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    How Long Does Sangria Last? (Opened, Unopened & Expiry)

    How Long Does Sangria Last

    So you’ve just come back from your holidays in Barcelona and you’ve been inspired to make up some Sangria for the weekend.

    But how long will a pitcher of Sangria last?

    And once you’ve mixed all of those ingredients together how long do you have to finish the drink?

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    How Long Does Sangria Last?

    Generally, an unopened bottle of Sangria can be stored for 2 years. While an opened bottle of Sangria lasts 3-4 days. The shelf life of Sangria varies depending on its ingredients, and whether it's commercially produced or homemade.

    How Long Does Sangria Last Opened?

    How Long Opened Sangria Lasts

    So you’ve found a shop that sells pre-made Sangria by the bottle and your summer has officially been sorted.

    But how long will an opened bottle of Sangria keep for?

    Ideally, a bottle of Sangria should be consumed on the day of opening as that’ll be when it will taste at its very best. 

    Check in with the information on the label here, but generally speaking Sangria should keep and drink well for about 3-4 days after opening.

    But what about unopened bottles of Sangria?

    How Long Does Sangria Last Unopened?

    Unopened Sangria Shelf Life

    So you’ve just found an unopened bottle of Sangria from last summer, is it still good to drink? How long can unopened Sangria last for?

    Depending on the recommended use by date on the bottle, your unopened bottles of Sangria can last for up to 2 years once opened, as long as they are stored with care.

    So how should you store your Sangria to make sure it lasts?

    How To Store Opened Sangria


    Once you’ve opened your Sangria, time is no longer on your side, so it’s best to store your Sangria in the fridge and seal the bottle where you can. 

    Doing so will help to preserve both the vitality of the flavour and keep your Sangria fresher for longer.

    But what about unopened bottles of Sangria?

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    How To Store Unopened Sangria

    Wine Storage

    Just because your Sangria is a cocktail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your unopened Sangria with the same care you treat your unopened wine. 

    So treat your bottles like an introverted friend and keep them in cool and dark conditions that are quiet and free from unnecessary vibrations and light sources. 

    Storage conditions aside, is Sangria capable of going bad?

    Does Sangria Go Bad? 

    We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, unfortunately Sangria can go bad.

    So always try to drink your bottles sooner rather than later and remember that you can freeze any leftover Sangria you may have.

    So how can you tell if you’ve left it too late and the Sangria is no longer good to drink?

    How Can You Tell If Sangria Has Gone Bad? 

    Testing Bad Sangria

    In essence, if your Sangria looks hazy in appearance or is cloudy when you pour it, smells a bit weird and tastes downright bad then it’s not suitable for consumption.

    We’re afraid it’s time to pour the Sangria away.

    But can a fridge help to avoid this?

    Should you keep opened Sangria in the fridge?

    Do You Keep Opened Sangria In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge In Kitchen

    Absolutely, yes.

    Once opened it’s a great idea to keep your opened Sangria in the fridge, just remember to seal the bottle well to avoid too much oxygen interaction.

    This will help to maintain your Sangria’s refreshingly fruity flavours for you to enjoy over the next couple of days.

    So should unopened Sangria go in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened Sangria In The Fridge?

    You’ll be relieved to hear that Sangria doesn’t need to be in the fridge if it's unopened, which can help save on valuable refrigeration space - especially during barbecue season!

    As long as you keep your bottles in a cool, calm and dark place it can happily stay there until you’re ready to drink them.

    Then either place your Sangria in the fridge on the day you wish to drink it, or make sure you serve your Sangria over plenty of ice to help it get to the right serving temperature.

    But does that mean that Sangria has an expiration date?

    Does Sangria Expire?  

    Sangria is a beautiful combination of different ingredients and as delicious as they are, those ingredients do have an expiry date on them.

    Both the quality and flavour of your Sangria will deteriorate over time and after a certain point it won’t be suitable to drink. 

    So try and drink any unopened bottles as soon as you can and remember you can turn even the dreariest of days into a holiday with a bottle of Sangria, some ice and plenty of freshly cut oranges.

    Before You Go...  

    Sangria Oranges

    We hope this provides you all the information you may need on how long does Sangria last?

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