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    Should Lambrusco Be Chilled? (Serving & Refrigeration Temperature)

    Do You Chill Lambrusco

    Is there a better wine, really, than Lambrusco? Cherry red and sparkling strawberries pour into the glass, this fizzy red wine truly is delicious.  

    So in order to do those raspberry sherbet bubbles justice, it’s important to know the best ways to serve and store Lambrusco.

    Let’s look at ideal serving temperatures for Lambrusco, first...

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    Should Lambrusco Be Chilled?

    Yes, Lambrusco should be chilled. In order to preserve the perfect flavour and fizz, Lambrusco needs to be served between 8-12°C or 46-55°F.

    Serving Temperature For Lambrusco

    Credit: Pruno Nero Lambrusco available at Waitrose

    Lambrusco is a sparkling wine and serving it this cold will not only help with the flavour, but it will help to ensure the bubbles behave themselves, too.

    So if that’s the temperature Lambrusco likes to be served, how cold should you store Lambrusco?

    What is the best storage temperature for Lambrusco?

    What is the Best Storage Temperature for Lambrusco?   

    Storage Temperature of Lambrusco

    Just like other sparkling wines such as Prosecco and Champagne, the ideal temperature to store Lambrusco is between 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F).

    When it comes to storing Lambrusco it’s very simple:

    The more care you apply, the longer the Lambrusco will last you.

    Here at Expert Wine Storage we can advise you on any questions regarding wine storage you may have. 

    Specialised wine storage such as wine cellars and wine fridges may help to keep your Lambrusco better for longer.

    But if you're only working with what you have in your house don’t worry. 

    You just need somewhere cool, with minimal disturbances and your Lambrusco should be happy there for some time. Your garage, food pantry or even under your bed will work wonders here. 

    So when can you put Lambrusco in the fridge?

    Should You Put Lambrusco In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge

    Yes, you absolutely can put Lambrusco in the fridge.

    Putting Lambrusco in the fridge a 2-3 hours before you plan on drinking it will help it get to an ideal serving temperature. 

    Remember that just because Lambrusco is a red wine doesn't mean it can’t be chilled!

    In fact, because of the fizzy nature of Lambrusco, a few hours in the fridge will help to calm the bubbles down so you can open the bottle mishap free. 

    So how long should Lambrusco go in the fridge for?

    How Long Should You Chill Lambrusco For?

    How Long To Chill Lambrusco

    If you want to get your Lambrusco chilled down to the right temperature then place your Lambrusco in the fridge 3-4 hours before you plan on serving it. 

    If you have a domestic refrigerator the drier conditions may damage the corks over time, so it’s best to store your Lambrusco elsewhere and just pop the bottle in the fridge on the day you plan on drinking it.

    However, if you have a specialist wine fridge the conditions will have been designed to look after your wine and control the temperatures inside so your wine can stay in the fridge for longer.

    You see, wine fridges have been designed with consistent wine conditions in mind.

    They’re built to look after your wine, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

    Here are our five top tips on how to serve Lambrusco:

    5 Tips on Serving Lambrusco


    • Aim to serve your Lambrusco chilled, between 8-12°C or 46-55°F
    • If you don’t drink your wine straight away, a wine cooler will help to keep your Lambrusco at an ideal temperature in between servings.
    • Remember, the colder the bottle, the calmer the fizz will be when you open it. Most sparkling wine mishaps happen because the bottle is too warm.
    • Store your Lambrusco between 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F) and in a cool and calm environment away from any disturbances.
    • Lay your Lambrusco bottles on their side when storing if you can, as this will help to prevent the cork from drying out.  Although most Lambrusco is best drunk young, so don’t leave the bottles for too long!

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