180 Bottle Wine Fridges & Coolers

    180 bottle wine coolers are some of the most popular kinds of wine coolers on the market due to their big bottle capacity. Our collection of 180 bottle wine fridges are manufactured by some of Europes biggest and best wine cooler manufacturers and most can be used as built in or freestanding wine coolers.

    These 180 bottle wine fridges come in various styles while some are designed to be built into cabinetry (ideal to install into kitchens) others are suited to freestanding use (perfect for a utility room). 180 bottle wine cabinets are very popular because they allow you to use the full height of a room to maximise storage space and are also a great alternative to bespoke wine cellars

    180 Bottle Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

    More About 180 Bottle Wine Fridges

    Perfect for use as commercial wine coolers, every 180 bottle wine fridge is fitted with sliding rails so shelves pull out effortlessly, in addition, these tall wine cabinets are also available with single, dual or multizone temperature options.

    Most 180 bottle wine fridges are fitted with locks and some also have varying illumination modes so your wines are presented in their best light. 

    Installation of a 180 Bottle Wine Fridges

    Once the 180 bottle wine fridge is delivered its recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation. The majority of 180 bottle wine fridges can be used as built in wine coolers or freestanding units and are fitted with grills at the bottom / front to allow air to ventilate the wine fridges system.

    The front ventilation means that a built in wine cooler can be built into cabinetry and only usually requires approximately 1-2cm gap on the hinge side of the door for the door to swing open.

    180 Bottle Wine Fridge Temperature Zones

    Wine coolers with 180 bottle capacity and over are available as either single, dual or multi zone coolers with most models available with a black finish or stainless steel finish.

    This refers to the number of temperature zones within the cabinet. Whilst single zone units work to keep your wine at a stable, precise temperature, 2 zone wine cooler units work to chill two types of wines at their ideal individual serving temperatures.

    When it comes to deciding which 180 bottle wine cooler is best for you, you will need to consider the type of wine you are going to be storing and the dimensions you have available. For example, if your bottle collection solely consists of red wine or white wine, a single zone wine cooler should be able to provide you with everything you need.

    We offer 180 bottle wine coolers in widths starting from 60cm wide.

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    If you have any questions about our 180 bottle wine fridges, please get in touch via our email info@expertwinestorage.co.uk or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help. Find everything you need to enjoy and preserve your wine collection to its fullest with our extensive range of wine fridges online.

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