Ageing Wine Cabinets

Wine ageing cabinets are wine storage solutions designed to maintain perfect environmental conditions like wine cellars for the long term preservation and ageing of wines. Ageing units feature a charcoal filter, maintain humidity of 50 to 80% and benefit from high or complete UV protection. 

These ageing wine cabinets come in various styles while all of these wine fridges are designed to be used freestanding. Wine cabinets are very popular because they provide protection of your wines similar to a wine cellar. If you have any questions about our ageing wine cabinets just contact us and we'll be very happy to help. Our ageing wine cabinet collection features the best brands available like Climadiff, Avintage, La Sommeliere, Dometic, Dunavox and Swisscave

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Ageing Wine Cabinets

More About Wine Ageing Cabinets

Ageing wine cabinets offer large capacities of from 80+ Bordeaux bottles to over 300 bottles providing ample space for large wine collections, catering for all your serving or ageing requirements.

This type of wine storage unit is perfectly designed to meet the same storage standards as a wine cellar (without the cost). Other functional benefits of ageing wine cabinets include door locks and noise alarms which trigger if the wine cabinet door is left open as this can detrimentally effect storage conditions. In addition, all the units on offer are installed with anti vibration systems to keep your wines stored in perfect stillness - maintaining a vibration free storage environment is critical for the develop of your wines.


Can I put an Ageing Wine Cabinet in the garage or storeroom?

Once the ageing wine fridge is delivered it's recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for installation. The majority of ageing wine fridges are freestanding units so require 3-5cm of ventilation around the top / sides and back. 

All our ageing wine storage is installed with winter systems ensuring the wine cabinet can be installed in warm or cold environments (ambient temperature of 0°C – 38°C) like a garage or storage space. This is due to the winter system maintaining a consistent internal heat to raise the internal temperature of the wine cabinet. In addition, these wine cabinets are designed with full insulated sides to insulate against temperature fluctuations.