Integrated wine fridges are similar to built in wine coolers, however integrated models are designed to slot in perfectly into kitchen cabinetry without any ventilation required via the front of the unit - creating a seamless look.

    In comparison to a built in wine cooler, integrated wine coolers can be installed completely flush within your cabinetry, usually next to integrated microwaves, ovens and coffee machines. Choose "fully integrated" from the features filter for those that can match your existing cabinetry doors.

    They're all designed to fit standard 590mm - 600mm wide cabinets, and are available in a range of heights/bottle capacities.

    Integrated Wine Fridges & Coolers 

    Our Integrated Wine Fridge Range

    Our integrated wine cooler specialist is Dunavox; with Europe's largest collection of wine coolers, they have managed to cater for almost every available cabinet space.

    They are a leading supplier of wine coolers across Europe and are dedicated to wine storage. Most of their products are also available as white wine coolers as opposed to just a stainless steel or black, please contact us directly if you wish to enquire about this.

    Integrated wine coolers have to be installed correctly, according to the manufacturer's instructions, as the fan is located to the rear of the unit, so a channel of cool air needs to be incorporated into the design or existing layout.

    What is an Integrated Wine Cooler?

    Integrated wine coolers are a superb way to add storage space in any kitchen whilst creating a very high-end look.

    This type of wine cooler is not designed to sit on the floor but will slide in neatly between kitchen cabinets, usually next to integrated microwaves, ovens, and coffee machines.

    Integrated wine fridges offer a fantastic option for wine storage in any kitchen, and can be a real centrepiece of any kitchen design.  

    Features of Integrated Wine Fridges

    Most will feature seamless stainless steel glass doors or a fully tinted glass door, as well as interior lighting. 

    Integrated wine coolers also serve a purpose in that they will store wines properly in a horizontal position and ensure that the correct temperature, humidity, and air quality are controlled even in an integrated appliance.

    Our range of luxury integrated wine coolers is quiet, reliable, and manufactured to the highest quality. You will find premium integrated wine coolers from specialist wine cooler companies such as Dunavox, Liebherr, and Miele, who provide integrated wine coolers of standard sizes such as 455mm, 595mm, 885mm, 1234mm, and 1788mm in height.

    Our large capacity fridges go up to 1788mm in height, which represents up to 114 wine bottles stored. These would be installed into your wood kitchen cabinets, likely in a single section.

    Types of Integrated Wine Fridges We Stock

    Several models, like the Dunavox DAVG-25.63DB.TO, have a digital display panel with LED lighting, allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature in your fridge easily.

    All the glass doors on these fridges are UV protected, to ensure your wine isn't damaged by ambient sunlight.

    If you're concerned about the energy rating, then we have the performance details of each fridge on the product page.

    We stock both thermoelectric and compressor styles of wine fridges.

    The reason we stock these products is that we are confident in the quality of these horizontally shaped wine coolers.

    There are lots of other wine cooler brands available on the market, but from our experience, these other units are noisy, unreliable, and not supported by good aftersales service, which is why we have hand-picked our wine cooler suppliers.

    Ideal for storing all types of wine, whether you prefer sparkling, sweet, or dry.

    Integrated vs Fully Integrated

    The main difference between integrated and fully integrated wine coolers, is that fully integrated models can have a kitchen cabinet door installed on the outside of them, so they look like they're part of the existing kitchen.

    Normal integrated versions will fit in without an obvious gap, but won't have cabinetry attached to the outside.

    Do I Need An Integrated Wine Cooler?

    An integrated wine cooler will free up space in your fridge whilst adding another element to your kitchen. The horizontal shelves can be easily removed to cater for other drinks and beverages, perfect if you want to store more than just wine.

    The multiple temperature zones also help with storing different types of wine at different temperatures like single zone, dual temperature zone and a few models available with multiple zones - this is ideal if you want to store white wine, rose wine, Champagne, and red wine for example.

