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    A wine cooler is a refrigeration appliance for storing your wines at optimal temperature. A quality wine fridge guards your wines from unwanted impacts of exposure to humidity, sunlight, and vibration. We offer a range of wine fridges if you're looking for a freestanding, built in or integrated wine cooler you're in the right place. Find our selection of wine coolers below and select the wine fridge which meets your needs. You can jump to the main types of wine fridges available by clicking the buttons here as well as searching the whole collection using the filters below:

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    About Our Wine Fridges For Sale And In UK Stock

    Wine coolers and chillers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and with a wide selection of functions. Expert Wine Storage focuses on stocking the finest range of wine coolers in the UK from luxury brands such as Climadiff, Swisscave, La Sommeliere, Avintage, Dometic, and Dunavox. In order for a wine to remain fresh and age well, it must be protected from humidity, sunlight, and vibrations and be refrigerated at the right temperature.

    The recommended storage temperature for wines is between 11°C and 14°C, but this can vary depending on the type of wine and the age of the wine. Most of our luxury wine coolers will have their preset temperature in this range. Wine coolers can come in all shapes and sizes, so it won’t be too difficult to find the perfect cooler for you and your home.

    You can find wine coolers that store as little as 15 bottles and some that store over 50. The majority of wine refrigerators will accommodate 75cl bottles, but many wine coolers will enable you to remove or rearrange the shelves to accommodate larger bottles.

    We also have wine cabinets, which are a lovely way to chill and display your wine at the same time. 

    Benefits of Owning a Luxury Wine Cooler Fridge

    Wine coolers are a must-have for all wine lovers - whether you enjoy a refreshing bottle of bubbly over the weekend, or have a chilled glass after work, you’re sure to find a wine cooler that can suit your needs. A wine chiller will keep your wine at the perfect temperature, ensuring that it stays fresh and drinkable for longer, and retains the natural flavours, textures, and aromas of the wine.

    You can store all types of wine in a cooler, including crisp white sauvignon blanc, delicious dry rose, and fruity red cabernet sauvignon. This is made possible using a dual zone cooler, which has two different temperature control zones, one for white wine and one for red wine. You can even get wine and beer fridges, perfect to keep alcohol on ice for your next party.

    They make excellent kitchen appliances, and can match your existing appliances with a stainless steel wine fridge, as well as matching cabinetry when you opt for an integrated cooler. You can find a refrigerator that meets your dimension requirements, using the filter option to filter by height, width, colour, temperature zone, and a range of other qualities.

    Owning a high end wine cooler also makes a statement that you care about the quality of your wine. A wine cooler can be the focal point of any kitchen and shows that you know your stuff when it comes to wine. You can find a design that matches the interior of your home and blends in, or a wine cooler that stands alone and grabs the attention of guests.

    Wine coolers can also display your wine collection, which is ideal if you have expensive or well-aged bottles of wine. Your wine collection deserves to be proudly displayed instead of hidden away at the back of a cupboard - and the right wine cooler can do just that.

    How To Choose The Perfect Wine Cooler For You

    Wine coolers can come in all designs, and offer different features.

    Whether you want a glass door, black, stainless steel, a touch-to-open door, removable shelves, display shelves, multiple temperature zones, or simply a cooler that you can integrate into your kitchen, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for with Expert Wine Storage.

    However, as there are so many choices out there, you must know what you want before purchasing a cooler. 

    Types of Exclusive Wine Cooler We Stock

    There are three main designs of wine fridges - the freestanding wine fridge, the integrated wine fridge, and the built in wine fridge. 

    • Freestanding wine coolers: These are probably the most popular type of wine cooler and are one of the more flexible options. As they are freestanding, you can place them pretty much anywhere in your home or business  and aren’t restricted by the counter or cabinet space. This type of wine cooler is a perfect choice if you don’t have any spare cabinet space, or don’t have space for an under counter wine fridgeYou can place a wine refrigerator on top of a counter or table, next to a fridge or freezer, or even in your utility room, basement, or space for an under the stairs wine cooler. Because freestanding wine coolers are restricted by cabinet or counter space, they can vary in size, accommodating as little as 10 bottles to over 100 bottles.


