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    Tall wine fridges are a popular size of wine fridge due to their full height. Tall wine coolers come in various styles and are designed to be built in cabinetry (ideal for kitchens), others are freestanding wine fridges, perfect for utility rooms. Tall wine cabinets let you use the full height of a room to maximise wine storage and are available with either single or dual zone temperature zones.

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    About Tall Wine Fridges & Coolers

    Floor to ceiling wine coolers offer large capacities of from 100+ bottles to over 200 bottles providing ample space for large wine collections, catering for all your serving or ageing requirements.

    Key Features of a Tall Wine Fridge

    Every full height wine fridge is fitted with sliding rails so shelves pull out effortlessly, in addition, these tall wine cabinets are also available with single, dual or multizone temperature options.

    Most tall slim wine coolers are fitted with locks and some also have varying illumination modes so your wines are displayed in their best light meaning they are perfectly suited to use as a commercial wine fridge. They're also ideally designed to store wine along with other beverages like beer and other beverages.

    Our favourite brands include Avintage, Climadiff, and La Sommeliere. Our slimline range starts at 595mm wide, allowing you to use a wine fridge even when you are restricted on size.

    The temperature control of these fridges is simple to use, allowing you to find the optimal storage or serving temperatures for your wine collection. Perfect for keeping bottles chilled when entertaining, ensuring everyone at your party is never without a drink.

    You should never chill wine in a freezer or traditional fridge, as the temperature isn't consistent enough, which can damage the wine.

    Installation of a Tall Wine Cooler

    Once the tall narrow wine fridge is delivered it's recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation. The majority of tall wine fridges can be used as built in or freestanding units (with some available as integrated) and are fitted with grills at the bottom / front to allow air to ventilate the wine fridges system. 

    Although tall wine coolers are usually not available with narrow / thin widths of we do stock a large range of 60cm wide models.

    The front ventilation means that a built in wine cooler can be built into cabinetry and only usually requires approximately 1-2cm gap on the hinge side of the door for the door to swing open.

    Wine Bottle Capacity of Tall Wine Fridges

    Large wine fridges have capacities of between 130 and 220 Bordeaux bottles ensuring you have ample space for a sizeable wine collection.

    These large wine coolers are often fitted with display shelves so you can easily display your favourite wines for all to see.

    Best Tall Wine Fridge In Stock 

    Expert Wine Storage are the UK's leading wine fridge specialists, we offer fast, free 2 person UK delivery on the below models:

    Swisscave WL455DF, Dual Zone, 200 Bottles Tall Upright Wine Fridge

    The new classic edition Swisscave WL455DF is perfectly suited for use as a built in or freestanding appliance. This product looks fantastic housed within kitchen cabinetry or looks equally sleek positioned stand alone in your home or restaurant space.

    This contemporary styled wine cooler is available with or without a door handle depending on your preference and has a capacity of up to a maximum of 200 bottles with some shelves removed and 166 bottles with all shelves fitted (both based on standard Bordeaux bottles).

    Dunavox DX-181.490DBK, Dual Zone, 181 Bottles Tall Upright Wine Cooler

    The Dunavox DX-181.490DBK is perfectly suited for use as a built in or freestanding appliance. This product looks fantastic housed within kitchen cabinetry or looks equally sleek positioned stand alone in your home or restaurant space.

    This contemporary styled wine cooler has a capacity of up to a maximum of 181 Bordeaux bottles, 89 in the upper zone and 92 in the lower zone.

    Climadiff CPW250B1, Multi Zone, 248 Bottles Tall Wine Fridge

    The Climadiff CPW250B1 freestanding, tall wine cabinet has a single storage compartment for storage of up to 248 Bordeaux bottles between 5-20°C. A flexible, reliable cellar with one or several temperature zones depending on your requirements.

    Thanks to the polyvalent technology inside the cabinet can be used as a multi-purpose cellar, for storage and cooling or an ageing cellar with a single uniform temperature throughout.

    Dunavox DAVG-114.288DOP.TO, Dual Zone, 114 Bottles, Fully Integrated Tall Wine Chiller

    The Dunavox DAVG-114.288DOP.TO is a tall wine fridge that can be installed fully integrated into kitchen cabinetry. It features two cooling zones, both capable of chilling wine and other beverages between 5°C- 20°C - this is ideal if you plan on storing red and white wine. It includes a 3 year warranty on parts and labour, and a 5 year warranty on the compressor.

    Get In Touch With Our Tall Wine Cooler Experts

    If you have any questions about our Tall upright wine fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help.

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    Tall Wine Fridge FAQs

    How Tall is a Tall Wine Cooler?



    Typically speaking we would class a tall wine fridge to start from approximately 150cm in height with some models reaching just short of 190cm tall.