    Kitchen designs look great with integrated appliances, so if you are considering purchasing a new wine cooler as part of a kitchen, then an integrated wine cooler will offer a different style to the standard under counter wine cooler - they are a little quieter than them as well.

    When picking your appliances, choose matching colours throughout the whole kitchen to create a seamless, high-end look.

    Our manufacturers, such as Dometic, Caso, and Pevino, have units featuring Push2Open technology, perfect if you're interested in handleless kitchens, and allowing these appliances to match well with your existing kitchen.

    A good alternative to an integrated fridge is a wine cabinet.

    It’s best not to use a typical fridge freezer to store wine, as it will be far too cold, and could damage the wine.

    Integrated Wine Fridge Installation

    Integrated wine coolers require professional installation as they ventilate differently from a built in wine cooler or a freestanding wine fridge.

    To ensure this type of wine cooler has enough ventilation, there must be a vent or small duct incorporated into the plinth to allow cool air to enter the cabinets behind the wine cooler.

    There must also be enough ventilation space at the rear of the wine cooler to allow for a clear passageway for cool air to enter, and warm air to escape. 

    Lastly, a duct or cut out of around 3-4cm in depth must be available at the top of the kitchen cabinet, again, to allow for the warm air to escape.

    If an integrated wine cooler is not installed in this way, it will allow warm air to congregate at the back of the wine cooler, which will gradually increase the ambient temperature.

    There are many different integrated wine coolers available today, and the lower-end brands will be far more susceptible to changes in ambient temperature. And in most cases, if the increased temperature is sustained, the components inside the wine cooler will not be able to tolerate it and will simply burn out.

    Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions; otherwise, you may void the warranty and restrict the wine coolers' cooling performance.

    Best Integrated Wine Fridge In Stock 

    Expert Wine Storage is your go to source for the finest in wine storage solutions. Enjoy fast and complimentary 2-person delivery on a wide array of models, all assembled and ready to install. Store your favourite wines safely and securely with expert help from our knowledgeable professionals. Here our the best built in wine coolers we have to offer:

    Dunavox DAVG-32.80DB.TO - Dual Zone - Integrated Wine Fridge 

    The Dunavox DAVG-32.80DB.TO wine cooler is the perfect choice for your high end kitchen. With its 32 bottle capacity, dual temperature zone and precise temperature control, you can be sure that every drop of wine is served at the optimal temperature. Push2Open technology makes it easy to open the door with just a push on the top left corner, and the cabinet closes itself automatically after 7 seconds.

    It also features white, orange and blue internal LED lighting, a blue digital temperature display and a full reversible glass door. Plus, it's designed to be installed in a column with an aperture of 715mm, making it a truly luxurious integrated wine cooler.

    Dunavox DAVG-49.116DOP.TO - Dual Zone - Fully Integrated Wine Cooler 

    The Dunavox DAVG-49.116DB.TO is the ideal integrated wine cooler for any luxury kitchen. With a 49 bottle capacity and dual temperature zone, it can store and serve your wine collection at the optimal temperature.

    It features Push2Open technology, so you just need to push the top left corner to open the door, which automatically closes after 7 seconds. Furthermore, it has precise temperature controls and white, orange and blue internal LED lighting.

    Plus, it comes with a blue digital temperature display and a full reversible glass door that allows you to attach your own kitchen cabinet door for a seamless look. 

    This high performing wine fridge is designed to be installed in a column with an aperture of 885mm.

    Expert Wine Storage has a wide range of integrated wine fridges available, and we only stock quality brands that we've tested, so you can be assured it's a high quality product.

    We offer brands such as Liebherr, Swisscave, and Pevino.

    Get In Touch With Our Integrated Wine Fridge Experts

    If you have any questions about our integrated wine fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327, and one of our expert UK sales team members will be very happy to help.

    Find everything you need to enjoy and preserve your wine collection to its fullest with our extensive range of wine fridges online.


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