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    Do You Refrigerate Red Wine?

    Can You Refrigerate Red Wine

    It’s easy to think that the main difference between red and white wine is that white goes into the fridge and red does not, but you would be mistaken.

    It may surprise you to hear that not only can you put red in the fridge but in fact most red wines will taste all the better for it.

    So does this mean you should start putting all of your red wine in the fridge?

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    Do You Refrigerate Red Wine?

    Red Wine Fridge

    The recommended serving temperature for red wines is between 12-18°C or 55-65°F. 

    This temperature range is slightly colder than room temperature, so a refrigerator is required to help your red wines reach this temperature level.

    A properly designed wine cooler works wonders here and will help ensure your wines are at optimum temperature. To help you out we’ve made a handy guide to wine fridges here. 

    But is it okay to put unopened red wine bottles in a wine refrigerator?

    Refrigerating Unopened Red Wine

    Yes, you can put unopened red wine in the fridge.

    Putting your red wine in the fridge before serving will ensure it reaches the recommended temperature.

    Remember, depending on style, you’re aiming for between 12-18°C or 55-65°F. 

    • Lighter reds - Beaujolais and Pinot Noir can be on the cooler end of this spectrum 12-15°C

    Once your wine has reached the right serving temperature, what then?

    Can red wine go in the fridge once it has been opened?

    Do You Refrigerate Red Wine After Opening?

    Opened Red Wine

    Yes, you can put your wine in the fridge after opening but the type of fridge will affect the temperature of the wine.

    Storing your wine in a specialised wine fridge in between pours will help to ensure it stays at the correct temperature in ideal conditions.

    A domestic fridge may be too cold for your red wine, so if you store your red wine in a kitchen fridge after it has been opened you may need to let it warm up slightly before serving.

    So if there are differences between fridges, what is the best way to chill red wine?

    Best Way To Chill Your Red Wines? 

    Here are some of the best ways to help get your red wine to it’s ideal serving temperature:

    • A Wine Fridge - A temperature controlled wine fridge is the best and hassle-free way to ensure your wine is chilled down and ready to serve whenever the occasion calls for it. A dual wine zone cooler can even help you to chill red and white wines together.
    • A Domestic Fridge - Your regular kitchen fridge will run a little colder so when putting your red wine in these fridges remember to remove them an hour or two before serving.
    • A Freezer - Whilst it’s not going to be a method recommended by Sommeliers anytime soon, we’re all human and sometimes a freezer can help you chill your wine when time is not on your side. Just remember to take it out after half an hour to avoid a frozen disaster. 

    So now you know your chilling methods, what temperature should you be aiming for?

    What is the best temperature to serve red wine?

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    Best Temperature For Red Wine? 


    Red Wine Serving Temperature Infographic

    12-18°C or 55-65°F is the best serving temperature for red wines.

    Even your fuller-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons will taste better after some time in the fridge, but don’t leave them in for as long, they prefer the warmer end of the chilled spectrum.

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    Summary of Refrigerating Red Wine

    We hope you enjoyed learning all about the whether or not you refrigerate red wine.

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