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    How To Store Dom Perignon?

    How To Store Dom Perignon

    There’s nothing quite like being gifted a bottle of Dom Perignon, is there?

    But once you've been gifted the bottle what next?

    How do you safely store Dom Perignon to make sure it doesn't lose any of its sparkle?

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    How To Store Dom Perignon?

    Storing Dom Perignon

    Now just because Dom Perignon has a worldwide reputation doesn't mean it comes with lots of tricky rules for storing.

    Just follow the following guidelines and you'll be keeping your Dom Perignon stored with a security to rival most Sommeliers.

    1. Bottle Orientation

    Dom Perignon likes to be stored on its side where possible.

    Bonus points if you can put your bottle at a slight angle, too.

    Doing this will help to keep the cork from drying out and preserve all of that Champagne complexity at the same time.

    2. Stillness 

    Try to disturb your Dom Perignon as infrequently as possible, treat it like a royalty visiting your house.

    Stillness and lack of disturbances are key to a Champagne’s longevity, as unnecessary movements can alter the taste.

    Try to avoid placing your Dom Perignon in domestic fridges for long periods of time because of this.

    3. Light Levels

    Dom Perignon is a sensitive wine, like all Champagne, and needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.

    This will help to reduce the chance of any faults developing over time.

    4. Humidity

    Believe it or not, dry conditions are actually very bad for your Dom Perignon. 

    Long-term storage of Champagne requires a humidity level between 50-85%, in order to keep the cork moist and preserve your fine wine.

    Just be aware that any more humidity will encourage mould damage so try and keep your Dom Perignon within this range and not over.

    5. Temperature

    The best temperature for storing Dom Perignon Champagne is between 7 and 18 °C (45-65 °F).

    Most wine cellars and specialised wine fridges can be set at this temperature range so you don't have to worry about change in temperature occurring.

    So what places are good storing Dom Perignon?

    Where Should You Store Dom Perignon Wine?

    When you’re looking for places to store your Dom Perignon it’s important to find somewhere that covers the criteria above, that way your Champagne will stay sparkling for years to come. 

    A wine cellar or a specialised wine fridge will be perfect for this, having been designed with Champagne storage in mind.

    If you don’t have either of those don’t panic, a garage, or food pantry will also work well here, just try to check in on your Dom Perignon every now and then.  

    But how can you store Dom Perignon once it has been opened? 

    How To Store Opened Dom Perignon

    Storing Opened Dom Perignon

    Once you’ve popped the cork of your Dom Perignon it’s best to store the bottle in the fridge with a sparkling wine stopper in between servings. 

    Keeping your Dom Perignon chilled and reducing the oxygen exposure in this way will help to preserve both the freshness of the flavour and the vitality of the sparkle.

    But what about unopened bottles of Dom Perignon?

    How To Store Unopened Dom Perignon

    The cork is key to keeping you unopened bottles of Dom Perignon at their best, so if you can, try and lay your bottles on their side.

    Doing this will allow the wine to have contact with the cork, which will stop it from drying out. 

    Just make sure you’re taking stillness, humidity, light and temperature into consideration when it comes to storing your Champagne and your bottles should last you for years to come!

    How Long Can You Store Dom Perignon Once Opened?

    Opened Dom Perignon

    Because of the quality of Dom Perignon, your bottle should keep and drink well for about 3-4 days after opening.

    Remember to use a sparkling wine stopper to help keep the fizz as fresh as possible over this time period. 

    However, if you want to drink your Dom Perignon at its best, the bottle should be consumed on the day of opening. Why not invite a friend or two round to help you drink it?

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    So how should you store unopened bottles of Dom Perignon?

    How Long Can You Store Unopened Dom Perignon?

    Unopened Dom Perignon should last between 7-10 years, as long as the bottles are stored with care.

    Premium Champagne, such as Vintage Dom Perignon, are capable of ageing for some time with some varieties capable of being aged for at least a decade.

    But how should you place your bottles of Dom Perignon to help them last this long?

    Should Dom Perignon Be Stored Upright or Horizontally?

    Horizontal Bottles on Shelves

    If you can, try and store your Dom Perignon horizontally.

    And you can do this by laying the bottles on their side. Most methods of wine storage should have shelving designed for this. 

    Laying your Dom Perignon on its side will help to stop their corks from drying out and ultimately spoiling the Champagne over time.

    So does this mean that Dom Perignon is capable of going bad?

    Does Dom Perignon Wine Go Bad? 

    Yes, unfortunately even Dom Perignon can go bad, which is why it’s always best to drink your bottles sooner rather than later.

    There’s nothing worse than leaving a prized bottle of Dom Perignon for too long!

    So how can you tell if your Dom Perignon is no longer good to drink?

    How Can You Tell Dom Perignon Wine Has Gone Bad?

