will be reduced if mixing bottle sizes and shapes inside the unit.

      What Colours are Wine Walls Available In?



      The standard colour of the wine wall frame is black however there is almost any colour that the wine wall frame can be manufactured in. Any type of traditional colour is available such as shades of black and white, but there are even more luxurious options available in gold and silver leaf. EXPO can also match any RAL colour you require, just send us the colour you need and we will do the rest.