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    Why Is Your Wine Fridge Not Turning On? (How To Fix)

    Wine Compressor Not Turning On

    It might not seem like it but your wine cooler is a hard working appliance.

    Keeping your wine perfectly chilled isn't easy! It's unlikely to happen in the first few years of use but if your wine cooler isn't powering on we're here to help!

    Usually there's a few common causes that can be fixed so you can get your wine fridge or wine cabinet back to perfect health again.

    If your wine fridge isn't turning on then the first place to check is the power supply.

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    Confirm that the plug is correctly inserted into the socket or if the circuit breaker has tripped.

    If you're happy everything is as it should be with the power, next check for issues with:

    • the wiring
    • capacitor
    • thermostat
    • compressor
    • or motor

    Fear not, your wine collection is OK for days or even weeks outside of a perfectly controlled temperature environment (unless it's VERY hot or cold) but we want to help you to fix the problem fast so you can get back to enjoying your wine collection again. 

    Why Your Wine Cooler Is Not Turning On?

    As a general rule your wine cooler is not turning on due to one (or a combination) of the following issues with: a problem with the power, or a technical issue.

    If after all our advice you still haven't identified / fixed the problem it's best to contact the wine cooler brands technical support team.

    Here's the 7 reasons your wine fridge is not turning on and how to fix it:


    1. Circuit Breaker Overload

    • If your wine fridge stops working quite suddenly it could be due to a power surge event which has tripped the circuit in your home. Try resetting the circuit breaker.

    2. Power Supply Problem 

    • First things first, you need to check the wine fridge is receiving power from the mains supply.
    • Switch the unit OFF and ON. If the fridge doesn't light up there's probably a major issue with the mains power or the PSU circuit board in the product (that'll likely need replacing if it's faulty).
    • If this is the case you need to seek the help of the wine cooler brand directly or a qualified refrigeration technician.


      3. Filthy Condenser Coil / Fan

      • Take a look at the rear of the unit and make sure the condenser fan is spinning freely and not blocked (by dust / dirt) or making excessive noise due debris or a blockage.
      • If the condenser fan is not moving then it'll need to be replaced with an approved part from the wine cooler manufacturer.
      • If the condenser coil is dirty then try switching the unit off and cleaning the condenser unit before drying it and turning the power back on.


        4. Faulty Thermostat 

        • The wine fridge thermostat is working correctly it's responsible for making the condenser, evaporator, fan and compressor work. If the thermostat isn't functioning correctly it won't send the right signal to the system to start the compressor.
        • The thermostat also allows you to control and adjust the temperature of the wine cooler so if the reading on thermostat is inaccurate (or flat out wrong) the wine cooler temperature will likely be inaccurate too.
        • If the thermostat is defective it's likely to cause a warm cabinet or in rarer cases cause the wine cooler to freeze! Which is also less than ideal for your wine collection
        • If the thermostat is the root cause of the wine cooler not turning on it's best to get the part replaced so contact or a local repair engineer.

          Wine Fridge Compressor and Rear

          5. Wine Cooler Compressor Not Turning On

          • The compressor is one of the most important component in a wine fridge as it's responsible for the cooling cycle. 
          • The compressor uses refrigerant or coolant which is sent around the wine cooler via the evaporator and condenser coils. 
          • Ensure the compressor is not leaking or dirty as a faulty compressor can cause a wine fridge to stop turning on.


            6. Motor Problem

            • If the motor in the wine cooler has failed then the unit won't turn on.
            • The motor is responsible for kick starting the appliance by turning electrical flow into mechanical action. It's likely that the part will need to be replaced by a repair technician


            7. Insufficient Current

            • If your wine fridge is receiving insufficient current or voltage then this could be causing it to not turn on.
            • Use a multi-meter to see if the there is sufficient current running through the unit.


              How To Fix a Wine Fridge that Won't Turn On?

              Step 1. Switch the Power on and Off

              The first step to take when dealing with a power problem and any appliance is to check the mains power is working correctly.

              To do this, switch off the mains power to the unit and then switch it back on again. If the power is connect via an extension lead or other means ensure this is switched on and off too.

              If this doesn't resolve the problem then move to step 2.


              Step 2. Make sure the power cord is ok / plugged in correctly 

              It's important to check along the power cable and make sure there are no tears or breaks in the sleeve of the wire which could cause a loss of power.

              Verify that the plug is inserted into the socket fully and the fuse on the plug is intact and undamaged, especially if there's been a power surge on the circuit.

              Ensure the unit is switched off when you complete the check off the wine fridge power cord.

              Run your fingers along the entire length of the cord along with giving the condition of the wire a visual inspection. Check for scratches or cuts in the cord insulation. 

              If the power cable is melted or smells of burnt plastic take particular care and switch of mains power immediately.

              If there are any signs of damage to the power cord get it replaced by a qualified electrician.


              Step 3. Check the circuit breaker and power overload

              In the event of a power surge your wine cooler, like any other appliance, will have a circuit breaker to protect it from damage that a power surge can cause to the electronics.

              Generally, building regulation requires a circuit breaker be assigned to each appliance.

              Locate your circuit breaker box in your home and check if the breaker associated with the wine fridge has been tripped to the OFF position.

              If the switch is in the OFF position switch it back to the ON position and recheck if the wine fridge is turning on. 

              If the circuit breaker immediately trips out it's likely the problem is with the wine cooler. If the circuit breaker doesn't trip there could be an issue with another appliance or the general power circuit in your home.

              Step 4. Visually inspect wine fridge electronics and wires

              In newer wine coolers there is likely to be 1 electrical board controlling the whole unit. This part of the product is quite delicate and fragile so should be handled with care.

              It's a good idea to use a magnifying glass and run over the PCB to check for:

              • any damage
              • burnt areas
              • or broken components

              If there are issues with the electronics PCB it's likely the board will need to be replaced.

              Step 5. Get help of a wine cooler repair engineer

              Finally, if none of the above points resolve the issue of the wine fridge turning on then contact a local refrigeration engineer or the manufacturer helpline.

              The problem and fix can then be identified during a repair visit.

              This maybe included as part of your products warranty but you'll need to check this with the manufacturer.


              Final Thoughts

              To recap the 7 most common reasons your wine cooler or compressor is not turning on:

              • Circuit breaker overload
              • Power supply problem
              • Dirty condenser coil
              • Faulty thermostat
              • Compressor issue
              • Motor problem
              • Insufficient current

              We hope you enjoyed our article on reasons your wine cooler isn't cooling and possible solutions to fix the issue.

              If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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