Reversible Door Wine Fridges & Coolers

    There are many benefits of reversible door wine coolers. Wine fridge doors usually open from left to right, with hinges on the right and a handle on the left. However, due to limited space or because you may want to place two wine fridges together and open them both from the middle, a wine cooler with reversible doors maybe the perfect solution.

    Reversible Door Wine Fridges & Coolers 

    Reversible doors are common on built in and integrated wine fridges, while they are less common on freestanding wine coolers

    This means that the doors can be switched around to open on the left rather than the right. Reversible doors are available on all Swisscave premium and most Dunavox built in units, but other brands may only provide them on select variants.

    Choose from a built in 300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm wide unit most of which have reversible door options. 

    Why is a Reversible Door Wine Cooler Useful?

    Customers may prefer reversible doors for 2 reasons.

    They may have a wall or other obstruction that inhibits a standard left-to-right door operation, or they may require two wine coolers that open in the middle.

    It is critical to consider the logo on the door when purchasing a wine fridge with reversible doors.

    The logo may look upside down when a door is reversed. Some brands feature logos that can be read upside down, while others may have writing that is difficult to read.

    How Do You Reverse the Door?

    Before purchasing, reversing a door is a service that can be requested by speaking to us on the phone, email or live chat. This service normally costs between £60 and £100, depending on the size and brand of the wine cooler.

    If the you want to reverse the wine fridge door at home, we can provide instructions which can be followed simply.

    However, we'd advice that we reverse the doors of large wine coolers as the doors can weigh up to 20 kg and the glass can easily shatter or break if dropped.

    If You Reverse the Door, Will it Impact the Wine Fridge Warranty?

    As long as you reverse the door correctly this will not void the warranty of the product. However, if the door is not properly reversed and causes damage to the wine cooler, the guarantee will unfortunately be voided.

    Get In Touch With Our Reversible Door Wine Fridge Experts

    If you have any questions about our reversible door wine fridges, please get in touch via our email info@expertwinestorage.co.uk or call us on 0330 133 2327, and one of our expert UK sales team members will be very happy to help. Find everything you need to enjoy and preserve your wine collection to its fullest with our extensive range of wine fridges online.

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