    • Built In Wine Fridges:More and more people are opting for a built in model, as they can be built into storage spaces around your home or commercial space. They are designed to fit under countertops and cabinet spaces and are a great addition to any kitchen. Built in wine coolers can vary in size, but most accommodate around 50 bottles. The vents are located near the front of this type of wine cooler, and the fans are found underneath. This means you should leave half a centimetre of space around the rear and sides of the unit - to prevent overheating.


    • Integrated Wine Coolers:This type of wine fridge is very similar to built in wine coolers. The main difference is that built in wine coolers have visible doors, but fully integrated units are completely enclosed by cabinet space and hidden by a cupboard door. This offers a sleek and seamless appearance, allowing your wine cooler to blend in with the interior of your home. Because of the design of fully integrated wine coolers, you don’t need to worry about leaving space for ventilation. However, if the fans are at the rear of the unit, leave around half a centimetre of space.


    Premium Wine Fridge Brands We Stock

    The brand of wine cooler you choose is important - before purchasing a wine cooler, ensure that you check the quality of the brand, and review the warranty details.

    One of the more popular designer brands we sell at Expert Wine Storage is Dunavox, which always has excellent reviews. Another brand that always gets great feedback is Swisscave - but rest assured, all of the brands we sell are quality and reputable.

    Sizes of Wine Cooler Available

    Before purchasing one of our designer wine coolers, consider how many bottles you’ll need to store. If you only want to store a few bottles, there’s no point in purchasing a cooler that stores hundreds.

    We offer a variety of different size high end wine coolers for small, large, narrow and shallow spaces in widths ranging from 15cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm right upto 60cm wide. It’s also important to consider whether you have the space for a wine cooler. If you don’t have any spare cabinet or under counter space, then you probably shouldn’t opt for a built in or fully integrated cooler.

    Wine Chiller Temperature Zones

    Some wine coolers will offer single, dual or multiple temperature zones, meaning you can store different wines at different temperatures. It also means that you can have wine ready to be served while you have bottles stored in the long-term left uninterrupted.

    If you have a larger collection or plan on ageing your wine, it’s always best to choose a cooler that has multiple temperature zones.

    Best Wine Fridges In Stock

    Expert Wine Storage is your go to source for the finest in luxury and premium wine cooler solutions. Enjoy fast and complimentary 2-person delivery on a wide array of designer models, all assembled and ready to install. Store your favourite wines safely and securely with expert help from our knowledgeable professionals.

    Here are the best wine coolers we have to offer:

    Swisscave WLB160DF - Wine Fridge

    Presenting the Swisscave WLB160DF: a top-of-the-line cooling unit suitable for built in or freestanding use. Boasting a sleek design from Swisscave's Black Edition Series, this medium capacity storage solution accommodates up to 50 Bordeaux style bottles (or 40 with all shelves installed), creating an optimal environment for preserving your most prized and prized labels.

    Let this sophisticated refrigerator help you show off your collection in style!

    Dunavox DAUF-32.78DB - Wine Fridge

    The Dunavox DAUF-32.78DB, is a 400mm wine cooler from Dunavox, is offered as an built in or under counter model. Two independent compartments maintain temperatures of 10°C - 18°C and 5°C - 10°C, respectively, providing optimal storage space for up to 32 Bordeaux bottles. This wine fridge is an ideal way to preserve and enjoy your preferred vintages. 

    Swisscave WL455DF - Wine Cooler

    This Swisscave offers a sleek and modern aesthetic perfect for use as a built-in or freestanding refrigerator. This wine cooler is available with or without a door handle to suit your preferences and can store up to 200 bottles with some shelves removed and 166 bottles with all shelves fitted (standard Bordeaux bottle size).

    Whether it's in the kitchen cabinetry or standing alone, this product looks great in any home or restaurant space.

