Can I Put a Wine Fridge In A Cabinet? (Full Guide)

    Can I Put a Wine Cooler In a Cupboard?

    Getting a wine fridge really feels like levelling up your wine connoisseur-ship doesn’t it?

    But can you install a wine cooler in a cabinet?

    Keeping your wine in ideal conditions will ensure you have your wine stored at optimum temperature whenever you’re ready to crack open a bottle.

    Can You Put a Wine Fridge In a Cabinet?

    Yes, wine fridges can be installed into cabinets but it needs to be a built in or integrated model, not a freestanding wine fridge.

    Whether your wine fridge is suitable for placing inside a cabinet really depends on the type of fridge.

    Built in and integrated wine fridges are suitable for installing into a cabinet or cupboard but freestanding wine coolers are not suitable for being installed into a cabinet.

    Type of Wine Fridge Suitable for Cabinet Installation Ventilation Requirements Heat Dissipation
    Freestanding No Requires ventilation on all sides Heat dissipated from side, back, and top
    Built-in Yes Front vents, air circulates from the front Heat dissipated through front vents
    Integrated Yes Rear ventilation column required Some models are self-ventilating

    Can You Put a Built In Wine Cooler In a Cupboard?

    Putting a Built In Wine Fridge in a Cabinet

    Yes, you can put built in wine fridges into cupboards.

    The vents of built in wine coolers are located at the front allowing air to circulate from the front via the grill vent, this type of wine fridge can be placed in a cabinet. 

    Can Integrated Wine Fridges Go In a Cupboard?

    Can You Install Integrated Wine Fridges in Cupboards

    Yes, you can put integrated wine fridges into cupboards.

    Integrated wine coolers need ventilation via the rear but can be fitted into a cabinet or cupboards providing there is a ventilation column at the rear.

    There are some integrated wine fridges which are self ventilating so they don't required any ventilation so are perfect for installation into tight spaces.

    Can Freestanding Wine Fridges Be Installed Into A Cupboard? 

    Freestanding Wine Fridge in a cabinet

    No, you can't put freestanding wine fridges in cupboards.

    If the model is a freestanding wine cooler and there isn't any air vents, the wine fridge dissipates heat from the side, the back and the top of the fridge so placing it inside a cabinet will restrict the necessary ventilation of the fridge.

    This will cause the wine fridge to overheat and shorten the life span of the wine cooler. 

    With any wine fridge type it's important not to situate the wine cooler near a heat source like an oven of dishwasher.

    So if you're installing a wine fridge in a cabinet don't situate them next to heat generating appliances.

    So if not all wine fridges can be placed into a cabinet, what are the advantages of doing so?

    The Advantages of Installing a Wine Cooler in a Cupboard

    There always seems to be more appliances than there is space, doesn’t there?

    Which is why placing your wine fridge inside a cabinet can help to make smart use of the space you have, leaving room for other appliances that are not able to be stored this way.

    Not only is this method of storage efficient, but it’s aesthetically pleasing too, adding some showroom chic to your living space that your guests will love. 

    Integrated wine fridges we sell are available with push to open technology so if you're looking for a wine fridge to seamlessly fit in with your kitchen cabinetry this type of wine fridge is probably ideal as they are handless.

    But what should you consider before you go ahead?

    Considerations Before You Do

    As we mentioned earlier, not all fridges are designed in a way that will allow them to be placed in a cabinet. 

    • Check the placement of the vents on your wine fridge and remember, only fridges with vents on the front, self ventilating or integrated wine fridges (with space at the rear) can be placed in a cabinet.
    • If you’ve got the right fridge then it’s also smart to make sure you have one with the correct dimensions for the cavity available.
    • There’s nothing worse than finding out too late that your fridge is too big for the cabinet you have in mind and you won’t be able to access your wine.
    • So get that measuring tape at the ready or consult with your kitchen fitter and the manufacturers installation diagrams before making your purchase.

    So what's the difference between a built-in wine fridge and a freestanding one?

    Built In Wine Fridge Vs Freestanding Wine Fridge

    Built In Vs Freestanding Wine Fridges

    Very simply, freestanding wine fridges are designed to stand alone, as heat is dissipated on all sides of a freestanding model.

    This allows for a lot of flexibility when considering where to put your freestanding wine fridge.

    Built in wine fridges, on the other hand, have the vent locations (front, bottom) designed so that this type of fridge can be built straight into a cabinet, such as the ones you find under your kitchen counter.

    Smart, right?

    So how would you go about installing a wine fridge into a cabinet?

    Installation of a Wine Fridge Into a Cabinet

    First of all, make sure you have the right type of wine fridge and that it will definitely fit inside the cabinet you have in mind.

    There are a lot of DIY videos available on the internet for this but when in doubt, always call the professionals in.

    We’re only a phone call away and can help you out with whatever install advice and support you need. 

    Find out more about installing a built in wine fridge in our guide.

    Before You Go... 

    Wine Fridge In Kitchen

    So there we have it, all you need to know about whether your wine fridge can go into your cabinet.

    A whole world of fun and smart storage options has opened for you to explore. And remember, always check your vents!

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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