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    How Long Does Mulled Wine Last? (Opened, Unopened & Expiry)

    pot of mulled wine with oranges

    Mulled wine is known for its aroma that just reminds you of your happy times.

    It takes you to a place of peace and quite which can feel quite like magic.

    It makes a great drink for the winter months, when people are coming in out of the cold.

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    Since it takes some time to prepare, you may wish to store it, and in this guide we'll tell you how.

    How Long Does Mulled Wine Last?

    Bottled or freshly made Mulled wine will last 3-5 days after cooking / opening if stored in the fridge.

    While unopened mulled wine can last for years if stored in the correct conditions.

    How Long Will Mulled Wine Last Unopened?

    You can store an unopened mulled wine for years but only if kept in proper conditions.

    It should be stored at around 12°C, in a dark place with high humidity.

    If you don’t have a temperature controlled wine fridge, then you can buy one online here.

    Storing in a traditional fridge will be too cold, and storing in a place like a basement can have an inconsistent temperature that can harm the wine.

    How Long Will Mulled Wine Last if Opened?

    Mulled wine is usually good to drink for 3 to 5 days after opening it.

    mulled wine spices

    Storing Mulled Wine

    Mulled wines need to be cooled before you store them.

    To store a bottle that has been warmed, you need to leave it in the fridge for 3 days before storing it.

    You can seal it with a rubber airtight stopper if it was previously sealed with a cork.

    Don’t use vacuum sealers as they can absorb the Mulled wine’s aroma.

    We recommend using a wine fridge for this, and you can learn more about them here.

    Reheating After Storage

    To reheat a mulled wine, simply pour it into a saucepot and warm it. You can also use a slow cooker to prepare mulled wine.

    Mulled Wine Aging

    Mulled wine is not made to age, it is made to be enjoyed now.

    That’s why the base is not made from high quality grapes and they are usually not oak-aged.

    If you want to age it, it can be stored for a couple of years without going bad due to the sugar and acidity present in the wine.

    The usual price for this type of wine is around £17/$20.

    Refrigerating Mulled Wine

    You should only refrigerate mulled wine if you open it and then decide to store it again. The question of do you refrigerate wine very much depends on the type of wine.

    glass of mulled wine

    How To Tell if Your Mulled Wine Has Gone Bad?

    As mentioned above, mulled wine can only last 3 to 5 days after opening it.

    You can tell if a mulled wine has gone bad by smelling it. It will have a distinct sour smell.

    This happens due to oxidation. Also, exposing mulled wine to warmer temperatures will make it go bad faster than usual.

    If you can’t finish the bottle within 3 days, then use the storing method stated above.


    Does Reheating Help if Your Mulled Wine Goes Bad?

    This is a common question.

    Unfortunately, reviving a mulled wine bottle like all wines is just not possible. You can blame oxidation for that along with warm temperature.

    Your best solution to keeping it fresh is an air tight container and to leave it in the fridge.

    As mentioned above, you can identify when it goes bad by a sour taste/smell. It is hard to notice it due to the citrus flavor.

    After the mulled wine goes bad, you basically either throw it or let it simmer for the aroma to fill the room. Another option is to turn it to vinegar.

    It’s simple, I watched a YouTube video once on how to do it and it worked perfectly.

    Warm mulled wine will always be ideal in these cold times and of course during the holiday season!

    There are a lot of recipes online to make the perfect mulled wine but don’t stray too far! 

    Just experiment until you find the perfect variant that suits your taste.


    We hope you enjoyed our article on how long does mulled wine last.

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