Climadiff - PCLP205 - Multi Zone - Ageing Wine Cabinet - 204 Bottles - Freestanding - 595mm Wide

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    Climadiff PCLP205 Wine Cabinet 


    The Climadiff PCLP205 freestanding, ageing wine cabinet has a single storage compartment for storage of up to 204 Bordeaux bottles between 5-20°C. A flexible, reliable cellar with one or several temperature zones depending on your requirements. Thanks to the polyvalent technology inside the cabinet can be used as a multi-purpose cellar, for storage and cooling or an ageing cellar with a single uniform temperature throughout.

    The multi temperature zone function works when the wine cabinets internal fans are switched off. This creates multiple temperature zones inside the cabinet with the coldest zone located in the bottom and the warmest at the top. With the fans turned on the wine cabinet works perfectly as a single temperature wine cooler ideal for long term wine storage.


    Key Features

    • Silkscreen inner door panel 
    • Total UV protection for your bottles 
    • Energy class A
    • 2 adjustable feet (1.8 cm range) 
    • 2 wheels for easy installation 
    • Anti-vibration system 
    • Winter frost protection system
    • Large capacity: 204 bottles (75 cl)*
    • Anti-vibration system 
    • Winter kit 
    • Charcoal filter 
    • Electronic temperature display (white) 
    • White LED lighting with switch
    • Please find the product manual attached in the link here

    Inside the Cabinet and Bottle Capacity 

    Climadif wine coolers, as with most wine coolers, have a bottle capacity measured in Bordeaux bottles. The PCLP205 has a capacity of up to 204 bottles and includes 3 full wire shelves and 1 half shelf which can be located anywhere within the cabinet. Larger bottles such as magnums and Burgundy bottles may also fit in the cabinet however storage of these bottle types will reduce overall capacity. 

    The cabinet is fitted with a black sheet metal lining which aids moisture regulation within the cabinet. Along with this there is a charcoal filter and vibration free system which will ensure your wines remain odourless and still. Perfect for long term storage.

    Installation of the PCLP205

    The PCLP205 is a freestanding wine cooler requiring ventilation of 5-10cm around the sides and rear of the unit to ensure optimal performance of the compressor. In addition to this, there are 2 adjustable feet positioned on the front of the cooler to compensate for any uneven flooring.

    Energy Efficiency, Noise Level and Winter Function

    The PCLP range of cabinets has a very good energy efficiency rating of A. The wine cabinet has an average noise level output of 43dB which should not be intrusive. This cabinet is also installed with a winter system which allows for the unit to be positioned in an insulated garage, utility space or outbuilding. Thanks to a thick layer of internal insulation along with the internal heating element this cabinet will function excellently, keeping your wines safe in ambient temperatures from 0°C to 43°C. The temperature inside the cabinet will remain held to within +/-2°C of the set temperature at all times.


    Learn More About Climadiff

    The product of two passions, the Climadiff brand was the result of a perfect marriage between technical expertise and a love for fine wines. Founded in 1997, Climadiff successfully entered the household electrical goods market and soon established itself as a leader in wine storage appliances.

    Their focus is primarily on long term storage cabinets or ageing cabinets, however, they do have a small range of freestanding and built-in wine coolers for customers who do not require such large capacities or don't plan to keep their wines for 5 years or more. Climadiff appliances are renowned for functionality, practicality and  reliability, these wine cabinets are also bursting with new technology to protect and preserve your wines. 



    Jessie, Expert Wine Storage

    "This Climadiff PCLP205 has a great capacity for real wine lovers who wish to take care of their wine so they can enjoy it to it's fullest in years to come.The functionality and design of this cabinet ensures that the temperature and environmental factors that cause the degrading of wine quality such as UV exposure are never a threat. Let your wine age gracefully so you can enjoy it to it's full potential"



    Here's all you need to know about the specifications of the Climadiff - PCLP205:

    • Cooling system: compressor (static or fan-assisted cooling) 
    • Temperature range: 5°C – 20°C 
    • Regulation: electronic 
    • Black sheet metal body 
    • Black PVC interior 
    • Annual power consumption: 169.0 kW 
    • Energy class: A 
    • Climate class: T (16°-43°C) 
    • Noise level: 44 dB
    • Dimensions (WxDxH cm): 59,5 x 71 x 158,8

     Installation Of Your Wine Cooler

    Freestanding wine cooler

    A freestanding wine cooler is designed to stand independently and should not be built in to any form of cabinet or cupboard. Freestanding wine fridges require ventilation at all times. It's highly recommended that there is a minimum gap of 3-5 inches from the side and rear of the unit to any other surface. Freestanding wine cooler units should not be installed under a countertop. Find out more about freestanding wine cooler installation.

    Integrated wine cooler

    Integrated wine coolers are similar to built-in wine coolers but are designed to slot in perfectly into cupboards to create a floating, seamless look. In comparison to a built-in unit, integrated wine coolers sit completely flush with your cabinetry.

    Built-in/undercounter wine cooler

    In contrast to a freestanding wine cooler, a built-in wine cooler is designed to be fitted into a cupboard or cabinet. This being said a built in unit can also be used as a free-standing wine cooler. A built-in wine cooler has a ventilation grill which allows cool air to flow into the unit which maintains it's cooling function. Find out more about built in wine cooler installation.


    Is a wine cooler noisy?

    The majority of wine coolers which we stock produce a noise level of approximately 35-45 decibels (dB). When compared to other common household electrical appliances, it's useful to note, a standard dishwasher creates around 45-50 dB and a modern refrigerator generates approximately 35 dB.

    The reason a modern wine cooler produces noise is for much the same reasons as a standard kitchen refrigerator. Most wine coolers are designed with a compressor, an array of fans (to consistently circulate the cool air) and refrigerant. The minor difference between a wine cooler and a standard refrigerator is that the wine cooler has the need to hold a steady, consistent temperature at all times to keep your wine perfectly chilled. Find out more about noise and wine coolers here.

    How do I reduce the noise of my wine cooler?

    There are a number of ways you can mitigate and reduce the noise produced by your wine cooler:

    •  Carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture can all help to absorb the sound created by your wine cooler
    •  Consider using sound-absorbing materials during any home improvement work
      When it comes to the installation of your wine cooler, make sure the unit is perfectly level using a spirit level. Sound, vibration and noise absorbing materials can also be placed under your wine cooling unit.
    •  Always ensure there is sufficient air circulating around the product, please see our explanations above regarding the different types of wine coolers for more information.

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