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    How Many Beers In A Bottle Of Wine?

    Number Of Beers In Wine Bottle

    Whether it be at home, at the bar or in a restaurant, wine and beer often get drunk together. But have you ever compared your bottle of beer to someone else's bottle of wine and thought: “hang on, how many beers are there in a bottle of wine?”

    Beer often gets served in pint glasses, or fractions of pint glasses.

    Wine, on the other hand, gets served in different measures in different shaped glasses. So finding out how many beers make up a bottle of wine is an interesting question to ask.

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    How Many Beers are in a Bottle of Wine?

    Generally, beer has a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage than wine. Also, beer is typically served in bottles or cans ranging from 12 to 16 ounces, while wine is sold in bottles of various sizes, with the majority 750ml or 1.5L. Because of this, it's difficult to give an exact conversion of beers in a bottle of wine. 

    But we'll give you a rough estimate below...

    Beer & Wine Bottles Infographic

    Depending on alcohol and serving size, there can be between 1-5 beers in a bottle of wine.

    Now that’s quite the variation, so let’s take a closer look at the maths and calculations involved here.

    You see, the answer to how many beers are in a bottle of wine depends on the beer in question.

    Wine bottles always come in the same 750ml quantity, which is handy, but beers come in different sized packaging and servings.

    And this is where our variations come in.

    So in order to find out how many beers are in a bottle of wine it’s important to figure out the amount of liquid in each serving of beer.

    Pints of beer, for example, have 568ml of liquid in them.

    But when it comes to bottles of beer, there are two sizes that have become standard across the beer industry:

    • 500ml 
    • 330ml bottles

    So we’ve already got three different serving sizes to work with.

    It is also important to remember in this scientific experiment that the alcohol levels between beer and wine differ, which is why beers can be served in larger quantities than wine.

    So first things first, how many servings of wine can you get from a bottle?

    How Many Drinks are in a Bottle of Wine?

    Drinks in a Wine Bottle Visual

    There are 6 drink servings in a bottle of wine.

    So that’s 6 drinks from one 750ml bottle.

    Some more examples:

    • A small glass of wine is 125ml and you can get 6 of these small glasses from a 750ml bottle.
    • Alternatively, you can get 3x large 250ml glasses or 4x medium 175ml glasses from a single bottle of wine.

    In the US the average wine serving is 5oz and a bottle of wine would therefore hold up to 5 servings of wine.

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    So already 1 x bottle of wine can have anything from 3-6 servings, depending on how many of you there are or how generous you’re feeling.

    Now how does alcohol level affect all of this?

    How Many Pints of Beer are in a 750ml Bottle of Wine?

    Beer Pints in a Wine Bottle Visual

    So, in terms of quantity alone, how many pints of beer can you get from a bottle of wine?

    As we mentioned above, a wine bottle is 750ml and a pint of beer is 568ml in size.

    Therefore you can get 1 and a ⅓ pints of beer in a bottle of wine.

    Wine tends to have a much larger alcohol content than beer, so we wouldn’t recommend drinking it out of a pint glass.

    Whilst they may be the same liquid quantities, a pint of wine would get you much drunker much faster than a pint of beer.

    More information on the best ways to serve and store your wine can be found here.

    What about bottles of beer?

    Would you get the same amount?

    How Many Bottles of Beer are in a 750ml Bottle of Wine?

    Beer Bottles

    The maths gets a little trickier when it comes to how many bottles of beer are in a bottle of wine as bottles of beer come in different sizes:

    • If you have a 500ml bottle of beer, you can get 1 ½ bottles of beer out of a bottle of wine.
    • If you have a 330ml bottle of beer there will be the equivalent of 2 ¼ bottles of beer in your bottle of wine.

    We’re just talking about quantity alone here.

    Bottles of beer will, on average, contain less alcohol than your bottles of wine, so it's best to stick to the recommended serving amounts for each drink.

    But the next time you’re round a table drinking beer and wine with your friends, see if they can guess how many beers are in a bottle of wine.

    Who said maths can’t be fun?

    Number of Beers in Different Wine Bottle Sizes

    Here's a table of different wine bottle sizes along with how many beers (12 oz) are equal to the wine bottle size:

    Wine Bottle Size Number of Beers (12 oz)
    Standard (750 ml) 5 Beers
    Magnum (1.5 L) 10 Beers
    Double Magnum (3 L) 20 Beers
    Jeroboam (4.5 L) 30 Beers
    Rehoboam (4.5 L) 30 Beers
    Methuselah (6 L) 40 Beers
    Salmanazar (9 L) 60 Beers
    Balthazar (12 L) 80 Beers
    Nebuchadnezzar (15 L) 100 Beers

    Wine Vs Beer Alcohol Content?

    Typically, wine has a higher ABV than beer.

    The average alcohol content of a wine ranges between 8-17% ABV whereas the average alcohol content of a beer is much lower at between 3-13% ABV.

    When a drink has a lower alcohol content you can serve it in bigger quantities, which is why beer can be served in pints and wine cannot.

    So when asking how many beers you can get out of a bottle of wine it's important to have the ABV level in mind.

    You may get slightly less servings than you’d expect, but you’re going to be consuming more alcohol in the process.

    Let’s look at pints first.

    How many pints of beer can you get from one bottle of wine?

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    We hope you enjoyed learning all about how many beers are in a bottle of wine.

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