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    Basement wine fridges are designed to maintain perfect environmental conditions like wine cellars for the long term preservation and ageing of wines. Most basement wine cabinets feature a charcoal filter, maintain humidity of 50 to 80% and benefit from high or complete UV protection.

    These basement wine cabinets come in various styles while all of these wine fridges are designed to be used freestanding. Basement wine storage is very popular because they provide protection of your wines similar to a wine cellar.

    If you have any questions about our wine fridges just contact us and we'll be very happy to help. Our basement wine cabinet collection features the best brands available like ClimadiffAvintageLa Sommeliere, Dometic, Dunavox, Liebherr and Swisscave

    Basement Wine Coolers & Fridges

    More About Basement Wine Cabinets

    Basement wine coolers have large capacities ranging from 80+ Bordeaux bottles to over 300 bottles, providing plenty of space for large wine collections and meeting all of your serving or ageing needs. They are also suitable for other drinks and beer storage.

    This type of wine storage unit is perfectly designed to meet wine cellar storage standards (without the cost).

    Other functional advantages of aged wine cabinets include door locks and noise alarms that activate if the wine cabinet door is left open, which can negatively impact storage conditions.

    Furthermore, all of the units on offer have anti-vibration systems installed to keep your wines stored in perfect stillness - maintaining a vibration free storage environment is critical for the development of your wines.

    Is a Basement Wine Fridge Suitable For Use in Cold Temperatures?

    When the basement wine fridge arrives, it is best to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and leave the unit to stand for 24 hours before turning it on. Because most garage wine coolers are freestanding, they need 3-5cm of ventilation around the top, sides, and back.

    All of our basement wine storage is outfitted with winter systems, allowing the wine cabinet to be installed in either warm or cold environments (ambient temperatures ranging from 0°C to 38°C), such as a garage or storage space.

    This is due to the winter system maintaining a consistent internal heat to raise the wine cabinet's internal temperature. Furthermore, these wine cabinets are built with fully insulated sides to keep temperature fluctuations at bay.

    Basement Wine Refrigerator FAQs

    Do Fridges for Basement Need a Charcoal Filter?

    Over time wines can absorb odours from outside sources which can ultimately disrupt the sealed wine through the cork. A charcoal filter fitted into the wine cooler guards against this undesirable outcome.

    This is especially important if the basement fridge is situated next to DIY products such as cans of paint as odours from these products can escape and seep into the air. A charcoal filter protects your wines against this environmental threat.

    Are Fridges Suitable For Basements Noisy?

    Our basement wine fridges are energy efficient, with most rated at G or F and average around 38-41db noise level which are very quiet especially in a home garage.

    Using one of our basement wine - you will not have any noise disturbance.

    Do They Come With a Manufacturer Warranty?

    Every basement wine refrigerators we sell is sold with a 1 to 3 year warranty depending on the brand of wine fridge chosen.

    Get In Touch With Our UK Basement Wine Cooler Experts

    If you have any questions about our basement wine fridges, please get in touch via our email info@expertwinestorage.co.uk or call us on 0330 133 2327 and one of expert UK sales team will be very happy to help.

    Find everything you need to enjoy and preserve your wine collection to its fullest with our extensive range of wine fridges online.

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