Glass or Solid Door Wine Cooler: Which Is The Best For Your Collection?

Glass or Solid Door Wine Fridge?


Which Is The Best Door For Your Wine Fridge?

Knowing how to store wine correctly is essential, no matter what type of wine you are collecting. From keeping the wine in the right place to knowing about maintaining an appropriate temperature, there are many things to consider.   

Wine storage can often be a costly investment, but one that proves it's worth repeatedly. You will have  somewhere safe to store your wine collection without worrying about the collection getting dusty, being poked and prodded or being disturbed by environmental factors such as UV and vibration.  

While having somewhere safe to store items is important in any corner of your life, it is none more so than when having something fragile, which could break easily if not looked after in the proper manner. This includes collecting anything made of glass, which consists of the likes of vintage and modern wine.  

At the same time, keeping these bottles of wine cool is of utmost importance as well. You don’t want to be consuming or serving lukewarm wine to your guests! Understanding what wine cooler is best for your collection can be confusing,  when there is a wide variety on the market. 

To discover the differences between using a glass or solid door wine cooler for your collection and to know which best to use in your home, read on for more.  


Glass Door Wine Coolers 

These are the sleeker option out of the two and are often found in modern kitchens nowadays. Glass door wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes and can be  integrated entirely into your kitchen  cabinets. These are an ideal option for storing wine for those who might not have masses of space in their property but still want to partake in the collection of modern and vintage wine. 

Glass door wine coolers can also come freestanding. Rather than being housed in one place in your property, this can be moved around freely. Just remember to remove the bottles of wine before moving it, of course!  

The more aesthetically pleasing option out of the two, glass door wine coolers, provide you with the perfect casing to show off your collection of wine. You and any guests will be able to see the labels of the wine without the need to open the compartment itself. 

What's more, if you are a fan of both red and white wines, you might want to consider buying a dual temperature wine cooler. For those new to the wine world, white and red wine are stored and  served at different temperatures. Having a wine cooler with separate compartments and separate temperature controls will ensure your wine is served and stored in the best possible condition.  

At the same time, glass door wine coolers are ideal for those who intend to store their wine bottles on a short-term basis. Rather than keeping the bottles to age and mature, you would be consuming them soon after purchase. 

On the other hand, if you intend to keep wine for prolonged periods, you would want to consider a solid door wine cooler. This leads us to the next section.  


Solid Door Wine Coolers 

Wine coolers with a solid door do not provide wine collectors and connoisseurs with as much diversity as that of the glass door. At the same time, these wine coolers are more suited to those who are wanting to keep vintage and niche bottles for prolonged periods while allowing them to mature and age in a suitable environment.  

Solid door wine coolers do not have windows, and you are unable to look in at the labels the same way you would with a glass door one. Solid door wine coolers are ideal for those with a bit more space in their properties and when wanting to mimic the cooling environment that you would find when storing your niche wine bottles in a wine cellar or basement.  

For the most part, very few people have a wine cellar in their houses, so this is an ideal substitute for those wanting to store their wine in this particular way.  Minimising the amount of UV light that the bottles of wine are exposed to, you can expect your wine to be fully protected from the earth’s elements while keeping the bottles at the appropriate temperature.  

Furthermore, solid door wine coolers are ideal for ageing wine bottles, for they ensure the continued integrity of the wine and the corks within the bottles as well. While this might not be the first thought of any person who enjoys wine – the sooner the cork is out, the better, right?! - you want to do whatever you can to ensure the wine is at its best.  

Solid door wine coolers maintain a level of humidity that is needed to ensure the corks in ageing bottles of wine do not dry out. If this were to happen, air will get into the bottle of wine and affect the quality; not what you want if you have niche and vintage bottles of wine and expensive ones!  

Mimicking a wine basement or cellar, a solid door wine cooler is ideal if you intend to collect bottles of wine rather than have somewhere to keep them chilled before consuming them. On the other hand, if you merely want somewhere to store your wine bottles before having guests over, then the glass door wine cooler is the one for you!  

We hope this piece has shed some light on which option you should go with in the future. Naturally, it will depend on your individual situation, but there is  something out there for you. One thing we can be sure of; your wine will be kept in the appropriate environment and will be in tip-top condition!

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Philip Thompson

Philip Thompson

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