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    Climadiff Wine Coolers

    Climadiff wine cabinets, fridges and coolers are renowned for the excellent long term storage and ageing of wines. Climadiff is a wine fridge specialist based in France, every wine cabinet they make comes with years of experience built in. The majority of Climadiff wine refrigerators are freestanding wine cabinets perfectly designed for long term preservation and ageing of your wine collection. Many of the models are ideal for use in utility rooms or garages.

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    About Climadiff Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets 

    Climadiff offers a wide range of wine cabinets catering for all budgets and feature requirements. Whichever size or capacity you need we have a Climadiff wine cabinet which fulfils your requirements. All our Climadiff wine cabinets are sold with a 2-year warranty as standard with free UK 2 person delivery. Climadiff is a name synonymous with the world of premium wine storage. The brand entered the household electrical goods market back in 1997 and since, have established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of wine cooling units. The company was born out of a relationship between technical expertise and a true love for fine wine. Today, they sell a huge range of beautiful wine coolers that are designed to suit all kinds of environments.

    All of Climadiff's wine coolers bring together the latest technical innovations and cutting edge features. Offering protection against UV rays, vibrations and humidity fluctuations, their units are built to provide the perfect environment for your wine to mature. Whether you’re looking for a built in wine fridge or a freestanding wine cooler Climadiff will have plenty of suitable options for you.

    Climadiff Wine Coolers  ‘5 Golden Rules’

    Climadiff guarantee that all of their coolers follow the ‘5 golden rules of ageing’. These rules will ensure that your wine is stored in the same kind of idyllic conditions that would be offered by the best wine cellars. Here are those 5 rules:

    Precise Temperature Control 

    For wine to mature at its fullest potential, it needs to be stored at the perfect temperature. Climadiff wine coolers all come with adjustable thermostats so you can set and adjust the temperature of the unit to your liking. If you are going to be storing multiple types of wine such as red and white, you will want to consider choosing a wine cooler with multiple cooling zones.

    A Stable Environment

    When it comes to storing wine, you will need to ensure that the bottles are placed in a calm, vibration-free environment. This is because vibrations and movement can be extremely damaging to wine and its ageing process. Climadiff wine coolers are equipped with anti-vibration systems that work to prevent this sort of damage from happening.

    Controlled Humidity Levels

    High humidity levels are absolutely necessary when it comes to storing fine wine. If humidity levels are too low then the cork will be susceptible to drying out and allowing the wine to bleed through. Climadiff wine coolers are designed to ensure that there is a permanent relative humidity level of 50-80% which helps to keep the corks hydrated and prevents bacteria from forming.

    Minimised UV Exposure

    Sunlight can be extremely damaging to wine as it increases its oxidization potential which can ultimately speed up its ageing process. Climadiff wine coolers are equipped with solid, anti-UV treated glass doors to prevent this sort of damage from happening

    Odour Free & Clean 

    With time, corks can lose their integrity and can become susceptible to allowing odours to pass through into the wine. Climadiff wine coolers are fitted with active charcoal filters that work to eliminate these sorts of odours whilst also regulating humidity levels.

    Climadiff Wine Fridges Features and Benefits

    Climadiff has one of the most extensive ranges of wine cabinets on the market. When browsing their selection, you will notice that their coolers are categorized into four different collections: Ageing and Conservation wine cabinets, Premium Polavalent wine cabinets, Service wine cabinets and Chill and Protect cabinets. Let’s take a look at the differences between each collection:Climadiff’s ageing and conservation wine cabinets are designed with the most exacting connoisseurs and collectors in mind. These coolers are constructed with the highest quality materials and are designed to provide the best possible environmental conditions to store your wine.

    This collection of wine coolers are engineered with leading-edge technology that not only ensures they are kept at a stable, naturally homogeneous temperature but that they are constantly protected against environmental fluctuations. The coolers in this collection store between 120 and 294 bottles and are designed to be installed as freestanding units.

    Premium Polyvalent wine cabinets

    Climadiff’s Premium polyvalent wine cabinets are designed with flexibility as their main priority. These coolers are available with multiple cooling zones so that you can store more than one type of wine. You can also adjust the environmental conditions through the activation or deactivation of the fan.

    The unit also features a ‘winter system’ which allows adaption to ambient temperatures of between 0 and 43 degrees Celsius. This ensures that your wine will be sufficiently protected all year round. It also comes equipped with an anti-vibration system and an active charcoal filter that works to eliminate unpleasant odours.

    Service wine cabinets

    Climadiff’s Service wine cabinets are designed to ensure that the wine is served at the most perfect temperature to optimise its aromas and flavours. They are available as either freestanding or built-in units and can store between 18 and 161 standard wine bottles.

    Available as either single cooling units or 2 temperature zone wine coolers that means you can store multiple types of wine at once. They also feature electronic temperature regulation and an air moving system that ensures the internal temperature doesn’t fluctuate if the door is opened frequently.

    These coolers are also extremely stylish in their appearance and are designed to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home.

    Which Climadiff Wine Cooler is Right for Me?

    Climadiff have a fantastic range of wine coolers on offer that are suitable for all kinds of environments. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular products:

    Climadiff CVP270A+ Wine Fridge

    The Climadiff CVP270A+ is one of the brand’s largest units, with a maximum storage capacity of 264 bottles. Designed with the most advanced wine collectors in mind, this single zone cooling unit is perfect for anyone looking for an advanced storage solution to keep in their kitchen, garage or bar.

    This wine cooler features a winter system which ensures that your wine will be sufficiently protected all year round. It is also rated as A+ for energy usage which is extremely impressive for a unit of its size. This particular model has a unique burgundy finish and is equipped with 5 premium shelves.

    Climadiff CLA210A+ Wine Cabinet

    The Climadiff CLA210A+ is a freestanding unit from their Ageing and Conservation range. This particular model has a very high storage capacity of 196 Bordeaux bottles meaning it is perfect for those with a true passion for collecting wine. This unit is designed with a brown sheet metal exterior and a black metal interior which helps with humidity regulation.

    It is also equipped with LED lighting that ensures your wine is displayed in a chic and clear manner at all times. It is also designed to be suitable for ambient temperatures between 0 and 32 degrees which makes it a perfect cabinet for those looking for a long-term storage solution.

    Climadiff PCLP205 Wine Cooler

    The Climadiff PLCP205 is another wonderful cooling unit from the brand that can hold an impressive 205 bottles. This unit is designed to be installed as a freestanding cabinet and has an ambient temperature range of between 0 and 32 degrees Celsius. This unit can work as both a storage and serving cabinet as it features polyvalent technology.

    This type of technology works to create multiple temperature zones within the unit so that you can store various types of wine at once. It is also known for being incredibly quiet whilst it operates and boasts an energy efficiency rating of A. 

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