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    A Fondis wine cellar conditioner, also referred to as a wine cellar cooling unit or wine cellar refrigeration system, is a necessary component of any wine cellar. It is in charge of maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels for proper wine storage and ageing.

    Fondis air conditioners, which can condition to environment of spaces up to 100 m3, are ideal for wine cellars and storage areas.

    These units are simple to install through the wall, and professional installation is available for an additional fee. It's critical to remember to clean and replace the filters every four months. Fondis air conditioners have a 2 year warranty and are a dependable option for cooling your wine cellar.

    Fondis Wine Coolers For Wine Cellars

    Why buy a Fondis Wine Conditioner?

    Fondis wine cellar conditioners come in a variety of styles, including self-contained units and split systems. Self-contained units are easy to install and are ideal for small to medium-sized wine cellars. Split systems, on the other hand, are better suited for larger wine cellars and provide more installation and control flexibility.

    Precision control is a key feature of Fondis wine cellar conditioners. Their units include digital thermostats and humidity controllers for precise temperature and humidity control. This ensures that the wine is stored at optimal ageing and tasting conditions.

    The Fondis wine conditioners have a number of other important features in addition to temperature and humidity control. Many of their units, for example, include air filtration systems to remove contaminants, UV light filters to protect the wine from harmful light exposure, and low vibration compressor motors to minimise wine disturbance.

    These Fondis wine units are an excellent choice for anyone looking to store and age their wine collection properly. Their products provide dependable and accurate temperature and humidity control, as well as a variety of other useful features.

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