Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets are the perfect solution for any wine collector looking to store their wines in optimal conditions. Our wine cabinets offer the ideal long term storage environment and have bottle capacities ranging from 60 bottles through to 300+ bottles. We stock a wide range of brands including Swisscave, Dunavox, DometicClimadiff, Avintage, Liebherr and La Sommeliere.

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Wine Cabinets

What is a wine cabinet?

Wine cabinets are large refrigerated appliances specifically for the storage of wines for a period of 1 to 20 years.

A wine cabinet will keep your wines in stable and reliable conditions over many years, imitating the real world conditions of a wine cellar. Most units are installed with solid doors or UV protected glass doors, vibration-free compressors and charcoal filters.

In addition a number of models we offer allow for the accurate control of humidity levels, although wine cabinets do automatically control the humidity across a range of approximately 55-85% to protect corks from drying out.


What is the bottle capacity of a wine cabinet?

Our wine cabinets are available in a selection of sizes which are designed to optimise the capacity available. A wine cabinet can store anywhere from 45 up to 300+ Bordeaux bottles of wine, so there an ample range of sizes to choose from depending on your wine collection size and type. 

How many temperatures zones are in wine cabinets?

We have wine cabinets which are designed with 1, 2 or 3 zones. If you plan to age and serve wine in the same wine cabinet then you will likely benefit from a dual temperature zone wine cabinet as you can set each zone at a different temperature. Equally if you are looking to store only reds or whites then a single zone wine cabinet maybe better suited to your requirements.


Who manufacturers wine cabinets?

We have UK stock available for fast, free 2 person delivery from major wine cabinet producers such as French manufacturers like Avintage, Climadiff and La Sommeliere and other luxury brands such as Swisscave and Liebherr.

All of the wine cabinets we sell are supplied by the finest manufacturers producing reliable, efficient and robust units designed to protect your precious wine collection from unfavourable environmental conditions such as UV or cold temperatures.


How long can I expect a wine cabinet to last?

This very much depends on how much the wine cabinet is used, the environment the cabinet is situated in and how well cared for the appliance is. We would hope that a unit would last for 10-15 years but we can't offer any guarantees on this!


Do I have to stack my bottles on top of each other?

Not always, no. A number of our wine cabinets like the Swisscave and Dunavox models offer full sliding shelving which allows you to store your wines without stacking them. So you can easily access your wines without having the search through a stack of bottles!


What is the capacity of a typical wine cabinet?

All of our wine cabinet capacities are stated in Bordeaux bottle size. If you have many different shaped bottles this will impact and likely reduce the capacity to by around a 25-30% of the stated capacity number. In the event all of your bottles are Bordeaux size (which they probably aren't) you'll be able to store the same quantity of bottles shown in the product specification. We also have access to bottle diagrams for each wine cabinet - just let us know if you need one!

What features are available in wine cabinets?

Some wine cabinets have LED lights which creates an eye-catching display of your wine collection as it allows you to showcase certain bottles.

Some units come fitted with beech wooden shelves which allow you to position some bottles vertically which can showcase certain bottles. Most models are also fitted with a stainless steel exterior which makes the wine cabinet look more modern.


Which wine cabinets does Expert Wine Storage recommend?

We recommend Liebherr, Avintage as the highest quality manufacturers for our wine cabinets as these brands are renowned for designing and producing very robust units. This is particularly true for the Avintage models which offer all sorts of clever  environmental controls. If you do like the look of models with full sliding shelving, the DX-194.490 from Dunavox or the WLB460DF-MIX from Swisscave are very good options as it can accommodate larger bottles such as Champagne between the shelves and is probably one of our most reliable units.


    Can a wine cabinet be used in a garage or cold room?

    A winter system is effectively an internal heating element which introduces warm air when the ambient temperature drops to below a set temperature. This is so the set temperature can be maintained at lower ambient temperatures.