    Testing Sparkling Wine Freshness

    Use your eyes, nose and taste buds to judge if the taste of your Champagne has gone bad:

    • The Eye Test: Pour a small amount of the Champagne into a clear glass and take a look at it with your eyes. The Champagne is most likely expired if its light yellow colour has turned more of a yellowy, brown colour. This happens due to oxidation and being exposed to warm temperatures too.
    • The Smell Test: Pour a small amount of Champagne into a glass and smell it with your nose. If it smells musty or off, best to discard it and don't drink it.
    • The Taste Test: Furthermore, if the eye and smell test aren't sufficient to tell if the Champagne has gone bad you can also have a small sip of the Champagne. If it lacks its usual crisp, zingy, bubbly taste, it's probably best to throw it away. To enjoy Champagne before it goes off, consume it within 1-3 days of opening to experience the best flavour, while storing it in the optimal, cool conditions to maintain its drinkability.

    Do You Keep Opened Dom Perignon In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge

    Yes, once opened it’s a great idea to keep your - tightly sealed! - opened Dom Perignon in the fridge.

    This will help to maintain its vivacious, effervescent flavours for you to enjoy over the next couple of days.

    So should unopened Dom Perignon go in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened Dom Perignon In The Fridge?

    Dom Perignon doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge if it's unopened, which can help save on valuable refrigeration space.

    As long as you keep your Champagne in a cool, calm and dark place it can happily stay there for months if not years.

    Just place the Dom Perignon in the fridge on the day you wish to drink it to get your Champagne to the right serving temperature.

    But does that mean that unopened Dom Perignon has an expiration date?

    Does Dom Perignon Go Off?

    Yes, Dom Perignon does go off if it isn't stored correctly. 

    The taste of an opened bottle of Dom Perignon will diminish after 1-3 days (even if it is stored correctly), leading the taste to become flat and bubble-less. 

    However, unopened bottles of Dom Perignon doesn't expire for up to 10 years if it is stored correctly at 7-18 Degrees Celsius.

    Ways To Keep Opened Dom Perignon Fresh & Fizzy

    After opening, the best way to keep Dom Perignon fresh is in the fridge or a wine fridge.

    Use a tight wine cork made for sparkling wines to keep your Dom Perignon effervescent for days.

    Here are a few other ways to keep opened bottles of Dom Perignon tasting better for longer:

    Method 1 - Use a metal spoon

    Dangling a spoon in the mouth of the bottle before placing it in the fridge keeps the bottle neck cooler (than it would be without the spoon).

    The spoon forms an air plug above the Champagne, which can help prevent the your Champagne from going flat!

    Method 2 - Keep the bottle cold

    To keep a fizzy level of bubbles in your Champagne, keep the open bottle refrigerated (at 6-8 degrees celsius) until you're ready to drink it again. This reduces the loss of carbonation. 

    Method 3 - Put a cork in it

    To further prevent carbonation loss (fizz and freshness reduction) use an airtight cork to seal the bottle with plastic wrap fastened by a rubber band and refrigerate it or an air tight suction wine stopper like a coravin.

    But even if you do use a wine stopper - put the bottle in the fridge too! 

    What To Do With Left Over Dom Perignon?

    Opened bottles of Dom Perignon should be consumed within 1-3 days to maximise taste and freshness.

    The longer the bottle is opened the more likely that the taste of the Dom Perignon will diminish over time.

    You can make the most of it by freezing it or incorporating it into your dishes. With a little imagination, you can ensure that no drop of Champagne is wasted!

    • Turn leftovers into ice cubes - Making ice cubes with leftover Dom Perignon is a great way to use Champagne that might otherwise get poured down the sink. Simply pour the leftovers into an ice cube tray and freeze the Champagne for use in a drink later on.
    • Use it to make a white wine sauce - Another way to use leftover Dom Perignon is to make a white wine sauce for seafood or pasta.
    • Use it in a vinaigrette - Champagne can also be used to make a delicious salad dressing by enhancing the flavours of the vinaigrette.

    Summary of Dom Perignon Storage?

    Here's everything you need to know about Dom Perignon lasts:

    Topic Duration
    Opened Dom Perignon 3-4 days
    Unopened Dom Perignon 7-10 years 
    Storage for Opened Dom Perignon Store in fridge with a stopper
    Storage for Unopened Dom Perignon Store in cool, dark, and quiet conditions (lay on side if possible)
    Shelf Life of Dom Perignon Drink within 10 years of purchase
    Signs of Bad Dom Perignon No fizz, hazy appearance, strange smell, unpleasant taste
    Can You Keep Opened Dom Perignon in Fridge Yes
    Keeping Unopened Dom Perignon in Fridge Doesn't need to be but ideally kept in a wine fridge at 12-13 Degrees C 
    Expiration of Dom Perignon Carbonation and flavor deteriorate over time

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