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    Black Wine Coolers

    Our black wine fridges are produced by the finest wine cooler manufacturers and most can be used as built in or freestanding wine coolers. These black wine coolers come in various styles, some are designed to be built into cabinetry, perfect for kitchens, while others are suited to freestanding use (perfect for utility rooms). These wine coolers are popular because you can closely coordinate your appliance colouring and add a stylish modern feel.

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    About Black Wine Fridges & Coolers

    Black wine coolers offer a range of capacities of from 18 bottles to over 200 bottles providing ample space for large wine collections, catering for all your serving or ageing requirements.

    Most black wine fridges are fitted with sliding rails so shelves pull out effortlessly, in addition, these black wine cabinets are also available as a single zone or dual zone wine fridge. Most black wine coolers are fitted with locks and some also have varying illumination modes so your wines are presented in their best light.

    Black Wine Fridge

    Pictured: The Black Dunavox DX-123.338DB - Dual Zone - Built In Shallow Depth - 123 Bottles - 600mm Wide. See product here

    Installation of a Black Wine Refrigerators

    Once the black wine fridge is delivered it's recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation. The majority of stainless wine fridges can be used as built in wine coolers or freestanding units and are fitted with grills at the bottom / front to allow air to ventilate the wine fridges system. 

    We have a range of black wine cooler widths available including 30cm40cm50cm and 60cm wide wine fridges.

    The front ventilation means that a built in wine cooler can be built into cabinetry and only usually requires approximately 1-2cm gap on the hinge side of the door for the door to swing open. 

    Built In Black wine cooler 400mm

    Pictured: The Dunavox DAUF-32.83B, Single Zone, 32 Bottles, Built In, 400mm Wide Narrow Wine Fridge. See product here

    Best Black Wine Fridges In Stock

    Dunavox DAVS-18.46B, Single Zone, 18 Bottles, Black Integrated Wine Fridge

    The Dunavox DAVS-18.46B wine fridge is ideal for a modern kitchen, offering a small capacity single zone cooler that's fully integrated in your kitchen cabinetry. It comes with a free 3 year warranty, and a free 2 person delivery to inside your property (including unpacking and positioning).

    Avintage AVI48CDZA, Dual Zone, 52 Bottles, Black Integrated Wine Fridge

    The Avintage AVI47XDZA wine fridge has a slightly larger capacity of 52 bottles, and so is best for those who want to store more wine at a time. It is also dual zone, so ideal for storing both red and white wine at the same time (as well as rose, sparkling wine, and champagne). It can be installed fully integrated into your kitchen cabinets. It includes a free 2 year warranty, as well as a free 2 man delivery service.

    Dunavox DAUF-17.58DB, Dual Zone, 17 Bottles, 300mm Wide, Black, Built In Wine Fridge

    The Dunavox DAUF-17.58DB wine fridge is only 300mm wide, making it an excellent slimline option for those with less space. The dual temperature zone allows you to store different types of wine and beverages using one fridge, ensuring your wine is ready to drink. It includes 4 elegant shelves that you can arrange to your desired format. It has low energy consumption with a Class "G" rating.

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    If you have any questions about our black wine fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK team will be very happy to help.

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