Liebherr wine coolers are designed and manufactured in the home of precision engineering and high quality products, Germany. They are a leading luxury wine cabinet brand who pride themselves on creating wine fridges which meet the highest standards for long term wine preservation and serving.

    Liebherr have been at the peak of premium quality refrigerator and freezer design for over 60 years and all of the same high level qualities are seen in their wine fridges, coolers and cabinets.

    Liebherr offer the finest wine coolers and wine cabinets with functionality combined with the latest technology ensuring your wines are stored in optimal conditions. You can also find excellent quality drinks fridges and beer coolers provided by Liebherr on Expert Wine Storage. 

    Liebherr Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

    More about UK Liebherr Wine Coolers

    Liebherr wine fridges are designed with the optimal functionality to preserve or store your wine collection perfectly. There are a wide selection of freestanding, integrated and built in wine coolers to choose from.

    Their freestanding wine cabinet collection designed for long term storage of wine and their kitchen line, which is dedicated to the kitchen industry and offers under counter and integrated wine fridges, manufactured with the latest technology in the wine cooler industry.

    Liebherr Wine Fridge Range

    Liebherr Grand Cru Wine Chillers

    Liebherr’s Grand Cru range of wine cabinets are designed purely for long term storage and ageing of wines, these wine coolers are constructed from only the highest quality components and are available in a range of sizes to suit your budget, space availability and capacity requirements. 

    The larger units such as the WKT6451 will accommodate 312 Bordeaux bottles and features a solid door which means there is absolutely zero worry about UV light interfering with the development of your wines. 

    While the largest unit will store hundreds of bottles, the WKES653 will store only 12 Bordeaux bottles, which may be 12 of the finest bottles in the world, they need to be kept safe and stored correctly. 

    The Grandcru range will allow the interior temperature to be set to between 5 and 20°C and are available with UV protected glass doors or solid doors as previously mentioned.  They are available as single temperature zone wine cabinets as they are designed to store wine primarily.

    Liebherr Vinothek Wine Cabinets

    The Vinothek range of wine cabinets from Liebherr are a more versatile group of wine cabinets and are tailored a little bit more towards day to day use as opposed to professional storage like in the GrandCru range.

    The WKB4212 is the largest cabinet in this range and can store upto 200 Bordeaux bottles and features adjustable wooden shelving and UV protected glass.

    Again, this range of wine cabinets will operate between 5 and 20°C but some of the cabinets such as WTB4212 is able to produce multiple temperature zones due to having a polyvalent function, which creates multiple temperature zones inside the wine cabinet for service and storage of wines simultaneously.

    Liebherr Vinidor Wine Fridges

    The Vinidor range from Liebherr are the premium range of freestanding wine coolers, these units are multi temperature zones with the WTES5872 offering three independent temperature zones for storage, service of two different types of wine all at the same time. 

    These stainless steel wine coolers and have an industrial feel, they are extremely robust and look great commercial wine fridges in restaurants and businesses.

    Liebherr Kitchen Line Wine Coolers

    The kitchen line of wine chillers is aimed at kitchen designers and interior designers.  These units offer the latest technology which includes push2open technology and there is a collection of wine coolers such as the EWTDF1653 which can be fully integrated. 

    This means that these units have the option of attaching a kitchen cabinet door to the outside of the unit so that it is in keeping with the rest of the kitchen. 

    Liebherr also offer a couple of under counter units which feature push2open technology in the dual temperature zone wine cooler model with a full glass door.

    Liebherr is a brand that is synonymous in the world of household appliances and they meet the highest standards when manufacturing any of their kitchen appliances, this is extended to their wine coolers.  Liebherr offers a 2 year warranty on all of their wine coolers, including the integrated wine coolers with push2open technology.

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