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    Humidity Controlled Wine Coolers

    Our selection of humidity-controlled wine coolers maintain humidity between 55% and 85% - providing external conditions are not extreme. Most wine fridges will protect your wines from high and low humidity.

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    About Humidity-Controlled Models

    Controlling humidity is key to storing your wines well over the long term. If the humidity of the storage area exceeds 85% or drops below 55% consistently it can lead to degradation in the quality of your wines.

    Enjoy fast and complimentary 2-person delivery on all humidity-controlled models, delivered ready to install. Store your wines safely and securely with expert help from our knowledgeable professionals.

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    Can You Control Humidity?



    Yes, the majority of wine fridges, include humidity controls which detect and regulate humidity and adjust the internal humidity of the wine fridge to ensure it stays within a range of around 55-85% - the perfect band for wine storage.

    What Humidity Percentage Should Wine Be Stored At?



    Our recommendation for humidity levels when storing wine over the longer term is between the humidities of 60% and 86%. The majority of wine coolers keep humidity in a band of 55% to 85%. If humidity levels are below 55%, the air is too dry and corks can dry out on the wine bottles.

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