Low Acid White Wines (Top 10 Picks)

    Low Acid White Wines

    Trying to avoid too much acid in your diet and being a lover of white wine can be a tricky balance to manage.

    White wine isn’t exactly known for its low acidity levels, so what does that mean for those of us looking to reduce our acid consumption?

    How much acid is in white wine?

    Is White Wine Acidic? (pH levels)

    White Wine AcidityAcidity is measured on something called a pH scale which is used to help scientists compare the acidity levels of different liquids and substances.

    • Lemon juice sits at about 2 on the pH scale and our friend coffee comes in with a pH rating of 5.
    • Wine sits somewhere in the middle, and you can expect your wines to rate between a 2 and a 4 on the pH scale.
    • For lower acid white wines you want a wine that is closer to a 4pH than a 2pH.

    So how can you tell when a wine is acidic?

    How to Detect Acid in White Wine

    Identifying Acidity In White WineWhen it comes to detecting acid in wine, wines with high acidity will cause a lot of saliva to be released when consumed.

    Your mouth will literally water in response!

    You should feel this happening along the sides of your mouth and gums and this is because acidity is a signal to the brain that food is about to be consumed - your mouth is getting ready to eat.

    Take some time to notice next time you drink some wine, or something else with high acidity.

    See if you can notice the sensations occurring and the way your mouth responds to these high acid levels. 

    So what white wines have lower levels of acid?

    Top 10 Low Acid White Wines

    Here is a list of white wines that tend to score lower on the acidity charts:

    1. Gewurztraminer

    Grown in France and Germany this super aromatic white wine grape tends to have quite low levels of acidity.

    2. Viognier

    ViognierBursting with peach and honeysuckle this versatile grape is especially low in acid once it has been oak aged.

    3. Marsanne

    Rich, nutty and big bodied, this is a bold French grape with remarkably low acidity levels.

    4. Roussanne

    A great white wine for roasted chicken dishes, this slightly oily white wine is a great option for those seeking out low acid varieties.

    5. Chardonnay

    Chardonnay White WineThere really is a Chardonnay for everyone, and oak aged Chardonnays are beautiful, creamy low acid options for white wine lovers. 

    6. Savvatiano

    This low acid white grape is from Greece and bursts with vanilla, apricots and fresh mint. 

    7. Fiano

    A honeyed, easy drinking white wine from Italy with low acidity.

    8. Grenache Blanc

    A low acid white grape cousin of the beloved red Grenache grape.

    9. Semillon

    SemillonA tasty low acid white grape from the Bordeaux region of France.

    10. Viura

    Also known as Macabeao, this is beautifully crisp and low acid white wine from Spain.

    So that's some white wines to look out for, but what wines should you be avoiding? What white wines are very high in acid?

    High Acid White Wines to Avoid if You Want a Low Acid Option

    If you’re looking to avoid white wines high in acid it may be smart to avoid the following:

    1. Chenin Blanc

    Chenin Blanc

    Chenin Blanc is an especially zingy white grape with lots of acidity

    2. Champagne

    we’re sorry to say it but Champagne is really quite high in acid and may not be suitable for a low acid diet.

    3. Pinot Grigio

    Pinot Grigio

    An Italian grape practically bursting with lemon and lime acidity

    4. Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon BlancA fan favourite all over the globe, this very popular white wine is also sadly very high in acidity

    5. Vinho Verde

    Young and vibrant, this Portuguese variety is known for its acidic notes of lemon juice and lime zest.

    So if acidity plays such an important role in wine and food pairings, how can you pair food with low acid white wines?

    Summary of Low Acid and High Acid White Wines

    Low Acid White Wines High Acid White Wines
    1. Gewurztraminer 1. Chenin Blanc
    2. Viognier 2. Champagne
    3. Marsanne 3. Pinot Grigio
    4. Roussanne 4. Sauvignon Blanc
    5. Chardonnay 5. Vinho Verde
    6. Savvatiano
    7. Fiano
    8. Grenache Blanc
    9. Semillon
    10. Viura

    How to Pair Food with Low Acid White Wines

    If you’re avoiding acidity in your wine then it's best to avoid acidity in your food, too.

    Pairing an acidic dish with a wine low in acidity will result in a lot of flabby and unpleasant flavours.

    Instead look for dishes with lots of:

    • Green vegetables,
    • Creamy sauces
    • or Sweeter, fruitier components 

    But why is there always going to be some acidity in wine? Why is acid an important factor in wine?

    Why Acid is Important in Wine

    Acidity is really important in wine.

    The presence of acid is crucial in balancing out the other elements of alcohol, tannins and sugar, ensuring one does not overpower the other. 

    Acid is also very important for ageing wines and most wines suitable for long-term cellaring will have high acidity levels.

    Over time the acids will soften but the quality of the wine will have been maintained.

    But is there just one type of acidity in wine?

    Types of Acids in Wine

    There are multiple different types of acids to be found in wine.

    The 4 primary types of acid to be found in wine are:

    • Tartaric acid
    • Malic acid
    • Citric acid
    • Lactic acid

    Tartaric, malic and citric acid are the most common forms of acid found in wine.

    Lactic acid is the acid more commonly associated with milk and can be found in wines such as Chardonnay that have developed a creamier texture during fermentation.

    Before You Go...

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    So there you have it!

    Everything you need to look out for when you’re in the mood for drinking a lower acid white wine, and what you need to avoid as well. 

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