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    La Sommeliere Wine Coolers

    La Sommelière is a wine cooler brand which is owned by the same French company as Climadiff and Avintage. La Sommelière have manufactured wine fridges for more than 20 years. They supply wine cabinets across France, the EU and the rest of the world. The superior quality of their products has ensured UK customers are now preserving their wines to the very highest standard with La Sommelière wine coolers.

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    La Sommeliere Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

    La Sommelière supply wine fridges to meet every price range and customer requirement. Here at Expert Wine Storage we offer you countertop, freestanding, built-in wine coolers all the way up to multi-zone large wine cabinet for preservation they have you covered. All wine coolers are sold with a 2-year warranty as standard, with free UK delivery on all orders of £500.

    Who are La Sommeliere?

    La Sommeliere is a French company owned by the FRIO Enterprises group and was founded in 1995. Since, they have become one of the leading names in the wine cooler industry with their products being sold in over 60 different countries.

    The brand is renowned for its wide range of high-performance cooling units that are designed to suit all sorts of homes and businesses.

    Whether you’re looking for a small, built-in unit to store a few of your favourite bottles of wine or a large, commercial wine coolers, La Sommeliere will be able to cater to your storage needs. With over 20 years of expertise behind them, they are a brand that is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to store and preserve wine.

    La Sommeliere wine coolers are not only renowned for their excellent technical performance but their energy efficiency and extremely competitive prices - they are a brand that every wine enthusiast should make themselves familiar with.

    The La Sommeliere ranges

    La Sommeliere offers an extensive variety of wine coolers that are categorized into three different collections. These collections are referred to as the Prestige range, the Tradition range, and the Service range.


    The La Sommeliere Prestige range is designed with the most particular, experienced wine enthusiasts in mind. These coolers are not only modularly and ergonomically designed but feature an immaculate finish with solid beech accessories that ensure your wine is stored as beautifully as possible.

    They are equipped with a range of unique and innovative features such as active charcoal filters, safety locks and audible alarms whilst also boasting excellent energy efficiency.

    The Prestige range of coolers also features electronic thermometers and hydrometers to ensure the wine is constantly kept at its ideal temperature. These coolers are available with up to 6 separate cooling zones which are perfect for those who are looking to store multiple types of wine.


    The La Sommeliere Tradition wine coolers are designed to closely mimic the idyllic conditions of a classic wine cellar. This range is perfect for anyone who is looking for a traditional and simple solution to storing their wine collection.

    The coolers offer a wide variety of essential technological features such as an electronic thermostat, humidity controls, UV light protection and an anti-vibration system.

    They can also hold between 77 and 248 standard bottles of wine. All of the Tradition wine coolers feature a single zone cooling technology which means that every bottle will be kept at the exact same temperature. This is ideal for anyone who is looking to store just the one type of wine, whether that be white, red or sparkling.


    The La Sommeliere Service wine coolers are designed to seamlessly blend into the décor of your interior. With capacities ranging from 6 to 126 bottles, these coolers are perfect for all kinds of homes and spaces.

    They are also known for being incredibly silent when functioning which is perfect for those looking to install their wine cooler in a small apartment or reception room. They come with a variety of functional and aesthetically pleasing features such as glazed doors, white LED lighting, adjustable shelves and sensor-touch commands.

    Where can I install my La Sommeliere wine cooler?

    Whilst looking for a La Sommeliere wine cooler, you will notice that their units will be categorized as either ‘built-in’ or ‘freestanding’. This simply refers to the way in which they can be installed.

    The type of installation you choose should depend primarily on the amount of space you have in your home and the size of your wine collection. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two options:

    Built In

    Built in wine coolers by La Sommeliere are designed to be integrated into cabinets and under countertops.

    As their front-facing ventilation systems mean that they can be placed in closed proximity to other surfaces and appliances, these units are perfect for anyone who is planning to or is in the process of building a new kitchen.

    Built-in units can also actually be installed as freestanding units depending on your personal preference.


    Freestanding wine coolers by La Sommeliere are designed to be installed as stand-alone units, meaning they cannot be positioned in close proximity to other surfaces and appliances.

    This is because freestanding units are equipped with rear ventilation systems that require sufficient space to function properly. Freestanding wine coolers typically have much larger storage capacities than built-in units and are therefore better for anyone with a particularly extensive wine collection.

    Which La Sommeliere wine cooler is right for me?

    La Sommeliere offers an impressive range of elegant wine coolers that are designed to cater to every kind of wine enthusiast out there.

    Whether you’re looking for a single-zone cooling unit that stores 10 bottles of wine, or a multi-zone cooling unit that stores 200 bottles of wine, La Sommeliere will be able to provide you with plenty of suitable options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of their most sought after cooling units:

    La Sommeliere SLS102DZ BLACK

    The La Sommeliere SLS102DZ BLACK wine cooler is from La Sommeliere’s Tradition range and it is designed with long term storage in mind.

    This unit features an elegant design with a black metal external body, 3 fixed beech shelves and a tinted glass door that helps to protect your wine against harmful UV rays.

    It is a freestanding unit that can hold up to 102 bottles and features two separate cooling zones for storing both red and white wines.

    One of these cooling zones can be set from anywhere between 5 and 12 degrees Celsius whilst the other can be set from anywhere between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius.

    The unit is also equipped with active humidity management which works to maintain the humidity levels between 55 and 85 % inside the cabinet. It also has an anti-vibration system that absorbs any kind of vibrations before they can reach the bottles.

    La Sommeliere ECS80.2Z

    The La Sommeliere ECS80.2Z is another fantastic wine cooler from La Sommeliere.

    This model comes from its Service range and is designed for freestanding use.

    This is a dual zone wine cooler making it suitable for storing both red and white wines. These zones can both be set between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius and they are powered by compressor cooling technology.

    This particular model is a shallow wine cooler and maximum storage capacity of 75 bottles, with 42 fitting in the top section of the cabinet and 33 fittings into the lower section of the unit.

    The bottles are stored on beech semi-sliding shelves which are designed to run smoothly and silently on their rails.

    There is also room at the bottom of the cooler for an extra 4 bottles to be stacked on their sides.

    This unit is renowned for being extremely quiet which means that it won’t be too intrusive for any living space or reception area. It also features white interior LED lighting which is designed to enhance the appearance of your wine collection.

    La Sommeliere LS34A

    The La Sommeliere LS34A is another unit that comes from La Sommeliere’s Service collection. With this single zone wine cooler, you can set and adjust the temperature without having to even open the door. This is due to its touch-sensitive controls on the top of the door which are not only useful but make the cooler look incredibly modern and elegant.

    This cooler is fitted with 6 metal wire shelves as well as one half-shelf at the bottom end of the unit. It also features interior LED lighting and an anti-vibration system which works to protect the wine against any unwanted movement.

    This unit is also not only beautifully designed but it includes many features that are there to keep your wine as fresh and safe as possible.

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