How Much Does a Bottle of Wine Weigh?

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    The weight of a 750ml wine bottle depends on the contents (wine), style and size of the bottle. In this article we'll answer, the weight of a standard wine bottle, weight of an empty wine bottle along with how much cases, barrels and boxes of wine weigh

    How Much Does a Bottle of Wine Weigh?

    Weight of a Wine Bottle

    A standard 750ml bottle of wine weighs around 1.2kg or 2.65 lbs.

    This can decrease or increase depending on bottle design (thickness / size).

    You can often find 375ml bottles in most stores here in the UK, which will of course weigh less than the 750ml bottle.

    Wine Density

    Another factor that affects the weight of the bottle is the wine’s density.

    For example:

    Beaujolais has lower density than a Port for example, so it will weigh less.

    Champagne and sparkling wine bottles usually weigh more because the bottles are made from thicker glass to account for the pressure inside the bottle.

    An empty champagne bottle can weigh around 900 grams and when filled can reach 1.6kg

    Grape Weight In a Bottle

    There are around 1.7lbs of grapes or around 5.5 grape bunches in a bottle of wine. 

    Interestingly, the sugar content of the grapes used in the bottle of wine effect its weight as sugar molecules are heavier than water molecules - thats science for you!

    Water Weight In a Bottle

    Wine is actually made up of around 85% water and 12-14% alcohol (fermented grapes). 1 liter of water equals 2.2 pounds.

    What Is The Weight of an Empty Bottle of Wine?

    Variety of Wine Bottles

    The average empty glass bottle weight around 500g but it can be more or less depending on the thickness of the glass used.

    The glass used can greatly affect the weight of the wine bottle.

    Weight Of Different Wine Bottle Sizes

    Different winemakers have different bottle sizes.

    Below you will find a few examples on different wine bottles and their weights:

    Bottle Size Bottle of Wine Weights (Grams / Kilograms)
    Standard The standard wine bottle is 750ml and weighs about 1.2kg
    Piccolo Contains quarter of a standard wine bottle and weighs about 300g
    Demi or Half Contains half of the standard wine bottle and weighs about 600g
    Liter Contains one liter and weighs around 1.6kg
    Magnum Bottle Contains twice the amount of a standard bottle (1500ml) and weighs about 2 kgs. These bottles are ideal for red wine you're looking to age
    Jeroboam Contains three times the amount of a standard bottle and can weigh about 4.8kgs
    Rehoboam Contains six times the amount of a standard bottle and can weigh about 7.3kgs. It is usually used in storing sparkling wine of large volume
    Salmanazar Contains the same quantity as a wine case and has 12 times the amount of a standard bottle and can weigh about 14.5kgs
    Melchior Contains twenty-four times the amount of a standard bottle and can weigh about 29kgs
    Midas or Melchizedek This is the largest bottle and can carry up to 30 liters and can weigh up to 48kgs

    How Much Does Boxed Wine Weigh?

    Box of Wine on Kitchen Table

    Due to the global effort to save the environment and go green. Eco-friendly box wines were made to be an alternative to wine bottles.

    The boxed wine can hold 4 times the standard wine bottle. This is perfect when you have people coming over.

    It also weighs less than the bottles.

    A single boxed wine weights around 3.2kgs while 4 bottles weigh around 4.8kg.

    Prestigious wine companies have started to take this approach so you should find boxed wines for any of your favorite wines.

    How Much Does A Case Of Wine Weigh?

    Case Of Wine

    A single case of wine can hold around 12 bottles of wine and can weigh from 13.6 to 18kgs empty.

    If you're looking at a smaller case, which consists of 6 x 750ml bottles then the weight will be closer to 8kgs while a large case of 24 x 750ml bottles weighs up to 30kgs.

    How Much Does A Barrel Of Wine Weigh?

    A single barrel can hold around 300 bottles of wine and can weigh from 40 to 45kgs empty, a full barrel contains 60 gallons of wine.

    This means a full barrel of wine weighs a whopping 270kgs.


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