Avintage Wine Cabinets are designed with elegant, modern styles that combine the finest materials with leading technology, Avintage wine coolers are sure to bring the best out of each of your bottles. Among our wide range of models, you're sure to find a wine cooler to perfectly meet your requirements: from 8 to 294 bottles, in every possible configuration (freestanding, under counterbuilt in) according to the type of cellar you are looking for: long term storage, multi-purpose or serving.


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    Avintage Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets 

    Who are Avintage?

    Avintage is a brand with a reputation for high quality and innovation. Like Climadiff, Avintage is part of the Frio Enterprises group and over the years have become one of France’s premium wine cabinet manufacturers.

    Their coolers bring together cutting edge technology and elegant designs to provide the perfect environmental conditions for wine to reach its full potential. With storage capacities between 8 and 294 bottles and available in every possible configuration, Avintage wine coolers are designed to suit the needs and desires of every kind of wine enthusiast.

    All of their units are designed to protect your wine against fluctuating temperatures, vibrations, low humidity levels and UV rays whilst displaying your collection the most visually appealing way possible. The brand’s ongoing commitment to developing new and innovative ways to store wine is what truly sets them apart from many of its competitors on the market.

    Avintage Wine Fridge Configurations

    When choosing a wine cabinet, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is how you would like it to be installed. The type you choose will depend entirely on your personal preference and the amount of disposable space you have in your home, bar or restaurant.

    Avintage offers an extensive range of wonderful wine coolers that are available in all sorts of possible configurations including built-in column, freestanding and built-under counter. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three types and who exactly they are best suited to.

    Built In 

    The Avintage built in wine coolers are designed to be easily integrated into kitchens and other living spaces. These type of coolers don’t just stow your bottles away at the right temperature, but they protect your bottles against UV rays, fluctuating humidity levels and they also control damaging vibrations.

    This type of cooler would not only make a beautiful addition to your home but it will ensure that your wine is always easily accessible. Built-in column wine coolers are perfect for those who are thinking of or are in the process of building in a new kitchen.

    Under counter

    The Avintage under counter wine coolers are designed to be installed under counter or between two pieces of furniture or appliances. These wine coolers come in a range of sizes (including slim models), can store between 8 and 50 bottles and are available as single or 2 temperature zone making them the perfect option for anyone looking to store their favourite types of wine.

    These coolers are also available with various ventilation set-ups meaning they can be adapted to suit almost all kitchen, dining or living space.


    The Avintage freestanding coolers are designed to be installed as stand-alone units and are perfect for the long term storage of wine. These type of units require approximately 5-10cm of ventilation space around their sides and rear to allow for sufficient air circulation.

    Their collection of freestanding units are all just as functional as they are attractive and they can hold between 168 and 294 bottles of wine. This makes them ideal for anyone in the hospitality business looking for a cooler to store a large quantity of wine. The Avintage freestanding wine coolers are also available with polyvalent technology which enables you to store multiple types of wine at different temperatures.

    What features do Avintage wine coolers have?

    Avintage wine coolers are equipped with various unique features that help to provide the optimal conditions for storing and ageing wine. One of the features that many of Avintage wine coolers have is a push-pull door system.

    All you need to do is apply a little bit of pressure at the top corner of the cabinet and it will open instantly. All of Avintage wine coolers also feature white LED lighting in their interior which ensures your wine is displayed beautifully and clearly at all times.

    Their stainless steel doors are made with anti-UV treated frames and glass which ensures your wine will be protected from direct sunlight at all times. Many of their models are also equipped with multiple cooling zones which means you will be able to store multiple types of wine in the same cabinet. All of their wine coolers are also equipped with a safety lock that ensures your wine is protected and out of reach from children at all times.

    What Avintage wine cooler is right for me?

    Avintage offer a fantastic range of wine coolers that are designed to suit all sorts of kitchens, living spaces, bars and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a small wine cooler to store a few of your favourite bottles or a commercial sized wine fridge to install in your bar, Avintage will have plenty of brilliant options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look a look at some of the wonderful wine coolers than Avintage has to offer:

    Avintage AVI60CDZA

    The Avintage AVI60CDZA is a beautiful unit that is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen or living space. With a capacity of 36 bottles, this cooler is ideal for anyone who likes to host drinks and dinner parties at their home. It has two cooling zones that can be set between 5-12 degrees Celsius and 12-22 degrees Celsius meaning it is the perfect unit for storing red and white wine. This particular cooler features entirely black aesthetics and a two-layer glass door that is anti-UV treated.

    It also features white LED interior lighting and electronic temperature controls. This cooler is equipped with shock absorbers that absorb all internal and external movement before it reaches the bottles. It is also known for working silently during operation which is perfect for anyone who is thinking of installing the unit in a reception room or living space.

    Avintage AVI81XDZA

    The Avintage AVI81XDZA is another fantastic cooling unit from Avintage that is designed to be integrated into kitchens and living spaces. This cooler has a maximum storage capacity of 79 bottles and features two adjustable temperature ranges. This unit has a reversible three-layer glass door with anti-UV treatment which helps to ensure the wine isn’t susceptible to being damaged by the sun.

    It is also equipped with shock absorbers which work to absorb vibrations from nearby appliances and heavy foot traffic. The unit features a sleek, stainless steel door structure and 8 semi-sliding drawers. These drawers also help to circulate the air inside which allows for homogenous ventilation.

    Avintage DVP305G

    Lastly, we have the Avintage DVP305G which can hold a whopping 294 bottles of Bordeaux wine. This cooler is designed to be installed as a tall freestanding wine fridge and would be perfect for storing in a kitchen, utility room or garage. This cooler is incredibly unique as it has 5 separate cooling zones that can be adjusted between 6 and 18 degrees Celsius. It also comes with humidity controls that ensure a level of 55-85% is achieved at all times.

    This black wine fridge with sheet metal exterior not only works to protect the wine against UV rays but ensures it will look incredibly elegant in any home. The unit also features a vibration-free compressor to protect the wine from experiencing chemical reactions and has charcoal filters to eliminate unpleasant odours.

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