    Expert Delivery Service

    Once your order is placed, we'll be in touch by email to confirm a suitable delivery date with you providing the product is in stock. Once your delivery date is booked in we'll confirm the arrangements via email. On the morning of delivery we'll send you an ETA via email and then our professional 2 person delivery team will call you when they're around 1 hour away. On arrival, they will position your wine fridge where it needs to go and take away any packaging. Delivery from stock to most locations is available with only 2 working days notice to most locations in the UK. Most of our premium wine coolers come with a full two-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

    Get In Touch With Our UK Wine Cooler Experts

    If you have any questions about our exclusive wine fridges, wine coolers, wine cabinets and wine chillers please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help. 

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    Wine Fridge FAQ's

    What Is a Wine Cooler?



    A wine cooler is a fridge designed to keep your wine collection stored in cellar like conditions for maximum enjoyment. In comparison to a regular kitchen fridge, a wine fridge has precise temperature controls and maintains a very consistent temperature. Wine fridges are usually equipped with sliding shelves so wine bottles can be laid flat and have UV protected glass doors, vibration free compressors and charcoal filters installed as standard.

    What Are Some Popular Brands for Wine Coolers at Expert Wine Storage?



    The top brands for wine coolers include:

    Browse our selection of top wine cooler and fridge brands.

    Which Types of Wine Fridge Should I Consider?



    The top types of wine cooler at Expert Wine Storage include:

    Whether you're new to storing and collecting wine or a wine connoisseur, check out our wide selection of quality wine fridges so you can get the most out of your wines.

    What Temperature Can I Set My Wine Cooler?



    The ideal temperature for storing wine depends on the type of wine you are storing. In general, red wines should be stored at 10-18°C (50-65°F), white wines at 7-10°C (45-50°F) and Sparkling wines should be stored at 4-7°C (40-45°F).

    How Many Bottles Can I Store In a Wine Fridge?



    The bottle capacity of a wine fridge depends on its size and type but we offer models with capacities from 7 to 300+ bottles.

    Can I Fit Champagne Bottles In a Wine Cooler?



    Yes most wine fridges are designed to store the standard 750ml Bordeaux bottle to maximise bottle capacity and provide a universal bottle storage standard. However, if you are happy to reduce capacity, most wine fridges can fit Champagne bottles. Removing a shelf often allows you to easily accommodate larger bottles. It's important to note that 300mm and 150mm wine fridges are unsuitable for champagne bottles.

    How Long Does Wine Last in a Wine Fridge?



    You can store wine in a wine fridge for years. As a general rule, white wines can be stored for 1-3 years while red wines can be stored for 2-10 years.

    Do I Just Need to Plug a Wine Fridge In?



    Yes, all you need to do with a wine fridge is plug it into a standard power socket and they're ready to go. Be patient, once you’ve plugged it into a power source don’t switch it on straight away. The 12 -24 hour period before switching the power on allows the gasses to settle and the wine fridge will operate just fine.

    Does a Wine Fridge Need Plumbing?



    No, a wine fridge is a self contained unit that doesn't need an external water supply, it just requires a standard mains power connection.

    How Much Does a Wine Fridge Cost to Run?



    As a guide, as energy prices will dictate a more accurate cost, a wine fridge will cost anything from £30-£100 a year to use. This also depends on the energy efficiency (rating) of the appliance and how much it is used (door opened and closed, number of bottles stored).

    Can I Put a Wine Cooler Inside a Cabinet?



    Built in and integrated wine fridges are suitable for installing into a cabinet or cupboard but freestanding wine coolers are not suitable for being installed into a cabinet. This is because freestanding models are designed to have ventilation around all sides whereas integrated and built in models ventilate in other ways.

    Does a Wine Fridge Need Ventilation?



    Here are the general ventilation requirements for different types of wine fridges. Please remember to closely check the specification of the wine fridge you're interested in before purchasing to make sure there's enough ventilation for where you plan on placing the unit. A freestanding model needs 5-10cm space around the sides and back, 30-40cm space over the top. Also, avoid boxing it in or placing it under a counter. For built-in models, they only need 1-2cm space at the back for the power cable while the front air vents must not be covered. Finally integrated unitsneedspace for a ventilation column at the rear.

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