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    Can a Freestanding Wine Cooler Be Built In?

    Can a Freestanding Wine Cooler Be Built In?

    ANSWER: No, you can't install a freestanding wine cooler "built-in" under a countertop or within a kitchen cabinet.


    • This is because they require proper ventilation around the sides and on top.
    • The extra heat from the counter may also cause the wine fridge to struggle to reach and maintain the low temp necessary for proper wine storage.
    • Additionally, the increased strain on the refrigeration system can lead to a shorter lifespan of the appliance.
    • This means it's also best to keep a freestanding wine refrigerator away from sources of heat, such as a hot garage or beneath a counter.
    • Placing a freestanding wine fridge in an enclosed space with cabinetry on every side or directly against a wall can cause it to stop working and overheat, which will eventually ruin the wine.

    To avoid this and keep the warranty valid, it is important to ensure that the vent on the back of the unit is not blocked and that there is sufficient room for the heat to dissipate.

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    Installing the unit in a room with adequate ventilation is key to preventing overheating and ensuring its longevity.

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    What Type Should I Buy if I Want it Built-in?

    Built-in wine coolers are your best choice if you want to fit them inside your existing cabinetry.

    They have vents on the frontside that allow the heat to dissipate, protecting the wine and the wine fridge, while allowing you to place them right alongside other surfaces.

    Although more expensive than freestanding models, when you factor in the price of the wine you could potentially lose, the price of the freestanding unit, and the price of the replacement, it’s better to invest in a built-in wine cooler from the start.

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