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    Wine In Blue Bottles (Our Top Picks)

    Wine In Blue Bottles

    Don’t judge a book by its cover is all well and good until you’re greeted with rows upon rows of wine bottles with nothing to distinguish them bar a label and the colour of the bottle.

    Whilst a wine label contains a lot of information about how a wine might taste, so too does the colour of the glass used.

    But what if the glass is blue?

    What does it mean when a wine comes in a blue bottle?

    And what style of wine is packaged in a blue glass bottle?

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    Wines In Blue Bottles (Our 7 Top Picks)

    Wines In Blue Bottles

    Whilst clear and green bottles may be more common sights on the wine shelves, there always seems to be a hint of blue glass that makes an appearance.

    What does that hint of blue glass signify?

    Are there certain types of wine that come in blue bottles?

    Let’s look at some example of wines that come in a blue bottle:

    1. Blue Nun

    Blue Nun Wine Bottles

    Launched in 1923, Blue Nun is a German white wine packaged in an infamous blue bottle.

    Chances are, if someone was drinking wine in the 1980s, they were drinking a bottle of Blue Nun.

    2. Pieroth Blue

    Pieroth Blue Wine Bottles

    This light and floral Silvener is also from Germany and also served in a cobalt blue bottle.

    3. Bartenura Moscato d’Asti

    Bartenura Moscato d’Asti

    This sweet and effervescent example of the joyous Moscato grape comes in a dazzling blue bottle

    4. Risata Moscato d’Asti

    Risata Moscato d’Asti

    Said to be fantastic with tiramisu, this is another beautiful example of a fun Moscato in an equally fun blue bottle

    5. Gavalas Winery, Santorini

    Gavalas Winery, Santorini Wine Bottles

    The Blue Assyrtiko from this winery is a crisp, dry, volcanic white wine that tastes exactly like the first night holidaying on a beautiful Greek island

    6. Schmitt Sohne Mosel Blue

    Schmitt Sohne Mosel Blue

    This is a sweet riesling from the Mosel valley that comes in, you guessed it, picturesque bright blue glass.

    7. Mar de Frades

    Mar de Frades Wine Bottles

    Named after the bay in front of the winery, this Albarino is packaged in colours and images reminiscent of the powerful Spanish coastline.

    As you can see, some common styles of wine that come in blue glass are sweet white wines from Germany, Moscato d'Asti and wines that have locations and identities close to the coast.

    So is blue glass a guarantee of these styles?

    What does the blue bottle mean?

    What Does a Blue Wine Bottle Mean?

    Whilst there are lots of wine styles that come in blue glass, what exactly do the blue wine bottles mean?

    Blue bottles can be an indicator of style.

    As we discussed above, some Moscatos, German wines or wines from coastal regions are packaged in blue bottles.

    There is no set criteria for a wine being in a blue bottle, and it’s most likely that the blue glass has been chosen as a marketing tool, to help the wine stand out from the crowd.

    So if you’re unsure as to whether the blue glass means a sweet or a dry style it is always a good idea to check in with your wine retailer before you buy.

    They’ll know their wines best and be more than happy to assist you.

    Does this mean the colour of a wine bottle doesn’t matter, then?

    Does The Colour of a Wine Bottle Matter?

    Green Wine Bottles

    So now you know what a blue wine bottle means, does the colour of a wine bottle matter?

    The answer depends on how long you wish to keep your wine before drinking it.

    You see, wine bottles come in different colours to indicate how suitable they are for long term storage.

    • Clear glass - Exposes the wine to sunlight and over time this can lead to faults developing in the wine. If a wine comes in a clear glass bottle it’s best to drink it sooner rather than later, or keep it in a very dark area.
    • Darker glass - Such as green or blue, helps to block the sunlight from getting to the wine, meaning that the wine can be stored for longer periods of time.
    • If you are considering cellaring your wine for long periods of time it’s best to choose wine that has been bottled in a coloured glass, to help avoid faults developing over time.

    The colour of the wine bottle matters in the same way that the colour of your glasses lenses do.

    If you’re not concerned about your eyes being exposed to too much sun, then clear lenses are fine.

    But if you want some protection from the rays, that’s when sunglasses come in handy - the same rules apply to wine bottles.

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    We hope this answers any questions you may have had on wines in blue glass bottles.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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