Built In Wine Coolers

Built in wine coolers are designed to be ‘built’ in under counters, in to cabinetry or any other space within your kitchen or home. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate all sorts of cabinetry setups and can also be positioned independently if preferred.

You will also find that many of our larger and tall wine coolers can be used as built in wine fridges. This can be extremely beneficial for those with extensive wine collections who are looking to store various types of wine. We stock 600mm wide, 500mm wide400mm wide, 300mm wide and 150mm wide built in wine fridges too.

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Built In Wine Fridges


Find the right built in wine cooler for your home or business. You can find more information about built in wine coolers in our guide below. Our built in wine cooler brands are Swisscave, Dometic, DunavoxAvintage and Pevino

Alternatively, read our buyer's guide to learn more about which wine cooler is most suited to your requirements.


Choose from the wide selection of built In wine coolers above to find the perfect wine cooler for your home or business. In contrast to a freestanding wine cooler, built In wine coolers are designed to be fitted into a cupboard or cabinet. This being said a built in unit can also be used as a freestanding wine cooler. A built in wine cooler has a ventilation grille which allows cool air to flow into the unit which maintains it's cooling function. 

You will find our entire collection of built in wine coolers on this page. We offer an extensive range of built in wine coolers that are available in various sizes and styles from under counter to tall built in wine coolers. Whether you are looking for a tempered glass wine cooler to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen cabinets or a handleless wooden wine cooler to incorporate into your lounge, we will have a model to suit your needs. You can refine your search by entering your preferences below or alternatively, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Built in wine fridges are engineered to be ‘built’ into any counter, cabinet or space within your kitchen. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate all sorts of cabinetry setups and can also be positioned independently if preferred. As built in wine cooler fans emit warm air from the front of the unit rather than the back, they can be installed into virtually any kitchen space.

What sizes are available?

We offer a wide selection of built in wine coolers that are designed to suit a range of different spaces and rooms. You will find wine coolers available from anything between 15cm wide to 68cm wide and capacities between 6 to 200+ bottles of wine.

Can built in wine coolers be used as freestanding units?

Yes, as built in coolers are designed to dissipate heat from the front of the unit, they are therefore able to be used as a freestanding unit. Using a built in wine cooler as freestanding, you will have more freedom in terms of how compactly it can be placed.

Can freestanding wine coolers be used as built in?

No. Freestanding wine coolers are engineered to dissipate heat from the back of the unit, so if they were to be enclosed under countertops or in close proximity to a wall, they run the risk of overheating and essentially, breaking. Also, if you were to install a freestanding cooler under your counter, you would invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty which puts you at risk of substantial repair fees.

What features are there?

Wine coolers are designed to create the most ideal conditions for the storage of wine. With either a thermoelectric or compressor technology, they work to keep the wine at a constant, cool temperature ensuring your wine is preserved to it's fullest. To ensure that the wine is stored as adequately as possible, wine coolers are often equipped with features such as humidity controls, special UV resistant glass, and charcoal filters. You will also find wine coolers that are equipped with multiple temperature zones to allow for the sufficient storage of many different wine types.

Where should I locate my built in wine cooler?

Built in wine coolers are great because they are designed to blend seamlessly within the design and aesthetic of your kitchen. Providing you have adequate space to do so, you could install your large wine cooler underneath a kitchen counter in existing cabinetry. Additionally, you could opt for a slimline model to install alongside your cupboards and other appliances, that could function as a sleek design feature. With this being said, you will want to ensure that the cooler isn’t positioned in direct proximity to a washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, as this will make thewine susceptible to vibrations which can harm the wine.

How do you install a built in wine cooler?

To install your built in wine cooler, you will need a tape measure, a screwdriver, a spirit level and if your model does not have adjustable feet, scrap wood. Firstly, you will need to check your power supply and ensure that the cooler is placed within adequate reach of the source.

You should avoid using extension leads if possible as their use is discouraged by the majority of wine cooler manufacturers. Next, you will need your tape measure to measure the space or cabinet in which your wine cooler will be positioned. You will need to ensure that there is enough room for the door to open properly and that no vents will be blocked. You will then need to position your wine cooler in the prepared space.

You should plug it into the power source but without switching it on. You can then use your screwdriver to fasten your wine cooler’s mounting place to the back surface (if your unit has them). This will help to secure the cooler and ensure it is completely stable. Next and possibly the most crucial part of the installation process is to ensure that the cooler is level. As wine can spoil when moved around too much, you will want to make sure that they are not going to be rolling around within the cabinet.

You should then leave your built in wine cooler for 2 hours. This will ensure that the coolant and other substances within the wine cooler have completely settled and the cooler is safe to switch on. Before installing any wine cooler, you should always consult with your model’s instruction manual.

How much space do I need to leave either side of my built in wine cooler?

Unlike freestanding wine coolers require 3-5 inches of space around each of its sides, built in wine coolers only require 0.25cm of space on either side. This is to ensure that their door can be opened properly without obstruction.

Can I cover the grille at the bottom of the wine cooler?

No. It is extremely important that the grille is left completely free of obstruction. This is because the grille is where cool air is drawn in and heat is dissipated. If blocked, the cabinet will not be able to adequately cool down and will, therefore, become susceptible to overheating. You can however 

I want to run a plinth in front of the vent at the bottom, is this ok?

Yes. Although if you do wish to do this, you will need to install a grille within the plinth so that the cabinet can still draw in cool air.

What colours are there available in built-in wine coolers?

When it comes to choosing your wine cooler, you will not only need to consider its size and technical features but how you would like it to look in your home. The classic wine cooler finishes are stainless steel, tempered glass and solid wood. Whilst these are the most common kinds of wine coolers you will see on the market, several manufacturers do offer different coloured wine coolers that you can choose from to suit your home.

Do I need a charcoal filter?

Activated charcoal filters are used to remove bad odours from wine coolers. Therefore, they are only really necessary for long term storage. The majority of short-term, built in wine coolers will not require a charcoal filter.

Are the doors reversible on built in wine coolers?

Whilst not every wine cooler will feature a reversible door, the majority of built in wine coolers will. Reversible doors can be hinged from either side of the wine cooler, meaning they are guaranteed to seamlessly fit the design and layout of your kitchen. 

I want to store large bottles, are the shelves removable?

In order to enable optimum versatility and adaptability, the majority of manufacturers will design wine coolers with removable shelves. This will enable you to store particularly large bottles of wine such as champagne or port. With this being said, we would recommend you check the individual model specifications to make sure this is definitely possible before making your purchase.

If you need any extra help before buying a wine cooler, take a look at our buyers guide.