Commercial Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers are ideal for use in restaurants, bars and hotels. We offer various hospitality wine cabinets which could be used under counter, as stunning wine displays or for purely functional purposes behind a bar. 

We offer a large collection of commercial wine fridges which are manufactured by some of Europes biggest and best wine cooler manufacturers such as Dunavox, Swisscave, and Climadiff. We offer fast 2 person delivery as standard to mainland UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Our commercial wine fridges come in various styles while some are designed to be built in to cabinetry, ideal for installation into bar areas and feature walls, while others are suited for freestanding use. 

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Commercial Wine Fridges 

What is a commercial wine cooler?

A commercial wine fridge is designed for hospitality settings like restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels.

We offer a large selection of wine fridges for commercial settings which cater for a wide set of requirements such as: single or double door units, undercounter units or stunning, bespoke wine walls. A wine wall can provide a fantastic show piece for your commercial space. Our commercial wine fridges can also be housed in cabinetry or used under counter tops and behind bars. We have a wine fridge to cater for any requirement - get in touch if you need to talk to an expert.

Do I need a single or dual zone commercial fridge?

Depending on your wine collection storage requirements you may need to provide suitable conditions for reds, whites or both. As you may know, white wines are ideally served at a lower temperature than red wines, which is around 9 degrees.

Your red wines should be stored at a warmer temperature of around 16°. With a dual zone wine fridge you can use one zone for white wines at 10° and one zone for red wines at 19°.

When deciding on purchasing a single or dual zone wine fridge your should base the decision on the type of wines being sold. Equally purchasing multiple wine coolers can provide additional flexibility when it comes to storage temperatures available depending on the time of year or occasion.

What is the wine bottle capacity of a commercial wine cooler?

The commercial wine fridges we offer come in a large range of sizes. The larger models we offer which are also freestanding appliances have capacities for 140-230 Bordeaux bottles while smaller units can store around 47-94 bottles. It's important to note that most wine cooler capacities are specified in Bordeaux bottle size. The majority of the wine fridges we offer can hold larger bottles such as magnums but please be aware storing varied bottle sizes will reduce the overall stated capacity.

In addition our commercial wine walls also offer a wide range of bottle capacities to cater for your storage requirements.

Why do commercial wine fridges need a charcoal filter?

Over time wines can absorb odours from outside sources which can ultimately disrupt the sealed wine through the cork. A charcoal filter fitted into the wine cooler guards against this undesirable outcome. This is especially important if the wine fridge is situated in a setting near cooking activity or food related storage. If your planning on positioning the wine cooler at the front of house in a restaurant or hotel then the internal fan of the wine cooler should be sufficient to keep your wines in fresh odourless air.

How much noise does a commercial wine fridge make?

Our commercial wine fridges are energy efficient, with most rated at G or F and average around 38-41db noise level which are very quiet especially in a busy commercial environment.

Using one of our wine fridges situated in a hotel, restaurant or bar and you will not have any noise disturbance.

Is there a warranty period on commercial wine coolers?

Every commercial wine fridges we sell is sold with a 1 or 2 years warranty depending on the brand of wine fridge chosen.