Teca MOD10 - Built In or Freestanding Wine Wall - For Home Use

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    Teca MOD10 - Residential Wine Wall

    The Mod 10 range is effectively your custom-made refrigerated wine cabinet where you choose your style of frame that matches the decor and the furnishing in your home. You can even join more than one module together - this will create a truly unique piece of furniture 

    MD-10 can be installed as a freestanding unit, or built into a wall/alcove for a seamless finish depending on which model you choose. The Mod 10 range has a full aluminium structure and is completed with a laminated wooden frame in a traditional or linear style.

    See the catalogue here for the range of frames and colours available.

    Multiple Temperature Zones
    Range of 4°C - 16°C 

    Multiple Sizes Available
    See Options 

    60 or 120 Bottle Capacity
    Maximum storage capacity 

    Energy Efficient
    Low energy consumption


    Interior & Exterior

    The MD-10 offers a side-by-side hinged door opening style in which the double glazed door is fully UV treated to protect your collection from light. The interior is lit with warm white LED lighting and the interior of the cabinet is manufactured from aluminium which ensures a high quality design.

    As well as displaying your collection, the Mod 10 range also has an automatic defrost system and automatic evaporation system to ensure the correct storage conditions are met - the doors are also lockable.

    The shelves in the Mod-10 wine wall are designed to display the wine bottles horizontally.

    MD-H10: 60 Bottle capacity, warm white LED lighting, solid back wall with a double door and lock - suitable for built in installation

    The MD-H10, MD-H14 models must be fixed to the wall (min 30mm away from the wall) with the provided brackets.

    Dimensions: Height: 1857mm  Width: 900mm  Depth: 350mm, Weight: 97kg


    MD-M10: 120 Bottle capacity, warm white LED lighting, solid back wall with a double door and lock - suitable for built in installation

    Dimensions: Height: 1898mm  Width: 900mm  Depth: 510mm, Weight: 120kg


    MD-C10: 120 Bottle capacity, warm white LED lighting, see-through wall with 4 doors and lock, freestanding only.

    Dimensions: Height: 1898mm  Width: 900mm  Depth: 510mm, Weight: 120kg

    Temperature Capabilities 

    The Mod 10 wine walls are multi temperature zone units and have a multitude of temperature options depending on whether the fans are turned on or off and the temperature the cabinet is set to.

    The temperature can be set using a digital control panel which also controls the lighting, fans and defrost cycle.

    Example temperature operation, if set to 4°C:

    Fans off - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 16°C at the top.

    Fans on - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 10°C at the top.

    The use of the fans creates a smaller temperature range as the cooler air can be distributed more evenly.  Please note these are examples only and the actual temperature range may differ depending on ambient temperatures.


    Installation Requirements

    There are certain installation requirements needed to install the built in models correctly, to ensure the units do not overheat it is advised the a gap of 30mm or more is left at the back of the unit - firstly to prevent any unwanted vibrations but also to allow warm air to escape above the wine wall.

    The cool air enters the wine wall from the bottom so the gap between the floor and lower part of the wine wall should not be covered - the air flow should be free and unhindered like the image below.

    38-39dB Noise Level
    Store your wine quietly 

    Vibration Free
    Protect your wine in stillness

    UV Glass Protection
    Stop damaging UV rays 

    Multiple Temperature Options
    Flexible temperature Settings  



    Learn More About Expo 

    EXPO are a synonymous brand in the world of wine storage, opting to offer something slightly different to a standard wine cooler in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and to securely position themselves as a leader in wine storage and wine walls.

    Manufactured in their factory in Italy, just outside of Turin - here they design, develop and manufacture some of the most eye catching, high quality wine walls and wine coolers in the industry.

    The Professional wine walls are distributed throughout more than 45 countries around the world, stretching from Australia to America - they really are a market leader in this industry.


    Jessie, Expert Wine Storage "If you are looking to create a stunning feature piece in any space, an Expo wine wall will truly deliver and provide a real wow factor. Expo products look fantastic and importantly offer exceptional storage conditions for your wine collection too."  



    Here's all you need to know about the specifications of the Teco Mod 10 Wine Wall:


    - Digital temperature controller

    - Rechargeable carbon filter

    - Magnetic strips for the decorative trims

    - Automatic Defrost

    - Heating function with heated rails

    - Anti vibration system

    - Inverter compressor

    - Lock with key

    - Ventilated cooling system - fan assisted

    - Maximum bottle height is 370mm

    - Warranty: 1 year parts and labour UK mainland and NI

    - ROI warranty: 1 year parts only 

    - MD-H10 specification

    - MD-M10 specification

    - MD-C10 specification


    EXPO wine walls are manufactured to order and typically take around 4-6 weeks to be produced – depending on the finish, accessories you have chosen.

    Customers are advised to check the product dimensions to ensure the unit will fit through all doorways and please tell us about any obstructions, including steps and narrow passageways so we can make the necessary arrangements for the delivery.

     Installation Of Your Wine Cooler

    Freestanding wine cooler

    A freestanding wine cooler is designed to stand independently and should not be built in to any form of cabinet or cupboard. Freestanding wine fridges require ventilation at all times. It's highly recommended that there is a minimum gap of 3-5 inches from the side and rear of the unit to any other surface. Freestanding wine cooler units should not be installed under a countertop. Find out more about freestanding wine cooler installation.

    Integrated wine cooler

    Integrated wine coolers are similar to built-in wine coolers but are designed to slot in perfectly into cupboards to create a floating, seamless look. In comparison to a built-in unit, integrated wine coolers sit completely flush with your cabinetry.

    Built-in/undercounter wine cooler

    In contrast to a freestanding wine cooler, a built-in wine cooler is designed to be fitted into a cupboard or cabinet. This being said a built in unit can also be used as a free-standing wine cooler. A built-in wine cooler has a ventilation grill which allows cool air to flow into the unit which maintains it's cooling function. Find out more about built in wine cooler installation.


    Is a wine cooler noisy?

    The majority of wine coolers which we stock produce a noise level of approximately 35-45 decibels (dB). When compared to other common household electrical appliances, it's useful to note, a standard dishwasher creates around 45-50 dB and a modern refrigerator generates approximately 35 dB.

    The reason a modern wine cooler produces noise is for much the same reasons as a standard kitchen refrigerator. Most wine coolers are designed with a compressor, an array of fans (to consistently circulate the cool air) and refrigerant. The minor difference between a wine cooler and a standard refrigerator is that the wine cooler has the need to hold a steady, consistent temperature at all times to keep your wine perfectly chilled. Find out more about noise and wine coolers here.

    How do I reduce the noise of my wine cooler?

    There are a number of ways you can mitigate and reduce the noise produced by your wine cooler:

    •  Carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture can all help to absorb the sound created by your wine cooler
    •  Consider using sound-absorbing materials during any home improvement work
      When it comes to the installation of your wine cooler, make sure the unit is perfectly level using a spirit level. Sound, vibration and noise absorbing materials can also be placed under your wine cooling unit.
    •  Always ensure there is sufficient air circulating around the product, please see our explanations above regarding the different types of wine coolers for more information.

    Get in touch...we're here to help

    If you have any further questions relating to the purchase of a wine cooler from Expert Wine Storage whether this be regarding the installation of the wine cooler or a product specific question then please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

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