If you’re an avid beer drinker, then you know that having a cold beer on hand is essential. Beer fridges are compact and stylish, making them perfect for smaller spaces or for the dedicated beer lover who wants to show off their refreshments in a games room or man cave.

    Beer fridges are designed to fit into tight spaces and offer plenty of storage for all of your favorite beers.

    They often come in trendy designs and can be found with black, stainless steel and coloured finishes while most have glass doors (some models also have double doors). Most models have adjustable shelves that let you customize the number and size of bottles or cans you can store.

    In addition to storing cold drinks, many beer fridges have other features that make them even more useful. Some models include dual temperature zones so you can store both warm and cold beers at the same time.

    A number of our beer fridges also come with locks so you can keep children or intruders out of your stash. We stock the finest beer fridges from Mquvee and Liebherr.

    Beer Fridges & Coolers

    More About Beer Fridges

    One of the greatest benefits of owning a beer fridge is convenience. You won’t have to worry about running out of room in your regular fridge ever again! And because they come in such a wide range of sizes, it’s easy to find one that fits perfectly into your space.

    If you’ve been thinking about investing in a beer fridge, there’s no better time than now! With so many great models on the market, finding one that fits your needs has never been easier.

    So take the plunge and get ready to enjoy the ultimate convenience of having chilled beers at your fingertips whenever you need them!

    Installation of a Beer Fridge

    Installing a freestanding beer fridge is relatively simple. First, make sure you have the right model for your space and needs, especially if you're looking at a large or tall beer cooler.

    Once the unit has been delivered and positioned, make sure it is level, and that there is adequate ventilation and access to power. Secure the fridge with screws if necessary. Finally, plug it into a grounded power outlet and turn it on.

    Installing a built in beer fridge requires more attention than installing a freestanding model. Before you buy, take measurements of the space you have available width, height and depth. We stock a range of slim beer coolers as well as 300mm, 400mm and 600mm wide beer fridges also suitable for use under counter.

    Then purchase a suitable model that fits within these dimensions, take care to leave 2-3cm space at the rear of the unit for the power cable.

    Other than the rear and 1-2cm on the hinge side of the door (for it to swing) a built in beer cooler can be boxed in to cabinetry.

    We also have a few beer fridges suitable for outdoor use. Please check the specifications of every product to ensure they're suited to the installation you have in mind.

    Beer Fridge Temperature Zones

    The ideal temperature for a beer fridge is between 34-38F (1-3C). This temperature range is cold enough to keep the beer at its optimal flavour, but not so cold that it freezes.

    Any colder and the beer will become too carbonated and foamy, resulting in a flat taste.

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    If you have any questions about our beer fridges, please get in touch via our email or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK team will be very happy to help. Find everything you need to enjoy and preserve your beer collection to its fullest with our extensive range of beer fridges online.


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