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    Freestanding Wine Coolers

    Discover our versatile freestanding wine fridges, designed to be installed stand-alone, with adequate ventilation around the back, sides, and top of the unit. These models can’t be built into cabinetry or installed under a countertop (if you need a product like that, explore our built-in models here).

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    Why Invest in a Freestanding Wine Fridge?

    Expert Wine Storage offers a wide range of coolers from leading brands such as Swisscave, Dunavox, Vin Garde, and Climadiff - varying in size, style, and function. 

    Explore models with black and stainless steel door finishes, and storage capacities from 12 to 300+ Bordeaux bottles designed to suit your home or business.


    1. Optimal Temperature & Environment Control

    Independent models are available with single or dual compressor-cooled temperature zones to suit the needs of any wine selection for service or long term ageing:


    • Single temperature zone:an accurate temperature zone for storing one style of wine at a consistent, precise temperature, like white or sparkling wines chilled between 5-9°C.
    • Dual temperature zone:two temperature compartments (also known as multi-zone) let you store white wines like Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio at 7-10°C and red wines like Bordeaux and Burgundy at 13-19°C in the same storage device. 
    • Multi-zone coolers: cooled using polyvalent technology provide several types of wine (red, white, rose) with optimal climate conditions, offering up to 6 different temperature zones within the same cooler. 
    • Humidity stability and control: automatically managed and maintained between 55-85% ensuring corks don't dry and mold isn't an issue.


    We recommend the Swisscave WL455DF RRP £2,369, if you are specifically looking for a taller fridge for your wines

    A true investment in the taste, enjoyment of your wines ensuring optimal preservation conditions.


    2. A Visual Statement For Any Space

    These wine storage solutions enhance your dining, entertaining, or commercial space, showcasing your collection in its finest light - creating a warm ambience for your guests.


    • Showpiece LED lighting: while all upright products feature white, illuminating lights, a selection of our premium models come withwhite, warm white, or blue lighting - changed with the touch of a button.
    • Elegant display shelves: an excellent example of these presentation features is seen in the 200 Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles, Swisscave WLB460DFLD, which features 7 elegant display shelves positioned at a tilted angle - ideal to highlight labels. 


    An appealing showpiece for your home to enhance warm moments with your friends and family.


    3. Flexible & Effective Organisation

    This style of wine cooler are available in a range of sizes to cater for the space you have available and the size of your collection. 


    • Smaller devices: ideal for home use, our smaller, space-saving designs with 60cm widths and up to 82cm height, offer Bordeaux bottle capacities from 30 to 50, 750ml bottles. 
    • Medium-sized: slightly taller, medium-sized models like the Swisscave WLB360DF have 90 to 120 bottle capacities and are better suited to handling larger bottles like Champagne and Burgundy.
    • Larger models: larger models offer anywhere from 120 to 300 bottle capacities and are ideal for a fine wine collection stored in your home or commercial space rather than in bond - shop for a large-capacity wine fridge.


    Efficient organisation enhances your wine-collecting experience with a small or large collection.


    Freestanding Vs Built In Design

    Highly flexible and packed with utility, freestanding wine fridges don't offer the same flush finish as built-in or integrated designs. 

    Models suitable for building into cabinetry or tucking under a counter have an air ventilation system that draws air in via a front air grill, keeping the device cool - even when it is boxed in.

    Quick Tip: Most stand alone units don't have reversible doors, they come with the hinge fitted on the right as standard. Built in and integrated models come with the option to switch the door hinge.

    On the other hand self-standing units dissipate heat from all their surfaces.

    This is the main difference between the two types of design.


    Simple Stand Alone Installation

    Quick and easy to install, once the unit is positioned, leave the compressor gases to settle for 12-24 hours, and then switch the power on to begin your first-class wine storage experience.


    • Ventilation needs: This style of wine cooler shouldn't be fitted into cabinetry or placed under worktops as heat can get trapped - potentially causing damage to its functions due to over heating.
    • A unit of this kind should be installed where ventilation is available like a garage, utility, dining, kitchen or living space.
    • Pleae note: Ensure there is a minimum installation gap of 5-10cm around the sides and rear of the unit, along with a 30-50cm gap over the top of the product.


    Convert a free space in your home or business into an effective wine storage solution with quick and easy installation.


    Other Notable Features

    You'll find many extras like multiple lighting modes and display shelves in some of our premium models. Here are some other important features to look out for:


    • Protection from UV: protect your wines from the harmful effects of UV damage due to natural light exposure. Every model is fitted with a double, or triple-glazed, UV glass door or a solid door to prevent unwanted light damage from occurring.
    • Easy access sliding shelves: most models are fitted with sliding shelves so your wine bottles can be easily accessed even if your wine collection is quite sizeable.
    • Lockable doors for peace of mind:  larger models, like the Vin Garde range of wine coolers, feature secure lockable doors so you can keep your collection safe from unwanted attention.
    • Digital temperature control: all units provide precise temperature control via digital displays allowing you to set the temperature exactly to the level needed. 
    • Say Goodbye To Vibration: these coolers eliminate any vibration due to their dampened, vibration-free compressors.


    A true investment in the high-end feel of your home, leading to more enjoyable moments with your friends and family.


    What To Consider When Making Your Selection

    Before making your final decision, consider factors outlined below:


    • Space available: how much space do you have for ventilation?
    • Wine collection size: How many bottles do you need to store now and in the future?
    • Specific features needed: Are you looking for premium features like multiple lighting modes or a simpler fridge with fundamental cooling function?


    Speak with our team or consult our guides and reviews, to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your wine storage needs.


    Need More Advice? Speak To Our UK Specialists

    Here at EWS, our priority is your satisfaction, we focus on excellent customer care (see our 5-star reviews on and Trustpilot) and best-in-class wine storage units.

    Our modern and seamless, freestanding wine fridges come with a minimum of 2 years manufacturer warranty and free 2-person delivery is standard. 

    We're passionate about enhancing the integrity and flavour of your wine collection here at Expert Wine Storage. If you have any questions get in touch with us today via our live chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen, email or call us on 0330 133 2327. 

    One of our knowledgeable, experts from the UK-based team will be delighted to help you immediately.

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    Are the Doors Reversible on These Wine Fridges?



    No, the vast majority of free-standing models do not have reversible doors.

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