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    A wine cooler is a refrigeration appliance for storing your wines at optimal temperature. A quality wine fridge guards your wines from unwanted impacts of exposure to humidity, sunlight, and vibration. We offer a range of products whether you're looking for a freestanding, built in or integrated wine fridge you're in the right place.

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    About Our Wine Fridges For Sale

    Expert Wine Storage focuses on stocking the finest range of wine coolers in the UK from luxury brands such as Climadiff, Swisscave, La Sommeliere, Avintage, Dometic, and Dunavox.

    The recommended storage temperature for wines is between 11°C and 14°C, but this can vary depending on the type of wine. Most of our luxury wine coolers will have their preset temperature in this range.

    We offer wine coolers that store 15 Bordeaux bottles and some that store over 50 Bordeux bottles. Generally, wine refrigerators accommodate 75cl bottles, but many wine coolers are designed so you can remove or rearrange the shelves to accommodate larger bottles.


    Benefits of Owning a Wine Storage Unit

    Wine coolers are a must-have for all wine lovers - whether you enjoy a refreshing bottle of bubbly over the weekend, or have a chilled glass after work, you’re sure to find a wine cooler that can suit your needs. 

    You can store all types of wine in a cooler, including crisp white sauvignon blanc, delicious dry rose, and fruity red cabernet sauvignon. 

    Designed For Your Kitchen

    They make excellent kitchen appliances and can match your existing appliances with a stainless steel wine fridge, and matching cabinetry when you opt for an integrated cooler. You can find a refrigerator that meets your dimension requirements, using the filter option to filter by height, width, colour, temperature zone, and range of other qualities.

    Owning a high-end wine cooler also makes a statement that you care about the quality of your wine. 

    Display Your Wine Collection

    Wine coolers can also display your wine collection, which is ideal if you have expensive or well-aged bottles of wine. Your wine collection deserves to be proudly displayed instead of hidden away at the back of a cupboard - and the right wine cooler can do just that.


    Types of Wine Fridge We Offer

    There are three main designs of wine fridge - freestanding, integrated and built-in: 


    • Freestanding

    This design of cooler needs to be placed in a location with ample ventilation around the back, sides and top. You can't enclose a freestanding unit. They can vary in size, accommodating as little as 10 Bordeaux bottles to over 100 bottles.

    • Built In

    These models are designed to fit under counters and in cabinet spaces. Built in wine coolers can vary in size, but most accommodate around 50 Bordeaux bottles. The ventilation vents are located near the front which allows them to function and take in air flow, so it's key these airvents aren't blocked.

    • Integrated

    Similar to built-in models, integrated models fit flush inside cabinet columns. Some models come with handleless or 'push-to-open' doors, providing a sleek and seamless appearance. Integrated products require a ventilation flow at the rear of the unit of approximately 5cm depth.


    Sizes Available

    Before purchasing one of our designer wine coolers, consider how many bottles you’ll need to store. 

    We offer a variety of different size high end wine coolers for small, large, narrow and shallow spaces in widths ranging from 15cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm right upto 60cm wide. 


    Temperature Zones

    We offer single, dual or multiple temperature zones models, meaning you can store different wines at different temperatures. It also means you can have wine ready to be served while other bottles in long-term storage are left uninterrupted.


    Need Help? Get Expert Advice Today

    Here at EWS, our priority is your satisfaction, we focus on excellent customer care (see our 5-star reviews) and best-in-class wine storage units. Our luxury, wine fridges come with a minimum of 2 years manufacturer warranty and free 2-person delivery is standard. 

    If you have any questions get in touch with us today via our live chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen, email or call us on 0330 133 2327 - one of our knowledgeable, experts from the UK-based team will be delighted to help you immediately.

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    Which Type of Model Should I Consider?



    The top types of wine cooler at Expert Wine Storage include:

    What Temperature Can I Set These Coolers To?



    In general, red wines should be stored at 10-18°C (50-65°F), white wines at 7-10°C (45-50°F) and Sparkling wines should be stored at 5-7°C (42-45°F).

    How Many Bottles Can I Store?



    The bottle capacity of a wine fridge depends on its size and type but we offer models with capacities from 7 to 300+ bottles.

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