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    Can I Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

    Can I Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

    No one wants to invest money into an appliance they’ll have to replace in a couple of years time. So the installation, location and maintenance all play a vital role in the lifespan of a wine fridge, but what about placing it on a carpet?

    Can you place a wine fridge on the carpet?

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    Can You Put a Wine Fridge on Carpet?

    Best surface for your wine fridge (carpet, wood, tiles) 

    When thinking about where to position your wine fridge its best to avoid placing it on a carpet and put it on a hard floor like tiles, stone or wood instead.

    Carpets may seem like a good idea at first, but the make up and characteristics of carpet isn’t best suited to a wine fridge being placed on it. 

    Although if the carpet is thinner and made of more robust material this is preferable to a very thick, plush carpet which could also become permanently marked by placing a very heavy object on top of it (like a wine fridge).

    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of carpets as a surface when it comes to wine fridges:

    3 Pros and Cons of Wine Coolers on Carpets

    Wine Spill on Carpet

    Here are some positive and negative points to consider when choosing to place your wine fridge on a carpet or other surface like a hard floor:

    1. Noise Reduction

    Whilst carpets can look great and even work to stifle some of the noises a wine fridge can make, they’re not best suited for putting your fridge on.

    2. Leakages

    As with any appliance thats storing liquids, wine fridges can leak and spillages along with some unwanted moisture will inevitably find its way onto your carpet.

    If this happens regularly mould and mildew can build up (even in places you can't see, like underneath the unit), which is bad for the carpet and even worse for your health!

    With a hard floor like wood or stone, its easier to clean any mess from a spill or moisture build up - plus its less likely to damage the material permanently, unlike carpet stains which can be tough to remove.

    3. Use a Plastic Mat

    If carpet is the only option, try using a plastic mat to separate the wine fridge from the carpet.

    But bear in mind that the absorbing properties of carpet can also work to mask some of the ventilation, which may lead to energy efficiency reductions of maintenance issues further down the line. But as long as your wine fridge has sufficient ventilation this shouldn't be a problem.

    There are, however, lots of other surfaces that are much better suited for housing wine fridges.

    So what surface should you be placing your wine fridge on?

    Material You Should Use To Place a Wine Fridge On? 

    Wine Fridge on Tiles and Wood Floor

    Any surface that will allow you to easily clean up moisture and spills will be perfect for putting your wine fridge on, think:

    • Tiles
    • Hardwood
    • Linoleum
    • Any other floor surfaces you come across in kitchens and bathrooms

    These surfaces will have been designed with appliances such as kitchen fridges in mind and will make cleaning up any leaks or unwanted moisture a very hassle free process and also keep your wine fridge perfectly level. 

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    Before You Go... 

    Wine Fridge in a House on Carpet

    In summary, try to avoid carpets wherever possible when choosing a location for your wine fridges and place it on a hard floor instead.

    Choose laminate or tiled floors instead and always make sure there is something nearby that can help clean up any moisture that makes its way onto the floor. You’ll thank us in the long run!

    We hope this provides you with all the answers on can you put a wine fridge on carpet.

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