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    Red wine fridges are wine storage cabinets designed to maintain perfect conditions like wine cellars for the long term preservation and ageing of red wines. They feature charcoal filters, maintain humidity of 50 to 80% and benefit from high or complete UV protection. Red wine cabinets come in various styles while they are all designed to be used freestanding with ventilation around the back and sides of the product. 

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    About Red Wine Fridges & Coolers

    Red wine cabinets offer large capacities of from 80+ Bordeaux bottles to over 300 bottles providing ample space for large wine collections, catering for all your serving or red wine refrigerating and warming requirements.

    This type of red wine storage unit is perfectly designed to meet the same storage standards and temperature as a wine cellar (without the cost).

    Other functional benefits of ageing wine cabinets include door locks and noise alarms which trigger if the wine cabinet door is left open as this can detrimentally effect storage conditions.

    In addition, all the units on offer are installed with anti vibration systems to keep your wines stored in perfect stillness - maintaining a vibration free storage environment is critical for the develop of your wines.

    Can I Put a Red Wine Fridge in the Garage or Storeroom?

    Once the ageing wine cabinet is delivered it's recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation.

    The majority of red wine fridges are freestanding wine fridges so require 3-5cm of ventilation around the top / sides and back. 

    All our red wine storage is installed with winter systems ensuring the wine cabinet can be installed in warm or cold environments (ambient temperature of 0°C – 38°C) like a garage or storage space.

    This is due to the winter system maintaining a consistent internal heat to raise the internal temperature of the wine chiller.

    In addition, these red wine cabinets are designed with full insulated sides to insulate against temperature fluctuations. 

    Red Wine Cabinet Temperature (Serving & Storing) 

    The temperature you should store and serve red wine at generally depends on which kind of red wine you are drinking but it is generally a warmer temperature than white wines.

    If you have a lighter, crisper red, it’s a good idea to chill it and serve it between 12-13°C.

    It’s best to serve a medium-bodied red at around 14-16°C.

    If you want to devour the flavour of a fuller-bodied red, serve it around 16 - 18°C.

    All of our red wine cabinets have full capability to cater for your red wines at the perfect temperature depending on the variety of the wine and your personal preference.

    Should You Keep Red Wine In a Wine Fridge?

    Yes, you can put red wine in your wine cooler but you'll need to keep it warmer than a traditional fridge.

    Putting your red wine in a wine fridge before serving will ensure it reaches the recommended temperature.

    Remember, depending on style, you’re aiming for between 12-18°C or 55-65°F.

    Lighter reds, such as Beaujolais and Pinot Noir, can be on the cooler end of this spectrum, whilst fuller-bodied reds such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignons can be served at the warmer end.

    Red Wine Refrigerator FAQs

    Do They Need a Charcoal Filter?

    Over time wines can absorb odours from outside sources which can ultimately disrupt the sealed wine through the cork.

    A charcoal filter fitted into the red wine chiller guards against this undesirable outcome.

    This is especially important if the wine fridge is situated in a garage setting near DIY related storage like paints for example.

    If your planning on positioning the red wine warmer in a location where there maybe external aromas then the internal fan of the wine cooler should be sufficient to keep your wines in fresh odourless air.

    Are Red Wine Cabinets Noisy?

    Our red wine cabinets are energy efficient, with most rated at G or F and average around 38-41db noise level which are very quiet especially in a utility room, garage of outbuilding setting.

    Using one of our wine chillers situated in a home space which is a lesser used room and you will not have any noise disturbance.

    Do Red Wine Warmer Cabinets Come With a Manufacturer Warranty?

    Every red wine refrigerators we sell is sold with a 1 to 3 year warranty depending on the brand of wine fridge chosen.

    Best Red Wine Fridge & Chillers In Stock

    Expert Wine Storage is your go to source for the finest in wine cooler and chiller solutions.

    Enjoy fast and complimentary 2-person delivery on a wide array of models, all assembled and ready to install.

    Store your favourite wines safely and securely with expert help from our knowledgeable professionals.

    Here are the best red wine coolers we have to offer:

    La Sommeliere CTV249 - Single Zone - Red Wine Fridge 

    The La Sommeliere CTV249 red wine cabinet is designed for long term storage and can be used as a freestanding appliance. This contemporary styled unit has a large capacity of up to 248 Bordeaux bottles and a single temperature zone that ranges from 5-20°C. It also features a treated glass door for UV protection and an internal LED light to show off your collection.

    Perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish way to preserve their fine wines.

    Swisscave WL455F - Single Zone - Red Wine Cooler 

    The Swisscave WL455F Classic Edition is perfect for both built in or freestanding appliance uses. It boasts a contemporary design that looks great in any kitchen cabinetry or as a standalone piece in either a home or restaurant.

    The red wine cabinet has a capacity of up to 210 bottles with some shelves removed and 178 bottles with all shelves inserted (based on standard Bordeaux bottle size).

    Plus, you can choose whether you want a door handle or not, depending on your preference.

    This warmer cabinet ensures that all your red wines are stored safely and securely.

    Climadiff CLA310A+ - Single Zone - Red Wine Cabinet 

    The Climadiff RESERVE 300XL red wine warmer cabinet is a great choice for storing up to 294 bottles of your finest red wine.

    Thanks to its state-of-the-art cooling system, this freestanding wine cabinet creates an ideal climate for your red wine collection to age gracefully over time.

    It features a black metal exterior with a solid door that protects your precious wines from temperature fluctuations and other external threats.

    It also comes with charcoal filters and humidity controls, making sure no bacteria or unpleasant odours will emerge.

    Plus, it's fitted with 2 wheels to allow for easy movement and has a thermometer and electronic display so you can keep an eye on the temperature conditions of your wines.

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