What is a Wine Cooler?

What is a Wine Cooler?


The definition of a wine cooler varies from country to country and depending on whether the cooler is in a private home or a restaurant. In America, wine coolers are more similar to what we in the UK would consider wine spritzers. A wine cooler in a restaurant will often be a bucket of ice used to keep a bottle chilled at your table. In a UK home, a wine cooler is a handy appliance in which to display, store and chill your wine collection.  

This article will discuss the different types of home wine cooler to give you a deeper understanding of how the different models work and which is best for your own wine collection.  


Why Do You Need a Wine Cooler

The first step in selecting a wine cooler is deciding how much space you need for your wine collection. Take a comprehensive inventory of your stock to give you the best idea of the size and style of cooler you may need. Smaller collections may do best in a smallfreestanding wine cooler, whereas more extensive collections may need a larger option like awine wall.  

It would be best if you decided on your budget before you make a purchase. The cost of wine coolers can vary greatly, so know exactly how much you can afford to spend before making a decision. You should also know where you will be storing your wine cooler. Wine coolers can be stored in the kitchen, in basements or in garages or other rooms of the home. Ideally, you should keep your wine cooler away from direct sunlight in a cool room.  


Built In Wine Coolers 

A built in wine cooler is ideal if you have extra space in the kitchen you want to fill. As mentioned above, wine coolers do best out of direct sunlight, both to protect the cooler and the wine inside. You could also install abuilt in wine cooler in any other room you have space in throughout the home. The advantage of built-in wine coolers is that they blend in seamlessly with the décor of whichever room they are located in.  

Built-in wine coolers are particularly useful for those with extensive wine collections or who want a storage option with room to grow. They can also be perfect for anyone with multiple types of wine to store.  


Freestanding Wine Coolers 

Freestanding coolers come in a large range of sizes and are useful for collections of any scope. However, they will not integrate as seamlessly into your décor andcan take up more space, so these are best used in homes with larger kitchens, plenty of garage space or for business use.  

You will need to place these types of coolers with care, as, unlike the built-in coolers, which dissipate heat from the front of the unit, freestanding coolers dissipate heat from the back. This makes them unsuited to any area that is boxed in, as the heat can build up, making it at risk of malfunctioning.  


Wine Walls 

Wine walls are the perfect fit for a restaurant or private home with a beautiful wine collection that they want to display to its full advantage. A wine wall can also provide your home décor with the perfect statement or focal piece. Wine walls can be used to store wine, glasses and decanters, and are lit from the inside with LED lights, meaning that your collection will be in full view.  

Wine walls come in multiple sizes, so we offer wine wall consultations from our very ownwine wall expert. This will ensure that you get the right wine wall to suit your home and keep your wine in perfect condition.  


Ageing Wine Cabinets 

If you’ve always wanted awine cellar to age and store your wines but never found that perfect property, a wine cabinet can be the ideal solution. Wine cabinets are freestanding units that store anywhere between 80 and 300 bottles of wine, depending on the type of bottle and size of the cabinet.  

Typically used for storing red wines, these cabinets keep your wine at the perfect temperature to age well. They are also ideal for climates that can be detrimental to wines to protect them and avoid spoilage caused by UV lights.   


Integrated Wine Coolers 

Integrated wine coolers are perfect for slotting a stylish cooler seamlessly into your kitchen décor. Typically coming in stainless steel, black or white, these coolers are ideal for smaller collections that have outgrown the fridge but aren’t yet large enough to need a more powerful cooler solution.  

An integrated wine cooler should always be installed by a professional to ensure that there is adequate ventilation. They provide all of the excellent benefits as the coolers above, including climate control, chilling and humidity control.  


Wine Racking 

Wine coolers come equipped with racks to store your bottles. Typically racks store bottles horizontally, as you would find in a wine cellar, but they can also come in vertical storage for better display purposes with coolers like thewine wall.  



The temperature of a wine cooler can vary depending on the model and the use. For instance, a wine cooler used exclusively for chilling wine before consuming will be set to a lower temperature than those looking to preserve and age wine. Our wine coolers come with adjustable temperatures to allow you to make whatever use you need of them.  


Final Thoughts 

Wine coolers are an excellent way to add style and originality to your kitchen or home décor while keeping your wines stored in optimal conditions. Before selecting a wine cooler, you will need to know what your intended use will be. The typical uses are chilling wine before consumption and storing wine to age.  

Get in touch today to discuss your wine cooler needs with our expert team or arrange an at-home consultation.  


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