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    What Is Magnum Tonic Wine Drink? (Benefits, Effects & Alcohol Content)

    Jamaican Magnum Drink

    Although it is named “tonic”, it is does not heavy any medical properties.  Magnum Tonic Wine is a distinctive drink that comes from Jamaica.

    It has around 16.5% alcohol. It is characterized by being a calm, mellow and sweet drink with a unique cherry flavor.

    What is Magnum Tonic?

    Magnum Tonic Wine is a unique, fortified tonic from Jamaica. This Caribbean alcoholic blend of sparkling water, natural flavours, white grape and grapefruit juice is filled with vitamins, minerals, herbs and iron. 

    Origin of Magnum Tonic Wine

    Magnum Tonic Wine comes from Jamaica.

    Magnum Tonic is named after a famous dance hall and has become popular among the island inhabitants.

    It is known for its sexual stimulant effects.

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    Magnum Tonic Wine was created by a company that aimed to promote the dance scene in Jamaica.

    Jamaican Magnum Drink

    The company is known to sponsor events and creating the dance hall competition, "The Magnum Kings & Queens of Dance Hall Competition." This helped making the Magnum tonic more famous.

    Does It Take Long to Feel the Effects?

    It usually takes about an hour to start feeling the effects.

    Since it contains 16.5% alcohol, it takes about half an hour for the alcohol to start affecting your brain.

    magnum tonic

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    How To Drink Jamaican Magnum Tonic

    The Magnum Tonic is most commonly served in a glass bottle or wine glass. It can be poured into shot glasses if you’re looking for that alcohol kick. This wine is usually served with Jamaican food but you experiment other dishes until you find out what you like.

    Why Is Magnum Tonic Wine a Very Popular Drink?

    It is popular due to its eccentric taste as well as its bottle size. It comes in 200ml bottles so it suitable to carry with you and you can take a sip whenever.

    Ingredients of Magnum Tonic Wine

    There are 3 key ingredients that make the Magnum tonic unique.

    • Jamaican grapefruit 
    • Jamaican sparkling water 
    • Natural flavouring

    The grapefruit gives it the unique taste and the sparkling water makes it bubbly

    Grapefruit and Spring Water Ingredients

    Can You Get Drunk from Magnum?

    Magnum is considered one of the less expensive wines to get you drunk, since it contains alcohol besides vitamins, herbs and minerals.

    The Side Effects of Jamaican Magnum Drink

    Before drinking Magnum tonic you should be aware of the following side effects:

    • Dizziness
    • Headache
    • Diarrhea
    • Your vision can get blurry
    • Constipation
    • Vomiting

    Benefits of Magnum Tonic

    Jamaican Magnum Tonic Wine is fortified with iron and vitamins that reportedly improve the vigour of the drinker. It's thought that the drink can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    Here are 2 of the reported benefits of this Jamaican drink:

    • Energy
    • Sexual Vigour

    Is Magnum illegal?

    No, it is fully legal and can be purchased with a valid liquor license.

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    What Alcohol Level Is Magnum Drink?

    The alcohol level of this sweet, cherry flavoured magnum drink is usually around 16.5% by alcohol volume (ABV). 

    Is Magnum Tonic Drink Good For You?

    The alcohol level of this sweet, cherry flavoured magnum drink is usually around 16.5% by alcohol volume (ABV). 


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