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    Why Is My Vinotemp Wine Fridge Leaking Water? (How To Fix)

    Why Is My Vinotemp Wine Fridge Leaking

    If your Vinotemp wine cooler is leaking water we're here to help! Usually there's a few common causes that can be fixed so you can get your wine fridge back to perfect health again!

    Fear not, your wine collection is likely fine even if your Vinotemp wine cooler is leaking water or collecting moisture for days or even weeks, but we want to help you to fix the problem fast.

    So you can get back to enjoying your wine collection again without seeing water puddles form inside or outside of your Vinotemp wine cooler. 

    Why Is My Vinotemp Wine Cooler Leaking Water?

    If your wine cooler is leaking water it's likely due to condensation in the fridge. Excessive moisture in the wine fridge can build up due to a gap in the door of the wine cooler allowing warm air into your appliance. When this warm air is cooled, condensation can form.

    Your wine cooler is probably leaking water due to one (or a combination) of the following:

    1. Do a Visual check
    2. Condensation build up
    3. Drain pipe issue
    4. Wine fridge not settled
    5. Door open frequently
    6. Door seal problem
    7. Temperature issue
    8. Overfilling 
    9. Get Expert Help

    Here's the 9 reasons your Vinotemp wine fridge is leaking water and how to fix it in more depth:

    Wine fridge leaking - visual check

    1. Complete a Quick Visual Check

    First step is to check your wine fridge for any obvious problems. As you're dealing with leaking water or moisture and an electrical appliance you should switch off the power to the wine fridge.

    • Identify where the leak is located and where the water is pooling or dripping from.
    • Is the water sitting in inside or outside of the unit? 
    • Or is it moisture building up somewhere rather than a leak?
    • Check the compressor at the rear of the unit isn't leaking - act with caution if it has as this is a coolant and should be cleaned up carefully - do not switch on the wine fridge if this is the case and contact the manufacturer.
    • If the Vinotemp wine cooler is built in to cabinetry then it's best to safely move the appliance so you can access all sides of the wine fridge.
    • Just to recap, make sure you've switched off power and located where the water is located and then finally see if you can identify the source.


      Wine fridge leaking - condensation

      2. Condensation Forming in the Wine Fridge (and the Fix)

      If water is collecting on the inside of your wine fridge door and forming a puddle at the bottom of the door, this could be caused by a couple of things.

      • Air can cool and condensate if the temperature falls inside the wine cooler drops after the door is left open too long.
      • If warm, humid air enters and forces the unit to lower the temperature and start cooling rapidly, this can create condensation as the warm air cools down, which can form on the inside of the door.
      • If this happens it just means the door is colder relative to the room and the air in the room is relatively warm and humid.
      • Wipe away the condensation with a towel and try keeping the door shut for a few days to let the internal temperature of the wine fridge settle down. 
      • If this doesn't fix the problem, make sure the Vinotemp wine cooler has sufficient air ventilation around the back, top and sides if it's a freestanding wine cooler. If it's a built in wine cooler ensure the air vents are working and aren't blocked.


        Wine fridge leaking - Drainage Pipe

        3. There's a Blockage in the Drain Pipe (and the Fix)

        Your wine cooler may be designed to deal with small amounts of liquid that form inside the unit via drain pipe.

        • However if the drain tube is clogged up, this pipe can over flow and the water will eventually run out the front door or bottom of the Vinotemp wine cooler.
        • Usually the drain hole will be located toward the rear of the unit so you may need to remove your wines to get access to it.
        • Use an implement like a snake or a cotton bud to push into the drain and clear any blockages.
        • After this pour a cup of water into the drainage hole to make sure its cleared of any debris.


          Wine fridge leaking - Time To Settle

          4. Give Your Wine Cooler Time To Settle (And The Fix)

          • This is an easy one to rectify - wine fridges don't do well when they're quickly filled to their bottle capacity shortly after being switched on.
          • If you're noticing water inside of the wine fridge and you've recently added a lot of new wine bottles or only recently switched the wine cooler on for the first time - this could be the cause of the water.
          • When a large quantity of wine bottles, the door is often open for some time (to load the bottles) or the internal area of the wine fridge is at room temperature.
          • This can cause the compressor to work hard to bring down the temperature of the fridge and the bottles. If warm air has collected inside the unit, condensation and water can form.
          • Leave the unit to settle for 24-48 hours and remove any moisture with a towel. You shouldn't encounter any further water build up.


