How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last? (Expert Guide)

    How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last

    Crisp and light, Pinot Grigio really is the perfect dry white wine.

    But how long can a bottle of Pinot Grigio last you?

    Just because the wine is lovely and light does that mean you need to drink the bottle at once?

    Let’s start with how long a well chilled Pinot Grigio can last you.

    How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last?

    Putting Pinot Grigio in the fridge will help it to last longer and you can expect a bottle of opened Pinot Grigio to be good for between 3-5 days if tightly sealed and placed in the fridge. 

    Oxygen gives us life, but it also brings expiration and over time it begins to spoil opened wine. Pinot Grigio is no exception.

    So how long can you expect an opened bottle of Pinot Grigio to last?

    How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last Opened?

    The sooner you drink your opened wine the better, so try and drink any opened Pinot Grigio within a 1 or 2 days.  

    When storing opened Pinot Grigio try to ensure the bottle has been sealed tightly and refrigerated well and it should last you for 3 days, if not more. 

    But what about unopened bottles?

    How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last Unopened? 

    Pinot Grigio is a wine best drunk young so try to consume your bottles within 5 years of purchasing.

    Some extra special and impeccable quality Pinot Grigio may be able to keep well for longer periods of time, but always check with your wine retailer for the specific of individual bottles, here. 

    So if you want to keep your wine at its best how should you store Pinot Grigio?

    How To Store Opened Pinot Grigio Wine

    All white wines, whether they be dry like Pinot Grigio or decadent ice wines, need storing in the fridge once opened using a stopper, ensuring the bottle is tightly sealed. 

    Doing so will help to preserve the freshness of the wine, and keep that meyer lemon acidity and apple blossom crispness at their best. The aim is to keep the oxygen at bay for as long as possible.

    So should unopened Pinot Grigio be stored in the same way?

    How To Store Unopened Pinot Grigio 

    The key to storing unopened bottles is to keep them as undisturbed as possible, so be very considerate around the handling of your unopened bottles.

    In order to keep your unopened Pinot Grigio happy for as long as possible keep them free of exposure to light, in cool and consistent temperatures and away from loud noises or vibrations. 

    So if you follow all of the above will your Pinot Grigio still go bad?

    Does Pinot Grigio Go Bad?

    All wines will go bad over time and sadly Pinot Grigio is no exception.

    So how can you tell if your Pinot Grigio wine has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell If Pinot Grigio Has Gone Bad?

    Here is what you need to look out for to see if your wine is no longer okay to drink: 

    • The wine has changed in colour, PInot Grigio will start to turn brown like an oxidised apple
    • Lots of sediment has started to form in the bottle
    • The wine smells funny! Simply put, if the wine smells bad and like vinegar then chances are the wine will taste bad too.
    • The wine no longer tastes fresh or vibrant, but slightly thin, sour and generally unpleasant. 

    So can a fridge help to keep your Pinot Grigio fresher for longer?

    Do You Keep Opened Pinot Grigio In The Fridge?

    Once opened your Pinot Grigio should always be stored in the fridge.

    Simply put a stopper in the bottle to reduce the oxygen impact, ensure the bottle is sealed tightly and then place it back in the fridge.

    This way your wine should be drinkable for up to 3 days, if not longer. 

    So does that mean unopened Pinot Grigio should go in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened Pinot Grigio In The Fridge?

    Pinot Grigio is an Italian white wine and all white wines need some form of chilling before serving, but you don’t need to keep the unopened bottles in the fridge as well. Save yourself some space!

    Instead, keep your unopened Pinot Grigio somewhere cool and dark and it’ll be more than fine to stay there for months, if not years. 

    Just remember to pop it in the fridge on the day you plan on drinking it and let the fridge temperatures do the rest.

    So does this mean that Pinot Grigio has an expiration date?

    Does Pinot Grigio Expire?

    We’re sorry to say it, but yes, Pinot Grigio will expire.

    So make sure to drink those unopened bottles sooner rather than later! 

    Summary of How Long Does Pinot Grigio Last

    Here's a summary of all you need to know about how long Pinot Grigio lasts:

    Topic Information
    Opened Pinot Grigio Lasts up to 5 days after opening
    Unopened Pinot Grigio Can last 5+ years in cellar conditions
    Storing Opened Pinot Grigio
    • Use a stopper or cork
    • Keep in a fridge where possible
    • Avoid exposure to light and vibrations
    Storing Unopened Pinot Grigio Store in a cool, dark place with minimal vibrations and noise
    Pinot Grigio Going Bad Over time, Pinot Grigio will go bad and become undrinkable
    Signs of Bad Pinot Grigio
    • Change in appearance (brown and lots of sediment forming)
    • Off-smelling aromas
    • Vinegar-like taste
    Keeping Opened Pinot Grigio
    • Slight chilling is beneficial, but domestic fridges may be too cold for serving temperatures
    Keeping Unopened Pinot Grigio Avoid prolonged storage in domestic fridges, opt for cool, dark conditions
    Pinot Grigio Expiration No set expiry date, but it will eventually become undrinkable

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