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    150mm wine coolers or 15cm wine fridges are popular due to their narrow width and ability to be use seamlessly as an integrated or a built in to kitchens, living spaces, and commercial environments.

    The width of these wine fridges is actually around 145mm, which allows them to be positioned as under counter between standard kitchen cabinets.

    This leaves approximately 2.5mm of space on each side of the unit to allow for sufficient ventilation and room for the door to open without obstruction.

    About 150mm, 15cm Wine Fridges, Coolers & Chillers

    A 15cm wine cooler is best for people who don't have a large space in their kitchen for a fridge. By choosing a unit of such a compact size, you will be able to provide your collection with an idyllic storage environment without entirely altering the look of your kitchen or living space.

    These slimline wine coolers can be installed within kitchen cabinets, left as a freestanding wine cooler, or added to a kitchen worktop.

    By choosing a narrow wine fridge, you will only have enough space for one cooling zone, and so, if you want to store both red and white wine (or sparkling/rose/champagne), then you will need a dual zone wine fridge instead.

    We stock both thermoelectric and compressor wine coolers.

    Each wine fridge comes with either a 2 year or a 3 year warranty.

    150mm Wine Cooler Temperature Zones

    Whilst wine coolers of 15cm or 150mm width are renowned for their slimline appearance, they are actually available as both single zone units.

    Single zone wine units ensure that every single bottle is kept at the same temperature, whilst dual zone units allow you to store various types of wines at their optimal temperatures.

    The unit type you choose should depend entirely on the kind of wine you are going to be storing. For example, if you are someone whose collection solely consists of white wine, a single zone cooler may be the better choice for you.

    On the other hand, if you are someone whose collection consists of a range of reds and whites, you will need to consider purchasing a dual zone unit.

    How Do I Install My 15cm / 150mm Integrated Wine Cooler?

    150mm wine coolers are typically designed to be built in to kitchen cabinets or used as integrated under counter like models of 400mm , 500mm, and 600mmwidth.

    With this being said, they can also be installed as stand-alone units if required. When it comes to installing your wine cooler, it is imperative that there is at least 0.25cm of space left on either side to allow for adequate ventilation.

    This extra space also allows for the cabinet’s door to open properly without obstruction. You will also need to ensure that the front-facing ventilation system is not blocked in any way as this will affect the unit’s ability to function.

    15cm Wine Cooler Features 

    Despite their narrow and slim appearance, 150mm wine coolers are available with various innovative features.

    These features not only work to make your life easier, but they also help to ensure your wine is constantly protected from the sorts of environmental threats that are known to cause oxidization and flavour degradation.

    These features include:

    • Charcoal filters (to eliminate unwanted odours),
    • Anti-UV treated glass door (to protect your wine against sunlight overexposure),
    • LED lighting (to elegantly illuminate your wine collection)
    • Door alarms (to alert you of any fluctuations in humidity or temperature).

    150mm Wide Wine Fridge FAQs

    Can You Reverse The Door of a 15cm Built In Wine Fridge?

    Yes, you can reverse the hinge of the door on most 150mm built in wine coolers.

    As a general rule these wine fridges come with doors which open from left to right (right hand side hinge).

    However the doors on these products can be switched to left hand hinge quite easily with a few basic tools (screwdriver, spanner, spirit level).

    We also offer a door reversal service so doors can be switched prior to delivery to you - get in touch if you would like to add a door reversal to your order and we'll be happy to help.

    How Much Ventilation Does a 150mm Wine Cooler Need?

    Most 150mm wine fridges are designed to be built in to cabinetry and are fitted with air vents at the front so they don't require ventilation around the sides or top.

    However 15cm width models do require 1-2cm of free space at the rear of the unit in order to house the power cable. 

    Can I Store Champagne / Magnums In This Size of Wine Fridge?

    No, the majority of 15cm wide wine fridges cannot accommodate larger size wine bottles like Champagnes, Prosecco and Magnums.

    Does a 150mm Wine Fridge Use a Lot of Electricity?

    Most 150mm wide wine fridges are rated either F or G energy rating.

    Although F or G energy ratings may not sound very efficient, the rating scale for appliances changed in 2021 when most units would have been rated A+, A or B.

    On average these size of wine fridge use between 90kW/annum and 120kW/annum depending on their overall size and type.

    Is a 150mm / 15cm Built In Wine Fridge Right For Me?

    To understand if a 15cm wine cooler is right for you, there are several factors you will need to consider. You will need to think about the size of your wine collection, what kinds of features you require and how much disposable space you have to work with. We offer 150mm

    Expert Wine storage stocks wine coolers by brands such as Avintage, Climadiff, and Dunavox, while most models are available as black and stainless steel.

    If you're worried about energy consumption, then a 15cm wine fridge will be ideal, as the smaller size uses a lot less energy to maintain. They have an energy rating of Energy Efficiency Class 'G', which is low energy consumption.

    If you are someone who simply likes to keep 5-8 of your favourite bottles to hand, or you are just starting out in the world of wine collecting, a small bottle capacity 150mm wine fridge may be a great choice for you.

    On the other hand, if you are someone with a particularly extensive collection of wine, a 150mm wine cooler may not provide you with the necessary amount of space. 

    If you are looking for a wine cooler with an anti-UV treated glass door a single zone, a 150mm wine cooler should be able to meet your requirements. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wine cooler with multiple cooling zones and precise humidity controls, you may need to consider choosing a larger, more advanced model.

    The reason why this is important is that wine needs to be stored at a certain temperature range to maintain its flavour and avoid it going bad.

    A dry full-bodied red wine will require a different temperature zone than a complex and sweet white wine. And using the electronic temperature control will help you adjust this.

    In terms of space, you will need to ensure you have enough disposable room in your home for the 150mm wine fridge to be installed. Luckily, these units are extremely narrow and relatively small in comparison to other wine coolers which makes them an ideal choice for most.

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