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    500mm / 50cm Wine Coolers

    500mm wine fridges are an underserved wine cooler size - they are hard to find. We offer the full Dunavox 500mm wine cooler range as they offer the perfect combination of space, style and utility. These wine fridges can hold almost 40 Bordeaux style bottles, compact in size, they fit nicely built in under counter tops.

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    About 500mm / 50cm Wine Coolers & Fridges

    500mm built in wine coolers are available for every kind of wine lover. Whether you’re looking for a single-zone cooling unit for your kitchen or a model to sit neatly in your bar, there will be a 500mm wine cooler suitable for you. We stock the finest brands but the vast majority of 50cm models are produced by Dunavox.

    500mm wine fridges are ideal for those who are looking for a storage solution that isn’t quite as wide as a 600mm wide but offers a slightly higher storage capacity than a 150mm wide300mm wide or 400mm wide.

    These wine coolers are typically designed to have an actual width of 495mm so that they can be easily installed into 50cm wine coolers if they are front venting built in products.

    Whilst 500mm wine coolers are generally designed to be situated underneath countertops (providing they are built in products) and within kitchen cabinets as they are built in wine coolers, they can also be installed as stand-alone units if preferred.

    Here at Expert Wine Storage UK, we have a fantastic range of 500mm wide with both black and stainless steel on offer, available in a variety of styles to suit all sorts of preferences.

    Installation Advice

    The majority of 50cm wine coolers are equipped with front-facing ventilation systems which allows them to be built under countertops and integrated into cabinets.

    Whilst built in units do not require as much surrounding space as freestanding units, you should always ensure there is a slight gap of approximately 2cm between the cooler and its nearest surface to allow for air to be properly expelled.

    You should ensure the cooler is out of direct sunlight, completely level and that it is installed away from appliances such as tumble dryers and dishwashers that are known for emitting vibrations. This will prevent your wine from experiencing any unwanted chemical reactions or sediment disruption.  

    Due to their front-facing ventilation systems, they can be installed almost anywhere, providing there are approximately 0.25 inches of space left around their sides.

    Key Features

    Our 500mm wine coolers are equipped with various technological features that are designed to keep your precious bottles as protected as possible. These features include UV-resistant glass doors, anti-vibration systems, door alarms and winter functions.

    You will also find that many of our models are equipped with several design features that help to showcase your collection in its most elegant form. These features include interior LED lighting, reversible doors and touch-screen control panels.

    Temperature Zones

    50cm wine coolers and fridges are available as single zone or dual zone coolers. This refers to the number of temperature zones within the cabinet.

    Whilst single-zone units work to keep your wine at a stable, precise temperature, dual zone wine cooler units work to chill two types of wines at their ideal individual serving or storage temperatures.

    If your bottle collection solely consists of red wine, a single zone wine cooler should be able to provide you with everything you need.

    On the other hand, if your bottle collection consists of red wine, white wine and champagne, you will need to consider purchasing a dual zone.

    UV Protection

    All of our 500mm wide wine coolers are fitted with UV protected glass doors so you don't need to worry about sunlight damaging your wine collection.

    Although the doors provide 98-99% protection its still wise to position the door of the unit away from direct sunlight. 

    Noise Level

    The under counter 50cm wine fridges available from Expert Wine Storage are very quiet. That being said, some models are almost silent at 37dB, while others are slightly less quiet at around 40dB. If you're planning to fit your wine fridge into cabinetry much of the noise of the wine cooler will be dampened by the carpentry. 

    Our selection of 500mm wine fridges are perfectly suited for use in kitchen, dining or living spaces where you need your wine fridge sound out put to be barely noticeable!

    Other Features To Look For

    • Alarm systems - notifying you of temperature drops or if the door is left open
    • Lighting modes - such as the colour (white, warm white, blue) and whether you can switch the lights off
    • Handleless design - with push to open technology for a sleek, flush look in your cabinets. 
    • Carbon filters - installed for ageing wines and filtering odours from the air in the environment (cooking smells etc).
    • Shelving - sliding shelves or fixed shelves for easy access to your bottles
    • Display shelves - fitted in the wine fridge to enhance the look of the wine bottles for presentation in your kitchen or dining space.
    • Fully Integrated - we do offer a few built in 500mm wine fridges which are able to have a door fitted over the top of the glass door if required.

    Recommended Models In Stock

    Expert Wine Storage are the UK's leading wine fridge specialists, we offer fast, free 2 person UK delivery on the below models:

    Dunavox DAUF-38.100DB, Dual Zone, Built In, 38 Bottles 

    The DAUF-38.100DB wine cooler is suitable for use as a built in wine or under counter wine cooler. The unit features front ventilation and can be installed into cabinetry as air is pulled in from the front vent to cool the compressor and ensure the unit does not overheat.

    The unit is designed to be installed within a cavity of 50cm / 500mm width. The appliance is lit with a beautiful blue LED light and is fitted with stunning silver door providing a seamless look.

    500mm Wine Fridge Dunavox Built In Under Counter500mm Duanvox Wine Cooler installed Built In Under Counter in a Kitchen

    Get In Touch With Our UK Experts

    If you have any questions about our 500mm wine fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help.

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    Can I Reverse The Door?



    Yes, you can reverse the hinge of the door on most 500mm built in wine coolers. As a general rule these wine fridges come with doors which open from left to right (right hand side hinge). However the doors on these products can be switched to left hand hinge quite easily with a few basic tools (screwdriver, spanner, spirit level). We also offer a door reversal service so doors can be switched prior to delivery to you - get in touch if you would like to add a door reversal to your order and we'll be happy to help.

    How Much Ventilation Does This Type of Unit Need?



    Most 500mm wine fridges are designed to be built in to cabinetry and are fitted with air vents at the front so they don't require ventilation around the sides or top. However 50cm width models do require 1-2cm of free space at the rear of the unit in order to house the power cable. 

    Can I Store Champagne?



    Yes, the majority of 50cm wide wine fridges can accommodate larger size wine bottles like Champagnes, Prosecco and Magnums. Just note you may need to remove or adjust the positioning of shelving to fit these larger bottles in the unit comfortably.

    How Many Wine Bottles Does This Size of Wine Fridge Hold?



    Please note that the vast majority of wine fridges on the market have bottle capacities measured in 750ml Bordeaux bottles so filling your wine fridge with larger bottles will reduce the capacity somewhat. The under counter 500mm wide wine fridges on offer at Expert Wine Storage come with bottle capacities of 38 Bordeaux bottles (750ml). 

    Can I Use These Models in a 55cm Wide Gap?



    Yes, these models are suitable for use as 55cm wine fridges although there maybe slightly bigger gaps to the side of the wine fridge compared to if there was a 50cm wide gap.

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