            Wine fridge leaking - Door Seal

            5. The Door Seal is Broken (And The Fix)

            A poor door seal can let warm air into the Vinotemp wine cooler and cause condensation to form.

            • Check there are no gaps in the seal when the door is shut as this can impact the temperature regulation inside the unit.
            • Run your hand around the unit door seal to check for any minor draft escaping. 
            • The door seal maybe broken, cracked or poorly positioned.
            • Over time the door seal can move out of place so you may be able to position it back in its original position. The original position will usually be visible by looking for a trail of adhesive applied during manufacture.
            • You can use a plastic or metal (depending on the surface) adhesive to stick the seal back into the right position.
            • Check there is no dust or dirt build up around the seals. If there is any dirt build up get a damp clot and wipe the seal down removing any dust and dirt.
            • You may be able to easily repair or reposition the seal or get a new seal fitted - which can usually be supplier or purchased via the manufacturer.


              Wine fridge leaking - Temperature

              6. Reset the Temperature of the Vinotemp Wine Cooler

              • There maybe an issue with the thermostat if your wine fridge temperature is changing frequently and rapidly enough to cause water to form inside the unit.
              • Try resetting the temperature of the wine fridge using the display interface.
              • Use a thermometer placed inside a cup of water and located in the wine fridge on the middle shelf and a distance from any wine bottles.
              • Check the temperature of the thermometer every hour for 3-5 times over a 24 hour period.
              • If the temperature is fluctuating then there could be a problem with the thermostat and you should contact the wine fridge manufacturer for support to resolve the problem.


                Wine Fridge Leaking - Close The Door

                7. Door Closed Properly / Open too frequently problem (And The Fix)

                It's ok to use your wine fridge! Opening the door a few times for 30-60 seconds a day won't cause a problem. However keeping the door open too much, especially in a humid environment can cause condensation to build up.

                • Keep the door shut as much as possible - especially when loading the fridge with a large amount of bottles or when first switching on the product.
                • This is when the wine cooler will work hard to regulate the temperature inside the unit and therefore opening the door repeatedly will inevitably unsettle the cooling cycle.
                • Also, opening the door too frequently can effect the temperature regulation inside the unit. If you're having water build up issues, keep the door shut for 24-48 hours before seeking help.


                  Wine fridge leaking - Overfilling

                  8. Overfilling Your Wine Fridge (And The Fix)

                  Make sure your wine fridge isn't too full with wine bottles. If you check the manufacturers instructions or the product specification, they'll usually be a stated maximum capacity of bottles to be stored in the wine fridge.

                  If you're storing more bottles than this and water is forming, this is likely due to the cooling system struggling to maintain the temperature inside the unit and working too hard.

                  As a result of too many bottles inside the Vinotemp wine cooler, ice build up and water can form. Try unloading the cooler of enough bottles to bring it within the stated wine bottle capacity limit which is usually in Bordeaux bottles.


                  Wine fridge leaking - Repair Engineer

                  9. Seek the help of a Vinotemp Repair Engineer

                  Finally, if none of the above points resolve the moisture / leaking issue then contact a local refrigeration engineer or the Vinotemp manufacturer helpline. The problem and fix can then be identified during a repair visit. This maybe included as part of your products warranty but you'll need to check this with the manufacturer. 



                  Final Thoughts

                  To recap the 9 most common reasons your Vinotemp wine cooler is leaking water or gathering moisture:

                  • Do a Visual check
                  • Condensation build up
                  • Drain pipe issue
                  • Wine fridge not settled
                  • Door open frequently
                  • Door seal problem
                  • Temperature issue
                  • Overfilling
                  • Get Expert Help

                  We hope you enjoyed our article on reasons your Vinotemp wine cooler is leaking and possible solutions to fix the issue.

                  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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